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on 24 February 2002
this is were it all began with the entrance of buffy to sunny dale high
in this video buffy arrives at sundale with her mom and soon buffy makes friends with cordelia but that friendship is soon over when buffy almost stakes cordelia
buffy meets her new watcher "giles" and becomes friends with two social outcasts "xander" and "willow"
also buffy meets the sexy "angel" for the first time all in all this video is a must for any buffy fan!!
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on 13 March 2000
Either if u are a Buffy veteran or a newbie to the series, DON'T hesitate it buying this, and the second box set to this AMAZING season! (released 26th April). Series 2 is by far the best so far, (up to halfway through season 4 in u have sky, or at the end of this one if u don't), and this box set has everything! It introuces and sets the scene for the most spine-chillingly exciting finale, but the first 11 episodes in part one are a must! Whats my line part one and two introduce Kendra,(a new slayer for those who are newbies) and exciting action sequences develop into a deep relationship between Buffy and Angel, which seems to be going well until temptation gives in..........! I give this set five stars, and look, it is beautifully packaged as well! (can't u just imagine how proud u will be with this chunky set on ur bookshelf, and showing it off to all ur envious mates! )
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on 4 February 2001
I must admit that i never watched this episode when it was first on BBC2 and only got into it about half way through series 1 basically because the title put me off. When I saw this tape at blockbuster i rented it out and was really suprised at how good it was.
Usually the first episodes are either really poor or filled with stupid cliff hangers... this simply sets the situation and builds up the characters and throwsw in plenty of background info.
Even the minor characters are good especially Darla! (Ps. look out for her in new Angel now on Sky - soon to 4)
Well worth the money but i think if episodes 1-4 on tape had been there i would have paid a bit extra for that instead.
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on 31 March 2006
These episodes have great memories for me! I was in high school when the first season of BTVS came out and from since then i have been totally addicted...so much so, that i use to save all my pocket money for the box sets as a 14 year old, now that is dedication!
Anyway, the first episode is great. It's a basic summary of the slayer indenial of her slayery (my word) duties and her first few days at her new high school.
It really is a brilliant episode to a brilliant series - and who would have known at that point that it was going to run for 7 successful years.
A great episode to begin your very own buffy obsession, and don't miss all the other seasons.xx
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on 12 March 2000
This is a great 2 episode video. It has just the right amount of suspence to keep u hanging off the edge of your seat. David Boreanaz looks as gorgeous as ever and is the main character in this video. You follow his transformation from good to evil. In this episode alot of secrets are revealed. Like the love triangle between cordy, xander and willow and the truth about jenny calendar. If you are a Buffy fan u have to watch this un-missable video!
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on 18 March 2000
Never has a show combined drama, horror, and suspense so perfectly. It may be the most underrated show in history. Buffy does not get the credit it deserves. It is an intelligent, entertaining drama, and every episode delivers! I never get tired of watching reruns of Buffy. And the second season is truly an epic. With the introduction of Spike and Drusilla (the most fun-loving villians in televion history) and the ever-complicated relationship of Buffy and Angel, this is the best 'Buffy' you can find. Any fan of the show will love this set. And even if you've never watched the show before, I can guarantee you'll be hooked after the first episode in this set. (And if you don't already have the first box set, buy that too!)
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on 25 March 2000
After bying the 1st season box set, I couldn't wait for the second set to be released,and I wasn't dissappointed. The storylines are getting better and better. Each episode not only stands on its own but also adds to the continuity of the overal storyline. Even if you have not followed the series from the begining it is not hard to become an addict. My young daughter loves watching the series on the tv and now comes home form school each day wanting me to put the videos on.
I now cant wait for the new box set to be released in April, why they could not have released them both at the same time I do not know. All I know is i'll be front of the queue when the next set comes out.
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on 12 March 2000
I just love this series! It's a unique and brilliant blend of drama, comedy, horror and action. With it's sharp witty dialogues, excellent characterisation and flawless performances from the cast, the series just gets better the more times you watch it. Each episode is individually entertaining, but the background storyarc ensures continuity and builds up to the excellent climax of the season. (in Box set 2). It's a shame that 'Buffy' has been unfairly categorised as a 'teen' programme. It is so much more! I myself am old enough to be parent to a teenager and I have never before been as hooked by a TV series as this one.
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on 12 March 2000
Once again after the huge sucsess of the Season One box Set, This fantastic box set includes the first 11 episodes of Season Two spread across Three tapes, It is a limited edition box and is specially numberd on the back of the box , Although the first half of Season 2 isnt as stunning as the latter this will add your collection of Buffy video perfectly, It may be a very good investment too, The old x-files box set now avarage at about 4 times the original price and considering these boxes are number and how popular Buffy is now, this could be worth a whole lot more. FANTASTIC
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This premiere of Buffy is fantastic. I got hooked on Buffy during Season 2 and was always intrigued with how it all started. When I first watched Welcome to the Hellmouth- it really made me want to watch more and I eventually bought the Season 1 box set. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Buffy brilliantly on her first day at a new school- not knowing whether she'll fit in etc. and Darla is a great vampire. When it started I thought that she was the innocent young girl and the bloke was going to be the vampire!!!! constant surprises, comedy and tension in this great Buffy Premiere!!!
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