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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2017
Fantastic quality item- Great purchase and nicely packaged- speedy delivery too! A*
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on 2 July 2017
American History X details the viewpoints of Neo-Nazism. But at the centre of this group is a dysfunctional family where the youngest brother is vulnerable to the extreme methods. Not only that, but it shows how our role models can change and persuade our minds into thinking an entire different principle. There were two scenes that stood out to me, the first being the dinner table debate. Derek (Edward Norton) expresses his opinion on the constitution and argues his case against the foreign community taking everything away from America. This really conveys the white supremacy logic that Neo-Nazism provides. The second scene is where a younger Derek revises for an exam and his father interrupts him stating that he shouldn't follow everything that his black teacher is telling him. This shows how easily manipulated one can be when their role models express their opinion. It's powerful, smart writing and had me hooked completely. The film offers interesting views in which some are still a cause for arguments and discussions today, particularly in the UK (but obviously less extreme). The narrative shifts between the present where we follow Daniel (Edward Furlong) and how he slowly becomes a Neo-Nazi, to then embedding flashback scenes of Derek and how his violent methods caused him to go to prison. The violence symbolises hate crime and several scenes are hard to watch, particularly the infamous curb stomp...it's horrible. The direction from Tony Kaye was brilliant, I adored the technique where the characters talk directly to the camera, reminded me of the late Jonathan Demme's style. Edward Norton gives another tour de force performance, both in dialogue and his physical prowess. It was a rather commanding role. In an ideal world, I wished it was a happier ending...it literally made me shout "NOOOO!" at the TV. Also the propaganda and views of the Neo-Nazism are slightly forced at some points but nothing major. This is a symbolic and heavy film that rewards us with a clever narrative and fantastic performances.
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on 20 March 2014
I can not believe that I only watched this for the first time yesterday. I was equally surprised that I had never even heard of Edward Norton! What a performance he gives! How he didn't win a Oscar for this is beyond me. It must require some serious acting talent to make the racist statement he makes and keep a straight face. I will also give a mention to the fantastic Edward Furlong who gives a performance equal to the one he gave in Terminator 2 which is saying something! The supporting cast are also superb, especially Derick's black friend in prison.

The story is griping and very well told and touches on issues which are still reverent today. In terms of pure power the prison scenes are on par with Shawhank which is about as good a complement as I could possibly give. My jaw dropped during the bit when his black prison friend wrapped the sheets around himself and pretended to be in the KKK. I had never watched anything like it. It dose a fantastic job of highlighting how foolish racism is and I agree the certain parts of it should be on shown in schools to highlight issue in todays society.

To conclude this is by a long mile the best film of 1998 and one of the best ever made!
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on 24 April 2006
This film represents a huge leap forward from the sickly, prescriptive preaching of "the world would be lovely if it wasn't for the bad people" into an aknowledgement that there are fallible human beings on both sides of the racial divide, some of whom mistake personal bitterness for a moral justification of hatred. Hearteningly, the more recent "Crash" also takes this approach, though from a wider perspective than American History X's specific focus on racially motivated violence.

I take the point of the previous reviewer that this film reduces some of the neo-nazis to cardboard cut-outs, but to be fair its approach was ambitious enough already. (To fully develop all the characters in such a complex subject might require a stage tragedy rather than a general release movie.) Similarly, the handful of liberals were probably necessary, sadly, to prevent idiots taking the film as a vindication of their so-called beliefs, and also to avoid alienating much of the target audience. For a film released in 1999 this was a very brave production.
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on 16 October 2015
This concert Is fantastic as Is the showgirl herself . Kylie Is a babe beautiful and can perform like a princess " bless her "
I bought 2 copies of this on cd and for some reason after playing them a couple of times the disc playing side turned Yellow and 1 wouldn't play . I'm baffled to this as i have 100s of dvds which i look after so i decieded to buy the blu day version .
The concert itself Is a pure delight with great dancers and a wonderful performance by ms Minogue .
Fantastic !
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on 4 March 2008
American History X is a story based on extremist, racial violence in modern day America.
Norton plays buffed up, neo-nazi skinhead, Derek Vinyard. After his father is gunned down while tackling a fire in a black neighbourhood, Vinyard turns into a black hearted, agressive foot soldier, fighting for white supremacy, and starts seeing his country as plagued by illegal immigrants.

This film has one of the best casts in cinema history. Although youll see films with star after star, such as Pulp Fiction, Sin City and The Departed, the acting ranks among the best performances you will ever see. Besides Ed Norton, the next biggest name in this is Edward Furlong. In this film you will see how he has evolved and matured from Terminator 2's John Connor. Aside these is a great supporting cast consisting of Beverly D'Angelo, Ethan Suplee and Avery Brooks. Standing out is Ethan Suplee, who plays Dereks overweight, brute of a friend, Seth. The reason this performance sticks out is because of the performance he puts on in Remember the Titans. Although American History X was released first, those fortunate enough to have seen both films will appreciate what an under-rated, versitile actor Suplee is. Every actor is this film puts on a performance so unique, that the film could revolve around any of them actually being the main character.

Although this film is very violent, and at one point will leave you cringing and maybe even looking away, it is not glorified with over the top gore, like so many films these days are. It doesnt need gore to shock people into the brutality that is being shown. The acting takes care of that. The thing that shocked me most about this film was the scene in the car park, in which an enraged Vinyard is giving a talk that hits you in the face, leaving you with two black eyes and a broken nose. The talk is primarily about illegal immigrants "ruining" the country. Although I am not a racist, everything Norton says in that scene gave me chills. Anybody, not racist, but observant, should see why he is saying what he is saying, and how it can sway the minds of people who are looking for someone to blame for their bad luck.

Although this film is mainly about violence and racial intolerance, its story of family can be applied to anything. The importance of setting a good example to younger siblings and the strong ties of family bonds, strengthen this films impact. Although extreme, dedicated family men can relate to Vinyards character. It shows how easily good people can be influenced by monsters of the world. This picture portrays it as a vicious, never-ending circle, until the inevitable, tragic ending.

Watching this film will make a vast majority of people reflect on their prospective of tolerance to other races. One of the best films you will ever see. A must watch. The only negative of this film is that Ed Norton was only nominated for the oscar. Unfortunately he didnt win it.
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on 19 February 2012
This is a great film - but, there is a problem with the Dutch subtitles. You might assume that you can turn the subtitles off, but you can't. This means that you have Dutch subtitles all of the time. This spoils the film, and isn't appropriate for an English audience.

Recommendation - buy a different version of this film.
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on 18 November 2011
This is just to confirm to buyers that both of these films are Region Free (ABC). I bought this set recently as the UK version of "American History X" isn't currently available to buy [last checked 18/11/11]. Both films are on separate discs and they are the same discs that you would get if you bought the US versions individually, but only a lot cheaper.

American History X [Blu-ray] [2009] [US Import]
History of Violence [Blu-ray] [2009] [US Import]

VIDEO (both films): 1080p 1.85:1,
AUDIO (both films): English Dolby Digital 5.1 and English Dolby TrueHD,
SUBTITLES (both films): English and Spanish.
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on 27 February 2004
American History X is a brilliant film. The subject matter is fascinating, and the film really gets under the skin of the racists. As I watched the film for the first time I found that my opinions were fluctuating exactly as the film intended. The film contains many interesting characters, which bring it to life, it certainly does not glamorise violence but conveys a very strong opinion opposed to racism. Although much of the film is in black and white the scenes are very vivid and create a totally absorbing world around which the story is based. It presents both sides of the racist issue in many different forms, from the down to earth dinner table discussions and opinions voiced by the main characters to dramatic scenes of violence and hatred. The structure of the film allows for the many fantastically orchestrated set pieces, being half told by Edward Furlong's character's flashbacks. There is much narration in the film and this works very well to help convey the characters feelings. All the performances are top notch especially Edward Norton pulling off a totally convincing Derek Vinyard.
Graphically it is a beautiful and stylish film using black and white to great effect. Accompanying the visuals, the music is an atmospheric classical soundtrack, which seems distant from the events at first, but as the film progresses, reinforces the feelings.
My only complaint is that Derek's transformation in prison could have been made more seamless as you may have to suspend disbelief for a moment.
The extras on the DVD are sparse but do contain three excellent deleted scenes, which really should have been included. In conclusion this is an unmissable film that I believe everyone should see, it is moving and will have you pondering the events and subject for days afterwards. It is only unfortunate that this is the director's only film.
Five stars.
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on 17 June 2013
Advertised as a metal case Blu-ray, No! not at all, came in bog standard blue plastic. False advertisement I think.
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