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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 19 June 2017
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on 1 May 2001
Largely ignored by record buying public and dismissed by critics when released in 1992, but this CD sounds as good as anything Ringo had done since 'Ringo' in 1973. Stand out tracks are the single 'Weight Of The World', 'Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go', 'Don't Believe You' and 'Runaways'. Production duties shared amongst Jeff Lynne, Don Was, and Peter Asher. Also features Brian Wilson on the track 'In A Heartbeat'. The drumming sounds great on a generally upbeat selection of songs.
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on 26 November 2016
When I try to single out what is good about this album my thoughts linger around three different songs 1. Weight of the World, 2. Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go, and 3. After All These Years.
Ringo may never have been much of a technical drummer full of finesse, but his playing is on the mark especially on all of the aforementioned tracks and likeable because it sounds comfortable and not over done. The opening track, “Weight of the World” seems to borrow it the broad based guitar and drum pattern from a Byrd-esque quarter, everything is just a little bit more light hearted, which of course may be both good and bad, in this case I think it's good, the sound is very compact, not jaw-dropping but alright.
Jeff Lynne produces two Rock a Billy like tunes, and captures that durable go in an instant, Ringo seems most comfortable playing with Lynne ( who plays everything other than drums and percussion on these tracks) and I can see from where he got inspired to work with him again on Electric Light Orchestras 12th album Zoom (2001). I must admit I think that Time Takes Time, gets out of touch somewhere mid way through, and sometimes it creates a quite a strain listening to the full album from start to finish in one sitting I would however like to award this album 3 Star(r)s because when it is good, I can guarantee, a good all around listening experience without being too demanding in anyway. Yes the 3 final songs are over-long, but there exists an opportunity to skip these tracks if you do not feel motivated enough to listen to them, do not sweat it – Ringo surely did not!
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on 30 May 2015
Great, great return of Ringo's front line. To me this is one of the best àlbums of Ringo in the same way of the first recordings after the Beatles period. A very powerful and melòdic àlbum, that give energy and positive feelings since the first listening.
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on 28 March 2005
This is truly a Ringo record to rank alongside his mid '70s triumphs! Admittedly in 1992 it may not have sold too many copies but us Beatles fans know just how good this record is. It is incredibly Beatley in its feel and production and the songs are for the most part outstanding. And they fit Ringo's style perfectly. Which is an important comment as there are plenty of fine songs out there, which do not.
The opening single 'Weight Of The World' is superb and provokes memories of a time when Ringo Starr records were listened to, and mattered. It has a Beatle style production, courtesy of Jeff Lynne and would certainly have warranted inclusion on a Beatles album circa 1992. Which of course was and is pure fantasy. But none the less valid for that. Ringo's music is after all infinitely more appetising when it has that Beatle quality to it.
The second track 'Don't Know A Thing About Love' is an immensely uplifting number. 'Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go' is another great song, this time inspired by his late '80s realisation that there may be more to life than pills and booze. 'Golden Blunders' is quite brilliant, especially the backing vocals from Andrew Gold (who was responsible for that great 1978 single 'Never Let Her Fade Away'). 'All In The Name Of Love' is a gorgeous romantic Ringo song which will probably infuriate a few, if they ever heard it! But I think it is great. 'After All These Years' is OK but not too worthy of further comment. Thereafter the album takes off and travels to somewhere in the cosmos, such is the brilliance of the last three tracks. 'I Don't Believe You' is simply inspired, possibly the best Ringo track ever. It is of course Beatlesque and contains harmonies which really make this song, which is already catchy and would probably have been a monster hit had it been released 20 years earlier. 'Runaways' is as good, with a really moving lyrics and pulsating guitar solo to boot. This is Ringo's version of 'She's Leaving Home', at ten times the tempo!
The final track is also memorable, not just for its melody but for its timeless lyric too. 'What goes around...comes around.' Don't we know it.
This was the long awaited Ringo comeback and at the time was wonderful proof positive that not only McCartney was capable still of producing the goods. It was and is in fact one of the best Beatles solo albums of the latter years.
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on 25 July 2016
I had albums by all the other Beatles but not Ringo a few months back but after picking up Ringo's dabut album I was hooked and now boast of having four albums, Ringorama, Choose Love and Time Takes Time. The albums are very Beatlesy but are well crafted. Ringo has a hand in writing most of the songs and he has some well known supporting artists.
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on 12 July 2006
This cd is perfekt.In the year 1992 I was listen to the radio of the song "weight of the world",a very beautiful song.The singles "golden blunders",after all these years and "all in the name of love" are top,too.Not only for Beatles-Fans.
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on 1 January 2017
Well I already had this in it's original issue, but I just love Ringo so much I had to have this coloured version as well. What a great little album and you can hear the old bloke just having so much fun that you feel obliged to join in with him. Fabulous music for all ages.
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on 3 February 2017
very very happy. sometimes packaging is slightly ott, but not this time, and arrived promptly. this is one of ringo's finest albums. dean. warks.
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on 10 November 2016
Excellent Ringo album for the early 90's given a coloured vinyl release
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