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on 12 March 2016
I’m writing this review having had a break from Maiden since Fear of the Dark, I saw flight 666 and I realised they are still great so decided to catch up on their more recent albums and started at Brave New World, as it’s where the classic line-up were reunited. I’m not one of those Maiden fans who gives every album a 5 star rating regardless as that’s just not helpful to people who genuinely want to know if the album is any good. Right – onto the review. Brave new world opens with Wicker Man, a fast-paced, kick-ass rock song with a really catchy guitar riff. Some Maiden songs are slow burners but Wicker Man is instantly likeable. It’s a great start to an album. Next comes Ghost of the Navigator. Oh my word! One of my fave three songs on the album. The intro is superb, a slow build-up that gathers pace until it breaks into a killer buzzsaw guitar riff. Ghost has several parts to it, all of which I like and it’s very much in the classic mould of the great storytelling Maiden songs, the story is great and musically it’s superb. Song 3 is Brave New World. Slow intro which unsurprisingly turns into another quality rock track. I love the music of Brave New World but it wasn’t my favourite song on first few listens, mainly because Bruce sings ‘a Brave New World’ what seems like a thousand times. It’s grown on me though and it’s still a great song. Blood Brothers (song 4) is probably the slowest song on the album, a catchy melodic song that has a chorus that you’ll find yourself singing along to ‘We’re blood brothers’– I bet this is a great live song as it’s a perfect singalong song. The Mercenary (song 5) is a shorter song, straight into a fast rock song and again another killer chorus ‘show them no fear, show them no pain’, a kind of standard Maiden track this one which I mean as a compliment, perfectly decent song. Dream of Mirrors (song 6) is over 9 minutes long but is still not long enough, it’s that good! On first listening this was my favourite song, and it still is. It’s just bloody awesome. Really emotive song, a slower song for a lot of it, Bruce’s singing is perfect as the song builds and builds. Another in a long line of the great ‘storytelling’ Maiden songs, the types of Maiden songs I love. When the guitars kick in it’s perfect and the chorus ‘I only dream in black and white’ is just so goddam catchy, it really gets under your skin this song and shows why Maiden are not just another metal band, they are superb musicians – dream of mirrors isn’t just a great Maiden song or a great metal song, it’s just a great song full stop. It’s some 6 minutes in before dream of mirrors speeds up to a more standard Maiden pace and when the chorus is sung at this faster pace it’s even better! The Fallen Angel (song 7) is the shortest track at just 4 minutes long. Heavy intro which leads to yet another catchy as hell chorus ‘could it be it’s the end of our world’ with a fabulous riff, one of the heavier songs on the album and really good song. The Nomad (song 8) – the only song I’m not that crazy about. It’s another 9 minute song but I just don’t like the weird circus-like guitar riff in this song. That said the intro features a few seconds of harmonies which come later as well – I love bits of this song but not the song as a whole. The next two songs are about the best end to an album you can get. Out of the Silent Planet (song 9) is a brilliant song. A melodic intro which gives us something rare for Maiden – harmonies, and boy does that make this song. A great story, the harmonies on Silent Planet are just plain special, this is Maiden showing off, showing how good they are. Silent Planet is pure class, brilliant vocals, catchy as hell guitar riff, and just for good measure a little bit of funk in the instrumental in the middle of the song. If you don’t like Silent Planet then there really is no hope for you. Thin Line Between Love and Hate finishes the album. Another epic at over 8 minutes long. I love Bruce’s vocals on this song, it’s understated but better for it, show’s that he doesn’t have to hit the high notes to sound great. It’s quite a funky guitar on this song which is right up my street, also love the drums on this song. Thin Line is heavy but slow and funky. The song is great but at the end it slows right down unexpectantly and becomes incredibly poignant and to be honest, quite beautiful, not something you normally say about Maiden but there you are. It’s an amazing end to an amazing album, and it leaves you wanting more. In case you haven’t guessed, I highly recommend Brave New World, it’s right up there with Maiden’s very best albums. Enjoy.
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on 2 September 2017
Iron Maiden have been a favourite of mine since the eighties when I bought the LP piece of mind & the two singles The Trooper & The Flight Of Icarus. Brave new world is another incredible chapter for the band & sees Bruce Dickinson back in the fold with a powerful performance. This has some epic tracks I'm so proud to add this to my vinyl collection!
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on 20 July 2017
Maidens Brand New World is a welcome return to the Older Maiden platform heavy melodic and Killer, after their last 2 albums with Bayley on vocals this is a great return from Maiden and Dickinson all tunes are great from start to finish Go and buy this masterpiece on 180gram vinyl remastered
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on 22 December 2010
This album is quite simply superb! The acoustics of Adrian Smith and the 'voice' of Bruce Dickinson simply compliment each other!
As usual, each track takes you on a journey of discovery within yourself. The lyrics are phenomenal, as per usual, for Iron Maiden. But most impressive is the fact Bruce has not lost any of his amazing voice! Because of this, the sound of this album is up their with the best!!
I highly recommend this album to all Maiden fans, and anyone interested in great lyrical content and superb guitar and drum work!!
What are you waiting for, dont just take my word for it. Buy it!!
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on 3 August 2017
Extremely beautiful material and great quality. Worth it for who is collector. And Amazon delivered without problems and very well packaged.
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on 19 September 2017
Too expensive, this collection is way more expensive than the first ten years and is only a remastered digital copy unlike the first ten years which were all remastered analogue. Far more work went into the first ten years yet this costs more? I can't work that one out.
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on 21 April 2017
Very good condition and plays brilliantly. A quality item.
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on 21 August 2017
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on 15 November 2017
Typically maiden
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on 1 April 2017
A great album
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