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3.4 out of 5 stars
U2 - Popmart - Live from Mexico City [VHS]
Format: VHS Tape|Change
Price:£3.59+ £2.80 shipping

on 11 August 2004
It was always going to be hard to follow up Zoo tv with an even more outragous show, but U2 have a good go at doing so. Helped by the largest big screen ever used at any gig, the lighting and video effects are superb and the set list is well balanced with a few bits from the recent album "pop" backed by the usual pre-actung baby gems like "with or without you". There are many highlights, the band open the show by walking the length of the arena to the stage dressed in all sorts of fancy dress including Bono as a boxer. Bono sence of adventure extends to him swinging a gitare round is head during "end of the world" before dropping it into the crowd! However the version of Discoteque is extremely cheesey and the Edge's solo version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is very lackluster because the song is designed to be played in volume-cranked-upto-11-mode. But overall the show is a entertaining interpretation of there songs.
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on 23 October 2001
Had I not seen U2 on their Elevation tour this summer, I would have given this five stars...The Popmart tour got flawed by critics, and fans alike. The talk on the current tour is of how they are playing old tunes like I WILL FOLLOW, PRIDE, SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY, & ANGEL OF HARLEM again...Not mentioned when they were uncool old men going all techno-weird, however all these plus many more such as NEW YEARS DAY, WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME, END OF THE WORLD AND WITH OR WITHOUT YOU are captured on this video.
Popmart in Mexico is a must see Masterpiece, all the songs are played briliantly, MOFO a storming opener, to ONE, an emotional closer...Turn up the volume, order your pizza, and get comfy!If you saw Popmart, you'll smile, if you didn't, prepare to be blown sky high!
The only problem with it I have, is having seen them 4 years on from this gig, I know as you may that they are capable of slightly better. In the end though, I think that Popmart in Mexico, will remain their best concert on video, as visually, nothing else comes close. As for musically, this is U2!This is...POP!
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on 25 July 2002
U2 have a great vision for video. They have embraced the media. This is a great concert film. From the familiar black and white begining to the technicolour mirrorball flashing round the stadium and from the acoustic version of Staring at the Sun to the fully blown opener of a rock funadellic song of Mofo this has it all.
It is (as most U2 shows are) a significant night as far as the U2 camp is concerned, they have just had word that Michael Hutchins has just died, a close friend of the band and a great singer. All I want is you becomes Never tear us apart and emotion is all over the place, Bono visibily moved by his own lyrics.
The hits are also here, but the whole show only makes sense when we see the triple wammy of Bullet the Blue Sky, Please and Where the Streets... it is simply U2 at their prime and it is simply breath taking. The music and the band and the screen all fight for attention and sometimes its hard to decide who will win.
Low points are few, but you have to question the inclusion of a weak Velvet Dress and With or Without You.
Discotheque and the comming out of the Lemon is a great spinal tap moment in their career, and I think they will never regret doing it, it was what it was supposed to be, kitsch, silly and funny, but because it's U2 it worked.
A real Music Video, if you looking for Britney here put your head in the ground, because this is how it should sound and look.
JB, Belfast
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on 1 February 2001
This is stadium performance pushed to the edge (no pun intened).What you get from this music video is all the classic U2 songs performed live from U2's massively successful Popmart tour. They perform classics like WITH OR WITHOUT YOU, ONE, WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME, as well as several from their huge Pop album.If you like U2 BUY IT, if you don't like U2 buy it anyway and by the end of this video you will. I must have watched this concert on video a hundred times and it gets better and better with every viewing. U2 Popmart live from Mexico City, possibly the greatest rock concert of all time. Once you have watched this you will see why U2 are classed as one of the best live stadium bands of all time. Their music live possess great energy and sounds superb. Bono's vocals are great, Edge is really into the whole show and Adam and Larry are playing with men like magic dripping from their fingers. This is U2 at their very best.Everyone should experience Popmart, and watch out for the lemon !!!
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This video captures the energy and power of the music of U2. Stunning vocals from Bono, as always, and shows the old and new side of their music. The visual side of the gig is just as stunning as the music side. a huge screen behind U2 is totally awesome. the acoustic set in the middle features tracks such as desire, sunday bloody sunday with bono and the edge. A MUST FOR ANY FAN OF GOOD MUSIC AND MIND BLOWING SHOWS
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on 21 January 2002
When I first watched the first five songs on this video I thought it was a little weird, but the show is pretty good. The special effects and lighting are superb. The songs are also good. There are classics like Sunday Bloody Sunday (sung by The Edge) and Where The Streets Have No Name. There are also new songs from the Pop album like Mofo and Discotheque. A good show and a good buy.
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on 15 August 2004
I'm a serius U2 collector, and I've been collecting Bootlegs since 1999. I have many live concerts both on VHS and DVD, and I really can't stand why did U2 decide to release this such a bad concert as "Official" from Pop Mart Tour. I attended to several nights in European leg, and every single night I attended is far better than this one. Also I've a Mexican friend who attended the first Mexico night ( 02 December ) and he said me it was so much better than this one ( 03 December ) and he still doesn't understand why the band put the other night rather than the first one. He said me there was a lot of cameras the first night as well.
If you watch and listen carefully this performance, you can realise how bad it was. Bono's vocals are awful during the whole show, and he makes some jokes trying to hide his horrible condition. The other members are just so so, without moments on fire, really.
Also the crowd is bad, is so quiet, lazy, etc.
All fans we're collectors agree the best leg of Pop Mart tour was South America. The few concerts on Brazil, Argentina and Chile were outstanding. There're pro shot concerts from the 3 countries nights !!! and we simply can't stand the fact the band was so stupid and didn't release some of those concerts instead.
Chilean concert on 11 February 1998 was THE BEST of all from most of fans, and I agree. Without a doubt, the band played their best setlist of the tour, the crowd was awesome, as well the whole band, with Bono in a great shape,etc. Now collectors have the DVD from this show, and the cameras work was so good, really, and transmited by Chilean TV. Brazilian shows were trnnsmited by MTV, so the quality was really great.
If I had a little chance to be producer, and release the official DVD from Pop Mart tour, WITHOUT A DOUBT I'd go with Chile 11 February 1998, rather the shameful official VHS from Mexico city. Try to find VHS and DVD bootlegs instead, don't waste your money in this show !!!!
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on 28 March 2000
Well I can tell you lots of things about the video popmart, but it has everything you could want from the band that is if you love their type of music from the album POP. The Video takes POP to the max in LIVE style with The Edge on a mirror plated guitar and Bono in a sort of Army like status. The Video like the album POP was designed to create a larger than life status of U2. More Stylish and Spectacular experience, from the guy's who took pop music to the brink with their confidence and larger than life experience. Its a must for any U2 fan. Although shouldn't be taken for granted as it is live you may be disapointed if you listen more to studio versions of their songs. But will give you the privelage of watching one of their best live acts ever with discoballs and huge cocktail sticks.
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on 6 September 2001
Filmed in Mexico City, this U2 concert is by far their most extravagant ever...but to a fault. Fans of the true spirit found even in video versions of a U2 concert may be missing that very spirit in this performance. Instead, the band resorts to high tech toys like a twenty foot mirror-balled lemon and the world's largest television screen. The end result is a slightly confused mess without the aura that is so present in somewhat less excessive performances. There are a few moments where the band step away from the glitz and glitter to address the audience in a more intimate setting that truly work. However the rest is so technologically enhanced one might forget they're watching a U2 concert and think they've turned on "Blade Runner". Still a must see for fans of U2. Highlights include quite possibly the best live version of "Bullet the Blue Sky" available.
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