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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2011
This arrived promptly from the supplier. Everything in perfect condition. However unlike the UK release (I have Series 1 but could never get the complete set), the aspect ratio is 4:3 not 16:9 so it doesn't look too good on a wide screen. They don't tell you this in the sales bumph.
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on 12 January 2003
This film is definitely the funniest film I have ever seen. After watching it so many times on VHS I had to buy it on DVD because I was scared of wearing it out.
As a fan of Adam Sandler I didn't have to think twice about watching this great film based on a guy called Sonny Koufax who takes on the responsibility of his roommate's son when he unexpectedly turns up on the doorstep whislt his roommate is away on business in Japan. Adam Sandler has you laughing in nearly every scene and his humour is at its best throughout the whole thing. A couple of quick mentions must go out to the twins who played Julian (the son), they are both so cute and just make you want to have a kid yourself, Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigalo)as a foreign food delivery man and Steve Buscemi (Armagedeon and Con Air) as a tramp. Even if you hate Adam Sandler you really should see this. This film has helped me to understand the statement "my sides are splitting".
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on 1 December 2002
Another predictable storyline, Another box of laughter. Adam Sandler plays Sonny Koufax and fails to disappoint his large quantity of fans who admire his cocky humour. Unlike some of his other films however; 'Big Daddy' is actually appealing to a larger audience and impresses all who are seeking for an hour and a half of non-stop hilarious entertainment.
I am not going to spoil the storyline but what I can say is that like the majority of Adam Sandler comedy films, they are so predictable. Some may say that this is no sort of criticism and that the humour in the film is what counts but it does begin to get tiresome when you know how the film will turn out half an hour into the production.
Moaning aside, 'Big Daddy' has it's fair share of plot twists, some of which funny and some of which to continue the storyline. The movies also has typical Adam Sandler humour throughout- so if you don't like the jokes he cracks in the majority of his other classic films then I strongly recommend you give this one a miss because to put it frankly- 'Big Daddy' is full of them.
There are some amazingly funny moments thanks to the great combined performences of Adam Sandler and the Sprouse brothers who played the little boy called Julian who Sonny adopted in order to impress a girlfriend, who left him anyway!
As well as some class humour acts in a lot of the scenes, the film has it's touching parts that could bring a tear to someone's eyes and although at times you could guess it, makes you want to continue following the storyline in an attempt not to jump ahead predicting the ending.
An other mention has to go to good ol' Steve Buscemi, who has a minor yet wildly laughable part in what seems to be now all of Adam Sandler movies. He always seems to deliver one of the film's best one-liners and I simply can't help laughing whenever he is on the screen!
Like all of his films, Adam Sandler has taken his role as Sonny Koufax aboard very well hence why his part has been acted out well giving the film the needed sense of quality.
For Adam Sandler devotees or anyone who is a fan of the entire comedy genre, 'Big Daddy' is very worth of a place in your DVD collection- no need to think about what is going on, all you have to do is sit back and be prepared to be entertained.
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"The Last Detective: The Complete Collection," comprising all 17 episodes of this superior British television mystery series, is now becoming available in the United States for the first time. The series, a subversive police procedural, was made by Granada for the United Kingdom's Independent Television (ITV). It made its debut on British broadcast television in February 2003, and has never been seen on broadcast TV in the United States, which is our loss, as it is an excellent, character-driven production that offers a light-hearted blend of mystery and comedy similar to that of Blue Murder - Complete Series 1-5 [DVD]; or Rosemary and Thyme Complete Series [DVD]. The collection comes at a value-packed price, and offers as a bonus, the 1981 treatment, starring Bernard Cribbins, that tells the same story as this series' pilot.

This series is based on the "Dangerous Davies" novels of Leslie Thomas. The veteran, highly thought of, everyman looking Peter Davison (Tristan in All Creatures Great and Small - Complete [DVD]), stars as the title character, Detective Constable Davies (and I understand it's quite a disgrace for an older man to be only a constable!) Davies works in the rather unimportant, out of the way, North London precinct of Willesden. And he's only the last detective in that he's the last detective his boss would assign to any case, had he his choice in the matter. So Davies gets the least promising cases: yet, in his plodding fashion, he generally does get his man - or woman, as the case may be.

Emma Amos (Goodnight Sweetheart: The Complete Collection (11 Disc Box Set) [1993] [DVD]) plays his sexy wife, Julie: in the complete collection you will see their relationship go through some changes, as she first throws him out, then takes him back. Sean Hughes, (the guy from Eejit Records in The Commitments [1991] [DVD]), plays his freeloading, quirky chum, Mod: we see him go through quite a few career changes in the complete collection, too. Rob Spendlove plays Detective Inspector Aspinall, the station house's tough supervisor. Charles De'Ath as DS Pimlott and Billy Geraghty as DS Barrett add greatly to the flavor of the cop shop; and we get to see the three of them going through changes too. Various well-known actors, such as Sian Philips, Norman Wisdom,David Threlfall and Susan Woordridge, guest star in supporting, but still meaty, roles.

The series manages to be witty and entertaining, yet still intellectually satisfying, with a minimum of onscreen violence. Cinematography is fine, and it's firmly grounded in its North London location. For better or worse, its actors have been encouraged to use that locale's flavorful accent: some may have trouble with it. But it really is a pleasure getting to see all the episodes in sequence, and seeing the characters develop. British mystery lovers: this one's for you.
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on 9 April 2006
Very Good film. Adam Sandler is a brilliant actor for these type of films.
Steve Buscemi again is brilliant with a small part as is Rob Schneider who I believe to be one of the funniest men about today given the role.
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on 31 August 2013
Adaptation of the Leslie Thomas novel character. Played here by Peter Davison whose portrayal jumps off the pages of the books for me now. Sean Hughes is Mod - different from the character in the books, certainly in terms of physical description, but works well as Davies' sidekick. There are only four novels so four series is a big bonus. The books are superb too and would rate collectively at 5 stars. I've knocked a star off for too much use of Davies' wife in the TV series (played well but was not really necessary as a third 'star' of the series).

The series is set in more modern times - Dangerous is living in Bali Hi guest house but his wife is not. Also, disappointingly and surprisingly considering that Leslie Thomas's writing was actually a little ahead of its time for demonstrating healthy inter-racial relationships, there is no Jemma (his Caribbean girlfriend) which is a major pity as there could have been some good interaction between the pair and also with Davies' wife.
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on 27 May 2008
Growing up is sometimes hard to do. You leave behind the carefree days when someone else was still responsible for you as you took your first steps towards independence. Our parents did the best they could in cutting the umbilical cord and sending us on our way. For most of us, this transition felt normal and was achieved without much pain. However, for a few, growing pains continued beyond what was considered normal or prudent.

Over this past weekend, I sort of had an old movie watching extravaganza and ended up watching a few films. One of these films was Big Daddy. Big Daddy was produced in 1999 and featured the Sprouse twins (Dylan and Cole) playing the same role of Julian "Frankenstein" McGrath who is a 5 year child sent from Buffalo, New York to be reunited with this father who he has never seen. His mother has passed away and she wanted Julian to be with his biological Dad. Of course, this is also a big surprise for everyone including Gerrity.

The unfortunate thing is that Dad (Kevin Gerrity' who is played by Jon Stewart) does not know anything about Julian or in fact that he even exists and as fate has it is on his way to China on business. Sonny Koufax played by Adam Sandler is the one who opens the door and finds the five year Julian on his stoop. Sonny in the end finds more than Julian that fateful day and learns a lot about himself.

Adam Sandler as his typical funny self plays a bright would be lawyer who is an irresponsible slob; a guy who cannot get it altogether even though all of his friends have moved on with their careers and lives sort of leaving him far behind. Adam is feeling this particularly when he opens his door and finds Julian standing there; since Sandler also just found himself losing his girlfriend to boot.

The film shows Adam at his funny best and if you are a Sandler fan you will like this movie. Layla Maloney played by Joey Lauren Adams is a sweet role and Adams in this role reminds me a little of Renee Zellwegger in Jerry Maguire.

In the final analysis, love wins out and everybody lives happily ever. The movie promotes family love and values and is a feel good movie which most likely if you are a Jon Stewart or an Adam Sandler fan will not disappoint you.

Some coarse segments as another reviewer mentioned which influenced me and was one of the reasons that I did not give it four stars though I enjoyed the movie on the whole very much. It was funny, light and kept you laughing; but it may give your kids some ideas that you may wish they did not have. Still entertaining on the whole.

Three stars for this feel good movie.

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on 26 April 2000
Following The Waterboy, Adam Sandler became my favourite actor. Could he deliver another smash comedy? I hoped so. I was right. I actually saw the VHS version, but I couldn't see that to review anywhere on the site, so I just reviewed the DVD instead. This is a classic movie, in which Sandler plays his familiar role of a deranged man with a very bad temper, yet extremly likeable all the same. How does he do it? Through sheer comic brilliance. This movie sees him with a lack of responibilty - after getting $200, 000 compensation when a taxi drove over his foot, he more or less gave up work. He now work's just one day a week at a toll both. His girlfriend goes away for a week, and threatens to leave him if he dosen't show some responsibilty. So, when his just-engaged flatmate goes away on a business trip, and a kid from his flatmates one night stand many years ago with a Hooters girl in Canada (Before he met his fiancee, if your wondering), hee rashly decides the kid will be a way of showing he has responsibilty. Sandler quickly falls in love with the kid, and there's thousands of hilarious moments along the way - from Sandler throwing sticks in front of rollerbladers in Central Park leading to the kid throwing a stick out in front a rollerblading kid in shown and tell, to Sandler and his kid smashing tins in a shop to get a 50% discount. You simply must see this movie. I'm not sure which is better; this or Waterboy. But it is on a par with Waterboy, and is better than the Wedding Singer. Unmissable.
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Adam Sandler is always entertaining, but Big Daddy never really piqued my interest; looking back now, I think the previews of this film did it a disservice. Certainly, Big Daddy has its course moments, but it's an excellent comedy that just so happens to have a heart. Some would say this film sets a bad example for kids. First of all, this isn't one of those education films of the 1950s that tells you how to be a good parent. More importantly, though, what you have here is a guy who is more than willing to "grow up" and change his life in order to be a father to a kid he genuinely loves. Plenty of fathers in the world raise their kids to be little gentlemen and ladies, but often it's more about a father not wanting his son or daughter to embarrass him than it is about genuine fatherly love. To me, Big Daddy is - in its own quirky, Sandler-ish way - a tribute to all the fathers out there who genuinely love their children.
As usual, Sandler plays a character who has never really grown up; Sonny Koufax is a law school graduate, but he works in a toll booth one day a week and basically tries to live as if he is still an undergrad. His girlfriend Vanessa (Kristy Swanson) wants a man of means and goals, and he's trying to figure out how to get her back when little Julian (played by Cole and Dylan Sprouse) is literally dropped at his doorstep. It's not even his kid; the biological father is Sonny's roommate who has just left town on business. Sonny tells his newly-engaged buddy that he will handle everything, initially planning just to keep the kid until Social Services opens the next day - but he can't let little Julian be tossed into an orphanage. He doesn't exactly follow Dr. Spock's rules for parenthood, but Sonny soon comes to love the little tyke - even after it becomes clear that he and Vanessa are through. When Social Services finds a family for Julian, Sonny can't give him up - until he's forced to. The fact that he posed as the kid's biological father doesn't stand him in good stead when he tries to get custody of the kid, but he's determined to try.
Sonny teaches Julian a lot of dubious things, but he also does the kid right when he realizes that his laissez faire parenting method isn't what is best for the child when it comes to schoolwork and the like - and he comes up with some pretty ingenious ways to inspire Julian. Before this film is through, there are actually a few heartwarming moments - which are accomplished without sacrificing any of the comedy. The cast is great (even Jon Stewart isn't all that bad); Joey Lauren Adams in particular brings a special something to the film as Sonny's new girlfriend.
I don't, as a rule, enjoy comedies built around children doing some of the disgusting things that children do, but Big Daddy was a pleasant, very entertaining surprise. You can't really go wrong with a Sandler movie - laughs are guaranteed, and there's almost always much more to the story than you might expect.
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on 26 December 2012
Great entertainment value - with Peter Davidson playing the role of an undervalued detective, manfully coping with a whole range of problems from a failing marriage to bullying colleagues and odd friends.
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