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The Matrix [1999] [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£5.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 27 February 2018
I recently bought this film because although I've seen it on TV several times over the years, I wanted to buy it to watch it whenever I want to. It's an incredible film and is so good watching it just once isn't enough. I can't put into words how good it is. From the sci-fi special effects to the superb quality of acting ability of the perfect cast, to the wonderful surreal and intriguing storyline and development of it, I cannot recommend this film enough, it's breathtaking and truly amazing.
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on 7 May 2017
When this film ended, I was a bit confused. The storyline is finally fleshed out completely in the films that follow, so I recommend going straight on to the second, and then the third film in the series.

So far as the basic premise of a world where we're all hypnotised into believing the world is different to reality, I think there's a lot to be said for this viewpoint.
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on 1 June 2017
I watched the Matrix when it first came out and got lost, bored and gave up. I watched it recently and got it. what an amazing film so I got drawn in and went for all three films. Wonderful on so many levels.
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on 4 May 2008
Buy the "The Matrix/Matrix Revisited if you are an avid Matrix fan who did not like the sequels enough to buy the ten or three disc editions. Also if you just want Film one and any bonuses for The first Matrix film then the two disc version is probably the way to go. While the original realise is justifiably a very good DVD considering it came out in 1999 the re-release has what appears to be a comprehensive documentary which sounds like quite a coup for fans of the first Matrix. I actually steered clear of this film for a long time but having seen it a couple of days ago was not really that surprised. I expected a very good film and I certainly got it. Problem for me is nine years on everyone virtually has seen this, made their minds up or knows the jest of it. I could write about what an entertaining visually stunning, exciting, and surprisingly fresh feeling, re-watchable viewing this was but chances are you have heard that review a million times over. So I will restrict my comments to the DVD.

Given that it was released in 1999 I wouldn't have expected anything in the way of bonus features but there are two decent features available, one that has maybe 18 minutes of supplemented material along with a twenty five-minute look into the making of the film by HBO. The first feature is follow the white rabbit, chose this feature and a white rabbit icon will appear clicking on it will enable you to see a two to three minute look at the making of a big special effect sequence in the film. There are about five or six of these and to be honest the fact the way they go from the scene in the film to the clip behind the scenes isn't that good. No commentary just actual process of making the scene compressed into a two-minute segment, which would have been a bit better, had there been actual input from the filmmakers. No matter, for a very early DVD release this is better than most one- disc editions available today, the HBO first look is a moderately interesting advert for the film, which as you would expect doesn't go too deep into anything as it was made prior to the films release and therefore gives very little away. There is also a five-minute "take the red pill feature" that explains the bullet-time effect.

Like I said most one-disc editions nowadays might have a trailer but nothing more, but this copy for under Five pounds gives you one of the most celebrated movies of the last decade, this copy is still selling well enough on Amazon to be in the top two hundred(at the time I ordered it) which given its nine years old says something. I write this not as a die hard Matrix fan but someone who just recently bought an excellent DVD for pennies, so whether you like Science Fiction or not I strongly recommend picking this up as it is not only good value but a feature that when you strip away the pop culture mythology, is still a hugely entertaining film that works on whatever level you want it too, however serious or just plain entertaining you believe it too be, it works either way. Most already know this but I bought this without having seen this and enjoyed so much I initially regretted not getting the two-disc edition so its definitely worth looking into. I feel awfully tempted to actual discuss the movie, but lets face it two hundred and thirty-five people on this page alone have done that not to mention reviewer sites across the internet, but if for whatever reason you haven't seen this excellent Film, I highly recommend it, but do thing the two-disc edition is worth getting, though there isn't an official price on Amazon at the minute but settling for the original is certainly no problem for me.
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on 14 June 2016
I still love this movie, and it's getting pretty old now. But somehow it still holds up. Keanu, Lawrence, Hugo and Carrie-Anne are all superb in it. And who doesn't love the Kung Fu, especially the stuff in the Dojo? Even more so when you realise that Keanu had recently had neck surgery and Hugo Weaving injured his leg early on, resulting in an operation. Talk about difficulties! And yet they all triumphed.
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on 28 October 2015
The Matrix series are my favourite movies ever, I've seen them all. But I just had to buy the first DVD because it was by far my all time favourite. The characters are portrayed brilliantly. Morpheus is cool just cool, Trinity is bad ass, Neo is heroic and determined, Tank is intelligent and funny as hell and Agent Smith is a killing machine who is oddly formal. The action is so intense and the graphics are just amazing. When that plane crashes just damn.
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on 26 September 2017
Is a spectacular film. I remember going to see The Matrix at the Cinema in 1999 when it was first released, and the Blu-Ray is as close to that experience as I've seen to date.. The quality of the transfer is exceptional.
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on 15 May 2012
There are many movies out there that will be forgotten in the next decades but some will be remembered through time for various reasons. If you are not someone who likes hoarding movies or simply wants a satisfying movie night I'd recommend The Matrix. If you are on the cinefile you most probably have this movie on your shelf or have already watch it in cinemas back in 99'. Whatever its the case, the remastering of this movie on Blu Ray was a very good example of how a 90's movie can still compete with all this Crp they release nowdays..

If you have seen Dark City and you loved as much as I do then give this movie a go in Blu Ray...
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on 12 January 2016
The first and best of the three films. Neo by day working in an office, by night a computer hacker, who discovers the nature of the Matrix. When Neo meets Morpheus he ends up fighting agents and machines wanting to destroy all human resistance to the matrix. The action sequences are brilliantly done, and the cast performances excellent.
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on 14 June 2017
A film that became a cult classic.

Far and above anything before and not much can touch it decades on.

Action , eye candy , huge story and existentialism.

We all live in the Matrix.
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