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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 17 February 2015
After a motorcycle crash, Rose, played by Marilyn Chambers, riding pillion, is taken to a nearby clinic, which is doing research in plastic surgery. After an operation for a skin graft, she develops a thirst for blood. Blood being her only food. One by one, she feeds off her victims who in turn develops rabies, and goes on to infect others, resulting in a widespread epidemic.

There have been some negative reviews about other versions of this film. This is a brand new transfer, and is presented on blu ray for the first time. The colour grading has been redone, and the review on criticizes the colours in some scenes. I did not find any major problems with any of the colours in any scenes. There is some grain evident in the transfer particularly at the beginning, but I suspect that this is how it looked when originally released to cinemas, so no problem. Arrow have provided a reversible sleeve, which has the artwork for the original poster. (Which is better than the new commissioned artwork). This version also comes with a dvd copy.

Picture Quality is good, with natural flesh tones, from a clean print. The original aspect ratio of this film is 1.85:1. This blu ray transfer is in 1.78:1, which is the equivalent to a 16x9 tv screen, and an almost identical ratio to 1.85:1 so there is almost no picture loss, if any. The sound is in the original mono.
This is the best this film is ever going to look, so if you are a fan of David Cronenburg, or just want this film, buy this version.

FOOTNOTE: This review is for Arrow's blu ray release, not prism's dvd release, as Amazon has put it under.
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on 1 April 2012
Cronenberg's early work has not been served well on DVD. Although in widescreen and featuring an interview and introduction, the picture quality of Rabid is on the grainy side. The film itself is great.
Rabid is a sort science fiction/horror reworking of the psychosexual themes associated with vampirism crossed with the story of Typhoid Mary. After a motorcycle accident a young woman (Marilyn Chambers) is given a skin graft which leaves her with a retractable organ in her armpit and an insatiable desire to infect others. It's very Cronenberg and very effective. Whilst not as icky as Shivers, Rabid is very bleak.
Adult movie star, Chambers gives a surprisingly effective and vulnerable performance as the confused and desperate girl. The ending is sad and oddly poignant.
Rabid is one of my favourite Cronenberg movies, along with The Brood, Scanners and The Dead Zone.
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on 2 June 2015
A woman severely injured in a motorbike accident is given a new procedure to save her life, whilst doing so it makes her become blood hungry and anyone she attacks also becomes a blood hungry killer.

Slick David Cronenberg 1977 horror thriller. The film begins quite slow with the accident and subsequent hospital sequences, which does take up a large part of the opening of the film, after this though when Rose goes on what can only be described as s "hunger" spree the film's pace picks up with the tension and suspense mounting up. The scenes of the gathering (not sure what to call them) mutants are excellently filmed and actually very tense and exciting, the last third of the picture contains arguably some of Cronenberg's best work, he does a sterling job in the chair building to crescendo that doesn't disappoint. Adult Film star Marilyn Chambers is excellent in the lead role, conveying exactly what she needed to, how she didn't do more "mainstream" work is a real shame, all of the cast do a fine job, Howard Ryshpan as the doctor has a couple of very good scare scenes. The effects are good and for such a low budget much better than you might think and the soundtrack is OK but the same piece of music plays over & over throughout the film and is a little annoying but never detracts from the film.

One of two David Cronenberg films on the Section 3 nasty list (the other being Scanners) and it is far better than that grimy tag might lead you to believe. Whilst probably not a film for all tastes, it's nowhere near as gory as the earlier Shivers but it certainly has its moments, a key 70's horror classic.
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on 21 August 2008
Even after more than 30 years, rabid works as an effective horror film, and it clearly shows Cronenberg's talent for horror without horror cliches. The low budget shows in many scenes, but it is saved by the acting, even in the small supporting roles. Marilyn Chambers is especially good in the lead.

I would have rated this film 4 or even 5 stars, but I can not give more than 3 stars, due to the transfer. It is not bad. It is very, very bad. The picture looks like a grainy VHS transfer from another century, and for the most time, parts of the image are missing: you only see half a face of an actor who is talking, or heads or feet are cut off at the top and bottom. Do not get me wrong, this is a 1:1.78 anamorphic transfer, so the only explanation I have for the cropped images is this: they had a pan-and-scan transfer in 1:1.33, but wanted to release the film in an anamorphic version. Instead of creating a new transfer, they simply cut off the top and bottom of the image until it fitted the 1:1.78 frame. So it looks like a film, that has been pan-and-scanned in both directions. I have never seen anything like it, and I hope I never will again.

But even with these limitations, Rabid is still gripping, fascinating, horrifying.
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on 29 December 2015
An early film by Cronenberg. Quite exciting and thrilling. Yet the spread of the so called 'rabid' in the film reminds me of the zombies in Romero's classics (e.g. The Night of the Living Dead, The Dawn of the Dead, etc). Was Cronenberg inspired by Romero?
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on 21 March 2015
Product arrived on time. Artwork, and quality of DVD transfer, outstanding. This is the best transfer out there for this move. Acting over the top, here and there, but still an excellent late night move. Hope more of the old horror trips, are at this level of quality.
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on 11 February 2013
the david cronenberg classic Rabid, is essentially an outbreak movie, pretty much a zombie movie at its base with a lady infecting people and turning them into rabid flesh hungry brain dead zombies!
starring the porn legend marilyn chambers in one of her attempts to break out of the smut and into the mainstream, im not sure if picking what at the time was a fiercely independent film maker as her first few stepping stones was a wise idea, but what she does do well is act!
her performance is everything it needs to be and more, she does make you feel a great sympathy for her character who is essentially the villain of the piece, as she is patient zero and responsible for the outbreak, but since it isnt her fault(step forward shifty surgeon!) we feel for her.
if the performance had been duff, most likely we wouldnt have cared less, as it is chambers brings a vulnerability to the character that is sadly lacking in a lot of other films of this ilk.
as in most of these films there is a slight attempt at social commentary but as with all the other films of this ilk the commentary is heavy handed and doesnt really add anything to the movie.
sit back, enjoy the gore and the great performance of marilyn chambers and this will be a fun ride.
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on 4 April 2016
The master of the grotesque in his second feature made Swedish theatre-goers pass out in their seats in 1978. Still, among the syringes and scalpels, oozing sexuality and gripping portrait of a single freakisk vampirelike young woman there is this wonderfully dark humor lurking in the background that only could be derived from Mr Cronenberg!
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on 22 May 2016
Cronenberg at his genius best. At last we have a version that does the film justice. A solid performance from everyone including porn star Ms Chambers. Not much to get you happy and cheerful but who wants to be happy all the time. Horror classic
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on 11 March 2015
I've been waiting for this film to be available on Blu-ray for ages ever since I heard good things about it a couple of years ago. The film is a really good body shocking horror. Marilyn Chambers is hot.
It is a very good transfer very clear without losing some of the atmosphere. The extras aren't great. the documentary titled Rabid, Raw and Uncut was about the production company? I don't care about the production company, I want to know about the film. The big booklet as well seems to focus a lot on the making of David Cronenberg's first film for some reason. The booklet has a very good archive interview with Marilyn Chambers which is interesting, she comes off as a great personality. Film and transfer - five stars Extras - two stars.
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