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on 17 July 2004
If you could only buy one more album ever, make it this one. It is fantastic and it has been in my cd player non stop since i got it.
The only reason i can think of that these tracks weren't a-sides is that most of them are too good for the charts. Seriously. This is my favourite Oasis album ever and all I can say is that it's simply magical. Don't take my word for it. Buy it.
My favourite tracks are probably Rocking Chair and Masterplan, although i love the others too. Buy it!
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on 2 May 2004
Extremely rare fanclub boxset. The track listing is the same as the CD although it is contained on 7 vinyls all with indivdual artwork.
This album contains many excellent b-sides and it stands out from the hugely over-rated 'Morning Glory' by offering 4 masterpieces:
Talk Tonight, Going Nowhere, Half the World Away, and the Masterplan. The masterplan is a beautiful song with brass and strings complementing the guitar and Noel's voice wonderfully. The rest of the album ranges from good to brilliant - 'Aquiesce', 'Rockin' Chair' to mediocre - 'The Swamp Song,' 'Headshrinker'
Overall, buy this album - it's fantastic stuff.
Master Bombadil
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on 18 January 2016
I bought this as a present for my boyfriend, at least 3 tracks skip and dont play. Considering it was brand new it is unusable.
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on 25 July 2006
I'm not taking the mick outta' Be here now, its a good album, but it is amazing how the biggest album of all time, can be beaten by some B-sides, but that is the case.

1.Acquiesce. 5/5
2.Underneath the sky. 4/5
3.Talk Tonight. 4/5
4.Going Nowhere. 4.5/5
5.Fade Away. 4.5/5
6.Swamp Song. 2/5
7.I am the walrus. 3/5
8.Listen Up. 4/5
9,Half the world away. 5/5
10.Good to be Free. 4/5
11.Rockin' Chair. 4.5/5
12.Stay Young. 4.5/5
13.Headshrinker. 5/5
14.Masterplan. 5/5
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on 29 May 2004
Before i start, im sure if you buy this album you will not forget it. So Buy it.
I call it a no nonsense album because there are songs like Acquiese, Headshrinker, Stay Young, Going nowhere and of course the Masterplan itself. Its quite simply a huge album. Full of character. Who wouldnt guess these are B-sides that Noel wrote to go with a 'better' song from an album. But here we have a complilation of instant B-side classics. Here's a song-by-song:
Acquiesce - An all time 'Shoulda bin an A-side'. Hints of Whats the story at the start, but then we get asong that you cant forget! Brilliant. Overall - 10/10.
Underneath the Sky - Lets be fair, a classic B-side that is only deserved of that. Nothing special, none the less very catchy and you wont skip it. But an album filler. Actually, i might be alone in these thoughts, as Noel himself see's this one as one of his favourites. Overall - 7/10.
Talk Tonight - Awesome. An Oasis accoustic classic. Noel sings this himself and does it brilliantly. There's nothing much to say about this song, you have to hear it. Overall - 10/10
Going Nowhere - Oasis's oldest track, written before they were signed about what they were going to do when the band was loaded. 'Im gonna get me a motor car maybe a jaguar maybe a plane or a day of fame'. Again Noels the singer (which i think has better vocals than his brother) and again we get a great song. Hear the brass and horn players in the background leading iint to the chorus. Heroic someone quoted. Overall - 10/10
Fade Away - elbowed off Definately Maybe by slide away. And arent we thankful. Poor, and a real racket. Shame as it has excellent lyrics 'while were living the dreams we have as children fade away' But maybe would have been better without the 5th guitar sound you hear. Overall - 6/10
Swamp Song - No lyrics to this, doesnt need it. Recorded live, Make your own mind up. Overall 7/10
I am the Walrus - Given the oasis sound. Critised by many simply because its an Beatles classic. But i love it. Even better when you know that Noel was drunk when recorded. Overall 8/10
Listen Up - Its a shame that this song is two minutes too long. Has a brilliant chorus but you have to wait to long to hear it. Tiresome but a worthy B-side track for the album. Overall - 7/10
Rocking Chair - Admittedly, its the only track i skip when i listen to the Masterplan. But i dont know why. It kind of sets it up by it fading in as it has nothing to the song. Poor lyrics and a let down, one of very few. poorly sag aswell by Liam. Overall - 6/10
Half the World Away - Sound familiar? From the Royal Family opening tune. Paul Wellers favourite Oasis tune. A solid tune with nothing special to make it a classic, but every one loves it. Overall - 8/10
(its good) To be free - hmmm Overall - 6/10
Stay Young - Ah, here we are. My favourite Oasis track and the best feel good song of all time. I was disgusted to hear that it was booted of the Be Here Now Album for 'Ihope i think i know', as this is 4 times better. Hear it and you'll know what i mean. Brilliant song along. Noel doesnt like this tune, but dont let the put you off, its huge. Brilliant. If it was to be released now it would be the Anthem of the year. Overall - 10/10
HeadShrinker - Liams finest Vocal display. Oh the freedom of a B-side. Takes a while to grow on you but then you'll love it. Roaring guitar. Heavy but controlled well. Overall - 9/10
The Materplan - Best song of all time? Nearly, behind Live forever and Stay Young. Noels favourite track he's ever made. I know why. Its got so many layers. 'No wonder god Loves them' this is for everyone. Id ont care if you are a oasis fan or Spice girl fan. This is a quality tune. Liam wishes he sung it, im glad he didnt. Has to be heared to be believed. Buy this ablum for this song alone. Overall - 11/10
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on 15 November 2002
While Oasis have often thrilled the world with their dynamic original album tracks, this collection of B-sides may stand the test of time better than even their first two albums.
It's been said a million times that Oasis throw away tracks that other bands could make a career from, and with this album it's easy to see why people believe it.
From the blustering rock of 'Fade Away' and 'Stay Young' to perennial acoustic favourites 'Talk Tonight,' 'Half the World Away' and the divine 'Masterplan' it's obvious that this is a band - and Noel in particular - are phenomenal.
The range of the selected 14 tunes is massive, as is the quality, with almost any track being good enough to sit on an album and, in many cases, far superior to tracks that have appeared on their five current studio releases.
Criminally, Round Are Way was passed over and ideally, the CD would also have D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman, Heroes, Cum On Feel the Noize and Step Out at the expense of the boring Swamp Song, overlong Listen Up, Headshrinker and lyrically weak Rockin' Chair.
However, the bonus is that Noel made sure one of his oldest songs 'Going Nowhere on a Train' made the final order and this is as good as anything Oasis will ever do. If you've never heard the sweeping orchestral number with Noel on lead vocals, it's worth picking this album up for that reason alone.
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on 19 February 2001
Simply a collection of throwaway B-sides. I think not! This CD is far and away the best thing that Oasis have released. Acquiesce, Talk Tonight Going Nowhere, Stay Young must all be among the ten greatest Oasis songs, while The Masterplan itself is undoubtably the greatest song they have ever recorded. Below I have rate4d each track, although this is of course only my opinion.
Acquiesce (10/10) Underneath the sky (9/10) Talk tonight (10/10) Going nowhere (10/10) Fade away (8/10) The swamp song (6/10) I am the walrus(8/10) Listen up (8/10) Rockin' chair (8/10) Half the world away (9/10) (it's good) to be free (7/10) Stay young (9/10) Headshrinker (9/10) The masterplan (10/10).
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on 23 December 1999
This is a great album - I guarantee you will be impressed. The songs on this album are better that a lot of the A-sides. My personal favourite is "Talk Tonight", which makes me cry everytime I hear it! I can't recommend this album too highly.
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on 30 May 2000
The B-sides to the Morning Glory singles were almost always better than their A-sides. And this proves it by being miles better than the aforementioned album. Aquiesce and The Masterplan are only bettered by Live Forever in terms of Oasis songs, and the remainder are also great (save for Going Nowhere-tellingly taken from a Be Here Now single, Stand By Me). It just goes to show that buying an Oasis single was more like purchasing an EP (Some Might Say being a classic example, consisting of four cracking songs). In my opinion it is virtually as good as Definitely Maybe. Essential.
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on 2 January 2000
At last people can forget Be Here Now. Although this album is full of B Sides it is the ultimate CD for the avid Oasis fan. With songs strecthing the span of there existence. Guitars excellent, Vox excellent I can not praise this album well enough
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