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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Cowboy Bebop Blue
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on 25 June 2001
Cowboy Bebop is perhaps the ultimate anime series, a combination of different styles of story, characters, settings and technology from both East and West. The music, by Yoko Kanno, is equally ground-breaking with the Japanese Singer/Songwriter pulling off styles from Jazz to Pop, to Opera and so on. Blue features some lovely songs, including the title track which is a haunting emotional song. However, the album mixes with tone as well as styles and the humourous Chicken Bone and Mushroom Hunting get your feet tapping. The soulful Road To The West, a synth pad and saxaphone instrumental is one of the more memorable instrumental tracks, as is N.Y Rush, a re-recording of Rush from the first CD.
If you like music, dip into your pocket, you won't be disappointed.
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on 14 February 2002
Ok, you know who Yoko Kanno is right? Wait...you don't? Ok, three things:
First Thing: I can't believe you don't know who Yoko Kanno is.
Second thing: I can't believe you don't know what Cowboy Beebop is.
Third thing: well...there isn't a third thing. But there should be.
Yoko Kanno is one of the most talented composers to come out of the anime industry since...since...well since forever! Working on scores for series such as The Vision Of Escaflowne and the newer series Raxephon, and with such artists as Maaya Sakamoto, Yoko Kanno has changed the way music is thought of as part of a series.
This particular series, Cowboy Beebop has some of her most featured works in it, from the emotional ballads Blue and Green Bird to the humourus song Chicken Bone. Kanno tracks her music through styles from all over the world, from country to jazz, pop to choiral pieces Yoko can mix anything with anything, and it will all be woven together with Yoko's magical touch that she puts into all her pieces.
Cowboy Beebop, the story of bounty hunters and space cowboys, has one of the most beautiful scores of music provided by Kanno. This particular record 'Blue' holds the final ending theme which features the same title as the album. 'Blue' is an emotional ballad that haunts you as the final scenes play and the series is concluded, the small choir accompanying the song goes perfectly and gives a chilling remembrance to the Green Birds scene, which would haunt even the toughest space cowboy.
The CD also contains 'Call Me Call Me' similar in effect to 'Blue' but has a more uplifting feel to it towards the end. The singer lends his spectacular vocals that match the power of 'Blue' and 'Want It All Back' to put feeling of searching throughout this song and finally reach a climax that Kanno beautifully composed.
'Wo Qui Non Coin' is a jazzy and sweet little tune from Kanno performed by the japanese voice actor for Ed. It's sassy and holds the cute factor of the CD, it's a perfect song for Ed's voice actress and she suits it perfectly with vocals that match the music.
The other tracks on this CD range from humourus to sweet to emotionally haunting, Yoko Kanno is the best in the business. If you ever want a soundtrack for a series or a film look to this woman as her music matched with 'The Seatbelts' music and vocals can match with the best of them. This CD offers a genre hoppers dream as it goes from style to style in Yoko's talent to dabble and produce fantastic tracks from anything she feels is nessercary.
Sorry I scolded you for not knowing who she was or knowing Cowboy Beebop, even if you don't know who they are this CD is enjoyable and deserves credit for being a very creative and beautiful CD.
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on 18 May 2013
Cowboy Bebop was always known for its music and this album is the phenomenal crowning point of Yoko Kanno and the seatbelts, containing both the pumping, funky jazz they are known and respected for in addition to the high euphoric classical pieces that ooze emotion and never stop being anything short of triumphs. The whole album fits in so much, but never feels crowded or over done, each track just layered enough to feel full and tight.
Even if you haven't watched the series, the album stands firmly on its feet as a piece of musical brilliance.
1. "Blue" is the opener here, a heart wreching ballad of beauty slowly climbing higher and higher, evoking everything needed about the series. Connotations of the brilliant ending aside, it is a fine and powerful track.
2. "Words That We Couldn't Say" is a slower, calmer ballad, a little more subdued that "Blue" but still containing that deep longing and heartbreak of the album, with some cool backing beats to the soft lyrics.
3. "Autumn in Ganymede" pure jazz gold hear, the funkiest track on the album save...
4. "Mushroom Hunting" a feel-good masterpiece of funk, jazz, bongos and silliness, getting you grooving from the get-go.
5. "Go Go Cactus Man" is a tribute to Ennio Morricone and evokes all of the spirit of the old West, complete with whistling and a great use of the percussion section.
6. "Chicken Bone" a simple and funky, squeaky little tune that bops along quite nicely.
7. "The Real Man" raw power lies in this one, a purely instrumental piece that makes heavy use of the bass and drum sections to slam home to you, racing onwards and pumping adrenaline.
8. "N.Y Rush" more back to basics Jazz, probably the most old school of the bunch, a lot like Dave Brubeck.
9. "Adieu" a soft tune that wouldn't be amiss in film noir, sung by the beautifully voiced Emily Bindinger
10. "Call Me Call Me" one of the very best tracks on the album and certainly the second best lyrical piece after "Blue". Complex, yet simple, as well as layered and smooth, it doesn't jar at all after the previous offerings despite sounding almost like the most conventional of them all. Difficult to describe without repeating myself.
11. "Ave Maria" an odd choice, all things considered in the album, but it works, like everything else. Anthony Inglis sings and is just brilliant.
12. "Stella by Moor", a short track at only 1:08, so there isn't much to say. But it's still nice
13. "Flying Teapot" a high soaring and happy number with bright lyrics and a great piano backing.
14. "Wo Qui Non Coin" definitely the most Japanese of the bunch, it's a little difficult to describe and even get into, but after a few listens, I stopped skipping it and accepted it with the rest of the album and enjoyed its quirky feel
15. "Road to the West" a nice blue saxaphone number, returning to the sadness.
16. "Farewell Blues" back to basics Jazz once again. The sort of thing that would play in a late night jazz club.
17. "See You Space Cowboy" the ending theme. Just listen.

Sorry for all the rambling and repetition, but this album is just perfect, there wasn't a dud among them. Well worth a listen.
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on 9 August 2005
This is, without a doubt, an excellent album. The music is fun, origonal and at times, very moving. However, actually getting hold of a copy is beyond a joke. I ordered last year a copy of this album and although amazon claimed that it could be delivered in 2-4 weeks, it didn't arrive. I then received an e-mail stating that my order had been delayed. 4 More weeks passed and I then received a second e-mail stating that my order had been delayed yet again. After another month of waiting, amazon then confirmed that my order could not be fulfilled.
Moral of the story, I highly recommend buying this album, but if you order it through amazon, you might be in for a long and possibly fruitless wait, which is incredibly frustrating and a huge waste of time.
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