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on 19 June 2017
I like the hero. The filming is very expressive. This film is very nice. The plot is very subtle. The outcome is unexpected. I watched it on my way to the trip.
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on 12 July 2010
the first film in this series was directed by the very subversive Mr. paul verhoeven
in the first film you seen a bearded dude with a semi-automatic machine gun walk in to a mom'n'pop liquor shop demand their money or their life and among other statements when robocop shows up to stop him the dude says "f-me!". this was not the intended line for the beginning of this showdown. paul verhoevens script received heavy criticism from orion studios and Mr.verhoeven himself being so fed-up with the censorship against his directing skills told the actor(whos name i forget) just say "f-me!!" the violence, blood, and levels of anarchy in this first film is astoundingly brilliant for a european film maker.

the second film is an alligory about americas increased addiction to narcotics. a drug called nuke (which i think is a crossing of heroine and extasy) with a kingpin leader named cain. the irony of the gang is alex murphy' son is a member about 17 or 18 yrs old.ocp wants to recruit cain to replace the d.a.r.e reprogrammed robocop with this sadistic drug dealing monsters brain inside another robot. the end of this film has robocop, after eletrocuting himself with a city powerbox midpace into the film say "give it time lewis, after all, we are only human"

the third installment of this series is a total embarrassment to the first film
in itself. i can barely watch it without crying out in shame for the first one.
the script is so watered down and directed at young teens it isn't even much fun to watch. movies like robocop are ment to be enjoyed by sophisticated cyber-punk shock
cinema loving adults. remember this film was made just one year after clinton/gore took office. to this day the first (in directors cut format) is a anarchist' classic
and the fact the remake has been suspended till futher notice. i say wheeeuuu
hhh!!! close call is still to close a call. the first robocop does not deserve nor necessitate a RE-MAKE. in fact i'm sick and tired of hollywood's re-make craze.

time to come up with something new and fresh, but if any robobcop movie gets a re-make, re-make robocop 3 and start off where robocop 1 ended and have paul verhoeven
write,produce and direct it!! i love paul verhoevens films. the only convention he follows is his own.
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on 10 December 2016
RoboCop 3 is a fun, enjoyable movie that doesn't deserve the hate it gets. In many ways, RoboCop 3 is superior to the dull, tedious and vile RoboCop 2 which is unwatchable. Fred Dekker's direction is stylish and adds a bit of flair to the proceedings while Basil Poledouris' score sounds extremely good. Robert John Burke, Jill Hennessy, Rip Torn and John Castle are four very notable actors and they do a great job in this film. The acting is slightly over the top but it's still fun to watch. The plot is ambitious and full of interesting things that kept me engaged. I rather like RoboCop 3 and I would say it's one of the best RoboCop movies!
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on 11 July 2015
A terrible Dumbing down of the first flick and slightly better Second.It now plays like A Saturday morning Cartoon (which ironically it became).Now without the involvement of Weller it also loses the One part that might have still made it watchable.As for Frank millers Second script? well lets just say that after this and The Spirit Miller shouldn't give up his day job.
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on 2 February 2010
It's very unfortunate to see that the producers or owners of the Robocop franchise decided to take a step back with regards to the essentials that make Robocop the increadible hit that it is; one of these is undeniably the all-out no-holds-barred over-the-top violence. The second problem is that Peter Weller is missing and another actor fills Robo's suit - some would think this doesn't matter much, but upon close inspection Robocop often looks stupid and clunky in his Robotic movements; where as Peter Weller mastered the robotic motions of Robocop down to a T, making him dynamic and stylish and always super cool - never once coming across as clunky, impractical or sometimes just outright laughable. Such as THIS Robocop.
His Robocop acting is way off the mark and his accent is definitely not the Robo we know and love! Add in the ridiculous extra-clunky gun-arm attachment and the mini-rocket laucnher - and the even more ridiculous Robo-Jetpack, so that he can fly like Superman - and it's a recipe for disaster!
It's a shame really!-Because this could have been a very decent 3rd installment if they had kept up the trademarks of the previous two. The storyline is in keeping with the others and follows on from them nicely as actions are now being taken to make 'Delta City' - these actions involve the unlawful removal of citizens from their homes by use of force by OCP, and once again Robocop via his 4th directive is on the wrong side of REAL justice....
What am I saying? Just exactly What I said: This could have been a decent 3rd installment sans the stupid jet-pack/gun-arm and computer whiz kid; not to mention the andrioid ninjas.
It's a great pity!!! Even old familiar faces return, such as Lewis and the Chief of Police and a few OCP personel etc...
It's watchable, and resonably okay in itself - but true Robofans will stare on in horror as a stake is driven straight through the heart of the franchise... and Robocop is killed forever!
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on 6 August 2014
I didnt realise I had even ordered this
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on 5 February 2015
I chose the wrong dvd :-( didn't bother returning as would probably cost more in postage! Item also smelt strongly of damp.
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on 6 February 2015
My biggest problem with Robocop -movies was the fact that in none of these movies, a Japanese guy says "Robocop" in an overly japanese way. I had my hopes up for this one because the main villains were japanese, but no. They just refused to say "Robocop". One of the japanese dudes was even completely mute! I don't understand this. It would he hilarious to hear a japanese guy say "Robocop" but no. I would give all the Oscars and Nobel prizes for a japanese dude who would address Robocop as "Robocop" in japanese way!

Also, this movie sucked ass.
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on 21 April 2007
The first Robocop was amazing, Robocop 2 was a worthy sequel. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!? half the cast was comedians, the acting was god awful, the script was stupid. I mean how do you go from solid R rated flicks to a PG 13? Now this film shows the fall of OCP, and many people jumping out of windows or shooting themselves. Ironically that's what anyone viewing this film would want to do. Which is why they don't have theatres on the top of buildings.

this film should be erased from history, and maybe if they make another robocop call it robocop 3 again, to help people forget about this one.
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on 21 February 2016
In my top 5 jet-pack related cop movies of all time.
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