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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 June 2000
This is a great film with the exact mix of gangster realism and humour. De Niro is just as you'd expect him to be in a mafia role but with a few surprises. Anytime I feel like a good laugh this is the one that comes off the shelf.
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on 26 November 2001
Robert De nero and Billy Crystal never fail to show their supurb acting skills in this carefully constructed movie - just watching the expressions on De Nero's face made me burst out laughing. De nero's side kick Jelly also provides humour filled moments. This film made me laugh so much I had to get it! You! You're good you!
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on 25 August 2001
This movie must be one of my favorites. a real must see! De Niro & Crystal really excell in this strange but extremely funny movie. I highly recommend it if you have had a hard day and really need a laugh!!!
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on 26 March 2009
This film is very funny, but in parallel also is very serious, because I think it contains more truth and reality than simple or non experienced people can suppose.
Yes, courage can be a valor of double edge. Valiant soldiers and another people as policemen, firemen, etc, accustomed to deal with risk, no doubt have in real life these "battle fatigue" or nervous failures. Much persons suffer "panic attacks", not ever owing to an immediate danger, but to the continuous stress of life, work, family...
Only fictional men as agent 007 is free of these. Usually cinema shows only the other side of fantastic, but infantile unreal superheroes.
Instead, the clinical symptoms that shows the Paul Viti, the capo of the mafia played by Robert de Niro are fully credible. He's a real gangster and his violent life is a real, continuous stress and danger and, more than this, he must offer the external appearance of being a dangerous and strong man to the other capos and to have lovers he really doesn't need nor love only for pure ostentation. Final psychoanalitic explanation I find not believable but that's a minor detail.
And also are credible the courage of Ben Sobel the timid doctor played by Billy Crystal has to rejoin to deal with such a patient. Summing up, a movie plenty of good humour but furthermore, deep and more serious than usually thought, and I think underrated. An excellent and unusual film.
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on 10 November 2011
I put this on one night looking for some black humour and it was great.
I've seen it several times before but it seems to improve with age. I'm not a huge De Niro fan but I think he's a great straight man and foil to Crystal's chirpy therapist.
One reason this is great film is that it's based on the truth. We're all affected by our childhood and that's what this story is about. It's about revealing the inner child and exposing those hidden demons. Demons that can destroy us if allowed to feed on our souls unchecked. They need to be exorcised!
De Niro does very well in the scenes where he needs to break down and sob uncontrollably. He had me crying. He's truly charismatic and of course he's a believable mobster.
The fat actor with the lived-in face is superb as 'Jelly' the gangster 'factotum', Vitti's dogsbody, bodyguard and enforcer - he's just great!
This a fantastic romp with a real message. 'We all need family!'
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on 16 November 2000
this is another black comedy by robert deniro and it is probably his funniest one so far. it blends violence with laughter and it does it well, and there are so many laughs throughout the film. it is about a mafia boss(deniro) who is having a nervous breakdown so he goes to the best pschyciatrist in the business(billy crystal) but he doesnt want anything to do with it but deniro hassles him until he does because mafia bosses always get what they want!!!
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on 7 November 2000
Robert De Niro in a film about the mob, nothing unusual there then but a comedy surely not the idea is just ridiculous it couldn,t possibly work. Well it does and with style. De Niro plays a wise guy going through a mid life crisis just days before the biggest meeting of mob bosses in years, and so he needs help to sort out his emotional problems and fast. Enter Billy Crystal as the hapless psychiatrist who inadvertently offers his services after a car accident, however after he realises who was in the car he soon retracts his offer only to be persuaded otherwise due to so mob persuation tactics. What follows is a great comedy with plenty off laugh out loud moments as well as more subtle jokes, all boosted by superbly funny and slick performances from crystal and De Niro, and watch out for the limo scene on the way to the meeting it's a clasic comedy moment. You may wonder why i have given it only a 4 star rating after such a stonking reveiw, well if it was a video it would be a 5 star performer for sure but its a DVD and it suffers from the bane of so many great films on DVD (Falling down,Face off,The big lebowski etc.) the serious lack of decent extras, but oterwise a great disc buy it for the film.
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on 25 July 2012
What a great idea! To cast Robert De Niro as a gangster in a comedy. With Billy Crystal as his co-star.

DeNiro plays a mafia boss (Paul Vitti) who has become prone to panic attacks as an important meeting of all the Mafia families approaches. He goes to psychiatrist, Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal) for advice just as Sobel's wedding approaches.

The best scenes include Vitti hesitantly making contact with Sobel looking for advice for a "friend". Once Sobel realises whom he is dealing with he tries to get out of the situation but he is made an offer he can't refuse. Sobel's attempt to get married in Florida is also ruined when Vitti follows him there for some professional advice. There is also a very funny scene near the end of the movie as Sobel is presented as Vitti's right hand man to the other Mafia bosses and behaves the way he thinks mobsters should on such occasions.

DeNiro proved in "Midnight Run" that he is an excellent comic actor and Crystal also has been in some very funny movies. DeNiro was a perfect choice as he subverts the tough gangster" character we are used to see him playing to get laughs as the character veers towards a nervous breakdown but still clings to the mafia lifestyle and attitudes he knows best.

Joe Viterelli is excellent as Vitti's trusted but not very bright lieutenant.
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on 24 August 2006
Recently, I played the DVD of ANAYLZE THIS to a VERY small group of nine international scientists, students and spouses huddled around my Macintosh Apple G3 Powerbook computer. Does that sound like a pathetic "audience?" Not at all.

Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal are just as well known in Argentina, Israel and Switzerland as in the United States. All of us howled through the movie. Of course, some of the lines were not understood when the jargon became too New York Mafia-ese. By and large, the timing, body language and plot lines had literally universal appeal.

The next morning at breakfast, the above people were still laughing at scenes from ANALYZE THIS seen the night before. So in conclusion, this movie appeals to young and old from all corners of the globe ... and whether seen on a silver screen in the theater, a super big screen TV or a laptop computer ANALYZE THIS is a terrific comedy with literally universal appeal.
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on 29 May 2000
I wasn't sure about this movie at first, but I'm glad I watched it! It was so funny. All the actors are great in it. It's a must see, and if seen must buy movie!
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