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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 May 2015
I adore this film, like it better than GoodFellas, and far better than The Godfarasleep. I give Casino 5/5. I bought the 25th Anniversary, hoping it'll have a upgrade disc. Sadly, it's the exact same disc from the previous blu ray standalone, with those pointless UV. Love the film, but felt robbed with the 25th Anniversary cover.
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on 25 August 2005
It must be annoying for Martin Scorsese when people call Casino Goodfellas Part 2 and understandably so; Casino, though featuring both Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, is completely a film of its own. Goodfellas was a study of the middle class gangsters of New York; Casino is about the middle class making it big. It is a far more ambitious film than Goodfellas, strangely more civilised and tamed because of the glamorous setting of Las Vegas, which is revealed to be so hollow and controlled by a group of corrupt old men.
Casino tells the story of Sam 'Ace' Rothstein (De Niro), a Jewish casino manager in 1970s Las Vegas. It revolves around the system of the casinos and how ultimately you lose more money than you gain, but also his relationship with his childhood friend, Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) and his wife, Ginger McKenna (Sharon Stone). It flows so beautifully, describing in rich detail through the voiceovers of De Niro and Pesci how the casino works. Casino is such a classy film, each shot packed with glamour and the plot fueled by a great soundtrack and sharp dialogue. There are so many memorable moments and essentially it serves so much less as a biopic than Goodfellas.
The acting is first rate - De Niro shines in all 180 minutes, playing a flawed and possessive man, but one who is weighed down by his loyalities to friends. Joe Pesci is on top form as the reckless Nicky Santoro, a mob boss. His performance is similar to that of Goodfellas, but there is something more classy and swish about it. Sharon Stone would steal the show if it wasn't for De Niro and Pesci, as her performance is one of perfection. You will not know whether to pity, hate, or love her character. This is what makes Casino so great. The characters are so complex and human, they are totally believable and you will be ever curious of their ultimate fates.
This really is Martin Scorsese's finest work of the 90s. If you were to compare it to Goodfellas, you would call Goodfellas perfected, as it takes everything in Goodfellas to the next level, whether it be the charisma of its characters, the violence, the dialogue, or the cinematography. This character driven story will get better each time you watch it and flows like a river, every scene a classic in its own way.
If you are a fan of Martin Scorsese, then Casino is a must have. Even if you're not a fan, Casino is by all means worth watching and an instant classic in the crime/thriller/drama genre.
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on 29 August 2015
Casino is to me not as good as Good Fellas but maybe just because it looks like it but it talks about something else. It belongs to the "spiritual and sacred" titles opfrom Scorsese's filmography, since it talks about how high and low a man can get, but with a major moral and fatalistic approach than Good Fellas, that reprensent almost the down to earth counterpart of this film. From the opening titles to the end, Casino is a revolutionary cinema work, with just a oittle too much indulgence on some characters personal moments and dramas that result to be too cold and not so engaging. That said, although maybe heavier than Good Fellas, Casino is a more ambitious film, from a cinematographic and also content point of view, a view of america and love for money and power as seen from an angel of death and reveange: that is Scorsese himself. Blu ray is very good, even though Hd will never be good enough for a film like this
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on 26 January 2011
Having bought a blu-ray player, I'd decided to only buy new films on the format and not upgrade my old DVDs unless the movie in question was one of my all-time favourites.. I have to say Casino fits that criteria. Scorcese and De Niro at their best! The blu-ray picture is sharp and colourful - it tends to show up the grain of the source print, compared to a modern release, but this is no bad thing. Decent extras too. Worth mentioning that the blu-ray has the original burnt-in 'subtitles' ("Back Home Years Ago" etc.) rather than the horrible player-generated subs on the PAL DVD. A must-buy.
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on 26 March 2003
Casino is a great movie and is by far better than Goodfellas. The movie takes place in the Seventies and Eighties. It follows the story of Sam 'Ace' Rothstein (Robert De Niro) who is sent to Las Vegas to run the Tangiers Casino, which the mob have acquired through the Teamsters Union. Rothstein got his nickname by being an ace gambler who never loses at all when he places a bet. It doesn't take very long for the casino to start generating huge amounts of cash but things don't go very well after the arrival of Ace's friend, Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) who is a violent gangster who wants to get his hands on Las Vegas in order to make himself rich. His burglaries and killings interest the Police and the FBI and they start to keep a watch on him everywhere. Rothstein is having his own problems with his wife (Sharon Stone) and everything begins to break apart by the end of the movie. On the DVD there is the original Theatrical Trailer and production notes and cast and crew notes. The DVD is great and any fan of Robert De Niro or Martin Scorsese should buy it.
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on 3 February 2009
Casino is no doubt one of the six best gangster movies ever made and Scorsese's underrated masterpiece. Once you start watching it you get stuck to your armchair and cannot take your eyes off the screen although the film is 180 minutes long. I have had it in most formats VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray. I see it again and again and never tire of it. De Niro, Pesci and Sharon Stone are just brilliant.

Unless you are sensitive to violence and American four-letter words you cannot miss it, but do not watch it with your kids until they are six-teen or older.

The soundtrack too is superb and with a charm all its own, from Angelina by Louis Prima to Bach's Matthaus Passion no better sounds could be found to wrap each and every scene.
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Don't get me wrong this film is one of my personal best, and i don't like giving one star, but this 20th Anniversary is a disgrace. You do expect better with the film being a classic plus being twenty years old.

You get the same disc, with the same features from the first release, so if you were disappointed with the first picture quality, then don't expect it to be any better, me personally I thought it was good. The only thing you get extra is a UV copy, and that's if you are lucky, because if you don't buy from a certain date you wont get one, so you end up with a different cover from the first release, WOW!! worth every penny.

This is a crap release from Universal, but then again, this is nothing new, just look at GLADIATOR & WATERWORLD, and am so glad GOODFELLAS 25th Anniversary was done by Warner Brothers, it is 1,000 times better than this rubbish.
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on 4 April 2007
None of the other reviewers so far have mentioned anything about the fact this is a special edition version of Casino with 2 DVD's. One is entirely filled with documentaries surrounding the movie, and cast/crew interviews involving most of the main characters. These documentaries are great, and the interviews are very good and reveal a lot about the people behind the actors. Sharon Stone even breaks down in one of the interviews for some reason or other, but I can't quite figure out why. Classic film.
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on 8 August 2005
You could write this film off as a Goodfellas rehash, but don't! It is quite simply, fantastic! Of course, the similarities to Goodfellas are there, what with the obvious one being the cast and crew. The good thing is, though, is that Casino somehow manages to feel quite different despite looking the same.
The acting is, like Goodfellas, absolutely suberb, with even the bit part players convincing. An Oscar Nominated Sharon Stone as Ginger is absolutely stellar, in parts stealing the show as a money grabbing hustler only out for herself. Joe Pesci is also excellent as Nicky Santoro, practically playing Tommy Devito all over again, albeit slightly more sinister, if you can imagine that. It's Robert Deniro who really shines in this movie though as Sam 'Ace' Rothstein, the calm and calculating Casino Director.
What amazes me about Deniro is that he always seems to not just play the character, but become them. Unlike other flavour-of-the-month, Hollywood expendables, Deniro is always a different person with different traits that he brings to the role through acting without having to use the script to show who his character is. Here, he does just that. There is barely a trace of his Goodfellas role, the cold, ruthless Jimmy Conway.
Also look out for James Woods as the ultimate loser boyfriend and Kevin Pollak of The Usual Suspects as mafia pawn Philip Green.
The style of the film is also Goodfellas-esque, but that could only be a good thing. Scorsese's philosophy must be that, if you've a good idea, why not use it again? The editing is quick and therefore helps along the pace. It's amazing how much information he and editor Thelma Schoonmaker can cram into a film. It may be nearly three hours long, but considering the timeline spans 10 years, that's pretty good.
Music, once again like Goodfellas, is also used heavily and effectively. Most of the time you don't even notice it's there, but when you do, you find that hundreds of tracks are used across almost the entire film, amazingly always fitting perfectly with the tone and length of the scene.
The question is, which is better: Casino or Goodfellas? Having loved Goodfellas and ranking in my all time top films, I'd have to say that my personal favourite has definitely changed to Casino. It's the way that, yes, it is like Goodfellas, but on a much larger scale. It's as though Scorsese just wanted more. The violence is more graphic, the costumes are colourful and garish, the performances are equally terrific, but, at parts, more stand-out and memorable.
If you enjoy Scorsese's work and this masterpiece has so far eluded you, I recommend you buy it right away.
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on 8 July 1999
From start to finish the whole book about the mafia in Las Vegas was completely facinating, and the fact that is a true story made it even more exciting. As with goodfellas, the author Pileggi made the book very easy reading, helping you to visualise every event. I'd suggest to anyone interested in organised crime or Las Vegas to read this book.
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