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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 March 2005
Buy this album! three words that should prompt you to click the add to basket sign as this is simply a masterpiece! while your at it order "far from The Maddening Crowd" the other full album from the genius that is Chicane aka Nick Bracegirdle
There are songs like no ordinary mornig which if you listen carefully will almost break your heart, or the soulful Autumn Tactics which has a mournful or uplifting tone depending on what mood your in and may also become your most listened to track in you collection! Everyone in the world has heard Offshore, but listen to the original version, close your eyes and you'll find yourself on a beach miles away with the sun on your face!
i could talk about any track on the album but buy it and you'll find that less talk and more music is much more preferable! and Mr Bracegirdle if your reading, can we have more please?!
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on 22 June 2015
Absolute Classic Dance Anthems!
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on 2 May 2009
I bought this after reading 5 star reviews from other amazon customers. I was disappointed. I suppose the combined CD and DVD package is good value for the price if you want to see pictures with the music, but I found the video clips distinctly uninspiring. The music's OK though, if a little vapid.
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on 12 April 2002
As good as 'Far from the Maddening Crowds'? You bet!! Chicane's second major album has all the quality and excellence displayed in the first, with some epic tunes thrown in.
What attracted me to this album (and Chicane's music as a whole, which previously I had never listened to) was hearing the track 'Saltwater' on a mates Ibiza compilation. It was then, and still is now the greatest trance tune I have ever heard combining the haunting vocals of Maire Brennan and the thumping bass and exquisite keyboard sounds from Chicane producing a tune like no other. It is a track that can be played over and over and will give you that boost of euphoria every time!
Of course the ten minutes of bliss that is 'Saltwater' is not the only great track on this album. It boasts a whole range of different styles and sounds which as Nick Bracegirdle said "represents a year in the life of Chicane." Other recognised tracks such as the number one single 'Don't give up' and the downbeat, emotional tune 'No Ordinary Morning' are mixed among less well known but still excellent tracks such as 'Autumn Tactics' and 'Low Sun'. Criticised by some for going too commercial, I feel this album hits the right balance including a good mix of chart hits and some unknown chillout greats. There is bound to be something on this album that 'hits the spot' for any lover of good music, or maybe like me you will become addicted to every tune on the cd!!
Purchasing this album (and the first release 'Far from the Maddening Crowds')introduced me to the true excellence of Chicane's music to the extent that Chicane is still hands-down my overall favourite artist! So buy this cd (and the first release as well!) and appreciate the quality that will not be found anywhere else. Simply amazing stuff!
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on 14 January 2001
What an album! I think any person who appreiciates good music whatever the style will agree with me when i say that 'Behind The sun' is a more than a work of brilliance. I bought the album on the strength of 'Don't Give up'(Classic dance song which thoroughly deserved the number 1 it got!), 'Saltwater'(a great ibiza track from '99) & 'No Ordinary Morning', which in my mind was probably the best song I heard last year. Both the vocals (provided by Tracy Ackerman) and the music are a stunning collection of pure ambience, and it summed up the rolling sunsets and warm summer evenings of last year perfectly.(Well, the little bit of we did get!!) Other chill-out tracks include the amazing 'Autum Tactics', the fine instrumental of 'Overlap', the spanish feel of 'Low Sun'. The album takes you on a journey of true ambience from the slow, chilled string chord changes of 'Overture' to the Faster yet equally as laid back 'Andromeda' which finishes off the journey perfectly! I advise you to buy this album simply because it will make your life better! Also worth checking out is Chicane's first album 'Far From The maddening Crowds', Quality!!!
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on 4 October 2010
I'm going to keep this review very simple. I'm not going to talk about genres, about musical politics, about critical acclaim or about Chicane himself. I am simply going to explain why I think this s the best 'club' album of all time.

The album opens with the beautiful, epic and lush synths of the ambient masterpiece 'Overture'. This 4 minute prelude is the epitomy of a cinematic sound and every time I hear it I think of the deep sea footage from the BBC documentary 'The Blue Planet'. (5/5)

After the overture, a gentle balearic rhythm emerges as 'Low Sun' begins. This 7 minute track is a totally blissful, chilled out piece consisting of little more than a few light melodies, some ambient textures and a very simple shaker keeping the rhythm. (4/5)

Next comes the beautiful song 'No Ordinary Morning'. Almost every club album has a song like this one, but very few are this beautiful. Chicane's gentle beat, soothing synths and light bassline are the perfect accompaniment to the lush, rich vocals. (5/5)

Now the album starts to pick up the pace a bit. 'Saltwater' opens with more of the same gentle synths and the sampled vocals from Irish new age band 'Clannad' before bursting into energy. Some good old fashioned 4/4 club beats kickstart a powerful trance masterpiece with an incredible and unforgettable climax. At the end, the tracks winds back down with some relaxing breaks, reminiscent of Chicane's previous album. (5/5)

'Halcyon' begins is a very similar way, only without any sign of vocals. It builds and builds into another beautiful house track with an abundance of melodic sequences and another great climax. It's not the most memorable track on the album, but it is pretty much the epitomy of Chicane's sound. (4/5)

'Autumn Tactics' is short, sweet and catchy but is quickly forgotten. It's a fairly typical dance track with the usual female vocals. But as the weakest track on the album, it's not bad at all. (2/5)

The album then takes an interesting turn. Another gentle hum emerges before a brilliant, yet simple, beat kicks in. With it arrives a warming bassline and some lovely ambient textures as the wonderful track 'Overlap' plays through. This is, in my opinion, a very underrated track from Chicane and it's chilled out feel is a perfect prelude to the following track. (4/5)

Then the big one arrives. Chicane's collaboration with Bryan Adam 'Don't Give Up' really deserved the acclaim it received. It starts simply as most house tracks do, building as the vocals start to develop. The beat, the bass and the vocals all sound great... and then the break comes. Out of nowhere comes a wonderfully catchy, hypnotizing melody than simply threads through all the other elements of the song and weaves them together perfectly. As the song reaches it's climax I can't help but feel that this is my favourite Chicane song ever, and at 8 minutes long the album version is so much richer and more fulfilling than the radio edit. (5/5)

After such a rush, it's only fair that we are allowed to calm down afterwards. The Thrillseekers remix of 'Saltwater' allows us to do just that. It's not the best track on the album and is nowhere near as powerful as the original version, but this lush, visceral track does it's job. (3/5)

Finally, we arrive at 'Andromeda'. Again, this is not the most special track on the album, but it's calming, upbeat mood sees us to the end of the album in fine form. (3/5)

So, to summarise, this club masterpiece really is a journey. It's an album of ups and downs, highs and lows and contains some breathtakingly beautiful music. If you have never owned or listened to this album, then why not try to get hold of it now. Take it with you next time you go on holiday and chill out with it by the pool, in the sunshine. That is why it was made. Enjoy.
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on 27 January 2006
Theres not a lot to say that hasnt rightfully been said but this album really is fantastic. Best played when driving in the summer sun, get it!!
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on 8 April 2000
Well, it's finally here, and it has to be said that it's about time too. Worth the wait, this album builds successfully on the foundations already laid by fundemental tracks such as Offshore and Sunstroke. The already released tracks (Don't Give Up & Saltwater) appear in all their brilliant fullness, revealing the sounds that the 'Radio Edits' do not always show. A bonus remix of Saltwater, engineered by the superb Thrillseekers, is an absaloutely fabulous adaptation and makes the original pale in comparison. All in all this album makes for compulsive listening, with a mixture of the classical ambience tunes and the more lyrical tracks such as No Ordinairy Morning complimenting each other well. Total chill out music for the discerning music lover, this album is worth every penny. Fantastic!
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on 17 October 2000
This is a really good album for chilling out to and is a mix of really good dance tracks such as Saltwater and Don't Give Up, and more ambient and relaxing tunes such as the excellent Autumn Tactics. The Thrillseekers Remix of Saltwater is also a bonus and an excellent track. I was expecting more in the way of solid dance tracks from Chicane when I bought this album, but it is still a "must have" album even if not the expected all round follow up to Far From The Maddening Crowds. The Mini-disc format might not be accessable to everyone however.
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on 17 April 2005
I bought this CD on hearing a snippet of one track and reading the reviews here. This is something I don't usually do, but at the reasonable Amazon price thought it was worth the risk. I am not disappointed ! This is a fantastic piece of work that is a pleasure to listen to, getting better with each listen - which happens often.
I had heard the excerpt from Saltwater on Irish TV last year in a TV ad. for Northern ireland tourism and now it is featured on British TV in the Irish Tourism ad. The 10 minute version of Saltwater on this CD is stunning.
Hopefully, due to the Irish Tourism advert others will do the same as I did and give this superb CD the recognition it deserves !
This is the classical music of the future.
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