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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2016
Good movie if you like Sci fi. Also bought Event Horizon which I thought was just a little better than this but still good and very cheap ti add to a collection. Quick delivery and great price.Would recommend this movie to a Sci fi fan and this dealer was quick and efficient.
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on 16 March 2017
A good film action packed
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When a communication cable is mysteriously severed when being laid upon the Ocean floor.
authorities investigate.
A underwater scan identifies a large craft 1000 feet below the surface, it would appear that
due to the volume of coral-growth upon the vessel it had been there for the past 300 years.
Because of the severed cable could it be there is 'Alien' life on board ?
A team is assembled, led by 'Captain Harold C Barnes' (Peter Coyote) the team includes 'Dr
Norman Goodman' a Psychologist (Dustin Hoffman) 'Dr Elizabeth Halperin' a Marine biologist
(Sharon Stone) 'Dr Harry Adams' a Mathematician (Samuel L Jackson) and 'Dr Ted Fielding'
a Astrophysicist (Liev Schreiber)
After a period of intense training the team are taken down to an underwater centre that has
been assemble alongside the mysterious craft.
The team are able to enter the vessel and see many things they cannot explain, they come
across a large golden sphere that appears to be active.
Later, 'Harry' visits the craft alone fascinated by the sphere, his very being becomes drawn in by
the shimmering object, when 'Beth'and 'Norman' find him he appears to be unconscious they take
him back to base.
Increasingly strange things begin to happen, base personnel begin to mysteriously die, when 'Harry'
recover consciousness he begins to act out of character, he had entered the sphere but has nothing
to say about the experience.
On-board the base the computers are beginning to pick up apparent messages, 'Harry' is able to tell
them how to decode them, is the sphere really trying to exchange conversation with them ?
Strange and frightening thing continue to happen on-board the base with increasing intensity, a series
of alerts and unexplained occurrences continue to plague the remaining base occupants.
Are the events taking place being orchestrated by whatever intelligent form lies within the sphere, it seems
to be playing deadly games with them.......but was 'Harry' the only one drawn into the sphere ?
Will any of the team survive to tell the tale ?
This is an intense atmospheric sci-fi adventure which is a little unnerving at times, certainly a film, like the
sphere will draw you in....
Superb upgrade - picture and sound quality is excellent, and good special effects for the 1998 movie.....
The Import Version is - Multi-region
Thoughts -
What mysteries really lie beneath the Oceans ? .....It in the main remains an unknown quantity to this day.....
man have sent craft to the outer planets of our solar-system, put man on the moons surface and landed
mechanical investigative machinery upon the surface of Mars.
But much of the planet upon which we live remains undiscovered.......makes you think ?
Special Features -
* Commentary by Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L Jackson
* Featurette - Shaping the Sphere- The art of the visual special-effects supervisor
* Theatrical Trailer and T.V Spots.
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on 22 April 2017
This movie was made in 1998, and is about humanity discovering a space ship half-buried in the Pacific ocean floor for 300 years. They proceed to build an underwater base of operations near it, and hire a team consisting of a mathematician, an astro-physicist, a molecular biologist, a marine commander and our protagonist, a psychiatrist. Said team uses a submarine to reach the underwater base, and then proceeds to visit the spacecraft over the next few days. A typhoon brews, the surface fleet retreats, and our heroes are left to their own devices for a few days. That's when things start to go horribly, horribly wrong.

There is a movie similar in settling called "Leviathan" and it was made nine years earlier, in 1989. That one, in my opinion, is better than this because there the horror is real while here it's more a mind messing than dealing with actual antagonists. This film tries to one-up Leviathan by being cleverer in its story and meaning, but this twist ends up taking away from the actual palpable fear. Therefore I would recommend Leviathan over Sphere and also because Sphere shoots itself in the foot with its many, many red herrings and wasted opportunities.

Consider this: They create an actual huge space ship in Sphere only to have this location be almost useless for the movie, because most of the movie takes place in the underwater base. Next we have a huge plot reveal as to the origin of the space ship, but again, this is no longer relevant for the rest of the movie. There's an entire plot element involving exploration of this ship, sifting through its logs and finding out more about the ship's crew that is completely, utterly LEFT OUT by the film. Another concept the movie suggests is time travel, but again, our protagonists dedicate zero time to find out more about this.

And then you have the fact that the film is segmented into chapters, each starting with a black screen and the chapter title, e.g. "The Surface", "The Station", "Further Analysis" and so on. Nice way to rip everyone out of immersion...

I also didn't realize until later how thoroughly Jewish the film really is: director Barry Levinson, actors Dustin Hoffmann and Liev Schreiber, composer Elliott Goldenthal, and cinematographer Adam Greenberg all share a Jewish ancestry. Perhaps this is the reason why some of the dialogue and exposition in the film is the way it is: a kind of comedic undertone in an otherwise serious environment that I believe is a distinct Jewish style of chuzpah or humor, but didn't work so well on me. I feel that the film could have done with more seriousness, especially in the initial 10 minutes or so.

All in all, it's worth watching, but not really worth keeping. Rent it, and buy Leviathan instead for that unforgettable deep sea science horror. But I want to conclude the review on a positive note, and therefore consider this: Sphere is a better underwater sci-fi movie than Deep Star Six. But if you just can't get enough of the genre, then the latter is also worth watching, just to round off that "I've seen em all" experience.
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on 3 September 2013
An all-star cast is tasked with investigating what appears to be an alien space craft on the ocean's bottom. This is not your ordinary man meets alien type of movie. In fact the "alien" is never really well established. The movie, while it has a sci-fi background is more of a psychological mystery. If your science fiction expectation for aliens and gadgets are not too high, this is an enjoyable film, a more cerebral science fiction.

There are no creepy aliens, no f-bombs, no sex, no nudity.
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on 13 November 2013
In the middle of the South Pacific, a thousand feet below the surface of the water, a huge vessel rests on the ocean floor.

Rushed to the scene is a group of American scientists who descend to the depths of the sea to investigate this astonishing discovery.

What they find defies their imaginations and mocks their attempts at logical explanation. It is a massive spaceship, undamaged from it's fall from the sky-and at least three hundred years old.....

Three great stars, a wonderful director, and an interesting concept with a sort of Event Horizon and Solaris hybrid, sounded wonderful.

And while its watchable for its lengthy duration, it never really hits the heights it aims for. Everybody is influenced by the Sphere, and they start to manipulate the environment, with Sea Serpents, Jellyfish, and even books.

Now the main problem with this movie is that it was released too soon after Event Horizon, and instead of going all deep and mystical, also known as catering for the masses, and going for the scares instead, and makes a mockery of itself.

So instead of it being an enthralling thriller with brains, we get a half hearted science fiction horror with a wonderful cast, which makes it strangely watchable.

Any film that has Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L Jackson talking science versus religion one minute, and then fighting their imaginations the next, has to be watched.

And the ending is ridiculous, the three stars literally hold hands and forget the whole movie. They actually do that.....
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on 19 June 2017
The ending was good and I felt the next one. The performance of all the actors is very realistic. I watched it on my way to the trip. The plot is tense. The filming was excellent. This film is a good one I've seen in recent years.
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Although their have been mixed reviews, I can honestly say that this is a really enjoyable film. People seem to forget that this is hollywood, and the film isn't supposed to be broken down into little chunks and analysed.

If your looking for a well acted, and entertaining horror, then this is perfect. But lets get one thing straight - this film is a 12, and therefore there are no 'gorey' scenes. This more of a phycological horror, as you will find out when you watch the film.

In brief, the small crew of an underwater base are left without contact to the water surface due to bad weather. Upon discovering what appears to be an old spacecraft on the ocean floor, they look inside to find an odd sphere. The rest? Well that would be telling! The plot is great and the film keeps getting better as it goes an, and really proves you don't need lots of violence and gore to create a good horror film - such parts in this film being when a crew member gets killed by deadly jelly fish. I know, it sounds stupid, but when you watch it, it really does set your heart racing.

As for the script, I can't see any problems, although some reviewers felt the need to, again, analyze it and rip it apart as soon as something doesnt sound right. But its just right - not too many jokes, and taken seriously. Sharon Stone puts on a strong performance, and Dustin Hoffman follows.

I've given this 8/10, as its all round a good film. The star performer is Samuel L Jackson, who is brilliant. The special effects are nice as well, and if you DON'T take the ending too seriously, you'll see what a good film it is.
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on 21 March 2005
Wow. Never has a film that I've really, really liked generated so much negative critisism. Some of the critisism is justified - the film is completely all over the place, the script and dialogue coming across like they were written on the fly - but the moments that I love about this film totally outweigh any problems I would have had with it otherwise.
First of all, the atmosphere is intoxicating. The sets are realistic, cramped and futuristic, accompanied by Elliot Goldenthall's often slow moving, brassy score. I love his music.
The cast all do a brilliant job of creating actual "characters" by improvising some lines. I have heard the critisism that there is too much talking in this film. TOO MANY CONVERSATIONS. It's opinions like these that make filmmakers produce such masterpeices as Alien Vs. Predator and Resident Evil. Let's have all expository dialogue and no actual pondering or drama - the audiences will love that!
This film rips off pretty much every SF cliche. Everything from Alien to Contact and back again is pilfered from, and some moments are a little hard to believe, the motivations of characters unclear. But you need to think to enjoy the film, and it does need you to use your imagination.
I didn't care that the giant squid is never shown (unlike it is in the book where it has a full-on battle with a crewmember), and I don't care that there aren't any little green men in it. I love the performances (especially when they start to distrust one another) and the atmosphere and every time I see it I see something new.
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There are three kinds of science fiction movies:
1. Smart sci-fi
2. Dumb sci-fi
3. Middling sci-fi that thinks it's a lot smarter than it is.

"Sphere" is in the third category -- a movie that shoots high, but ultimately has the same philosophical message as a "Star Trek" episode. Its slow pace and unlikable characters might have been tolerable if it had a brilliant plot, but instead we get a slew of unanswered questions and massive plot holes -- one of which finishes off the movie.

The US Navy has found a mysterious spacecraft buried under several yards of coral, meaning that it's been there for three hundred years. So based on a half-joking old paper by psychologist Dr. Norman Goodman (Dustin Hoffman), the government assembles a team -- marine biologist Dr. Beth Halperin (Sharon Stone), who is also Goodman's bitter ex-girlfriend; wunderkind mathematician Dr. Harry Adams (Samuel L. Jackson), and astrophysicist Dr. Ted Fielding (Liev Schreiber).

Their mission, should they choose to accept it: make contact with whatever alien life forms are living (or dead) inside the spacecraft. Instead, the team discovers that the ship is actually a US spaceship that accidentally traveled through time. And it's carrying a massive, floating golden sphere.

Then an alien intelligence -- referred to as "Jerry" -- begins to communicate with them through the computer. And as a typhoon on the surface keeps them from leaving the underwater station, the crew is attacked by creatures that could not exist in this world. All their worst fears are coming true.

I have the feeling that "Sphere" wants to be an underwater sibling to "2001: A Space Odyssey" or "Solaris," i.e. a slow-moving, intelligent sci-fi movie. But it's also kind of schizophrenic -- it's too frenetic and chaotic to be much like those movies, and at the same time it's too slow and tedious to ever become a convincing sci-fi-disaster-under-the-sea story like "The Abyss."

Yes. Despite all the fires, flooding and attacks by sea creatures, it is pretty tedious. It also has plenty of stupid moments (an astrophysicist is lecturing a MATHEMATICIAN about basic geometric forms?) and gaping plot holes. In fact, the movie ends with the mother of all head-slapping, illogical plot twists.

"Sphere" also has a very noticeable lack of special effects. Yes, the sphere is very pretty. But there's a scene where the underwater station is attacked by a giant squid... and we never see the squid. It never registers as a REAL threat because it has no presence in the movie except as a pixellated computer image. Did they spend all the money on the floaty sphere and the fake sea-snakes?

As for the acting, it's a mixed bag -- especially since the characters' backstories feel thin and underdeveloped. Dustin Hoffman gives the blandest non-performance you will ever see from him, the kind of acting that screams, "I do not want to be here." Stone is actually fairly solid, and Jackson swings randomly between "sinister" and "normal" as the plot demands.

Actually, the only character who really feels like an actual person is Schreiber as a nervous astrophysicist -- he has tics, insecurities, and he feels that he's never going to really make a mark in his field. Honestly, I would have rather had HIM as the lead instead of Hoffman.

"Sphere" aspires to be more than it is -- a decent sci-fi premise dragged down by a pithy moral and a sludgy-slow pace. It's not horrible, but it's badly, badly flawed.
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