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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 16 December 2013
Judge Dredd bluray us import
this disc is region free so will play on uk players,the picture and sound are great it leaves the old dvd for dead
i cant understand why no uk disc but its easy to import enjoy
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on 24 November 2004
This film was almost universally hated, by critics and Dredd fans alike, so I didn't get round to watching it for a long time. Dredd is one of my all time favourite comics and I didn't want to see it ruined by a bad film.
WHAT'S GOOD. Sylvester Stallone is the perfect man to play Dredd. I know not everyone agrees, but just scroll up and look at the picture. The first half hour or so of the film captures the atmoshere of the comics and MegaCity 1 perfectly, and gives anyone a good idea of what the comics are like.
WHAT'S BAD. The story. In short the story was not right for the character. I can understand that the film makers wanted Rico as the villain because it gives a lot of the back story as to where Dredd came from, but the way in which it was done had too many holes in it. Like the fact that Dredd has identical DNA to Fargo as well as Rico, was completely ignored. Dredd shouldn't have been sent to prison in the first place, he should have been chasing Rico round MegaCity 1. Diane Lane was very pretty, but essentially mis-cast as Judge Hershey (who's older in the comics and Dredd's superior) .As for Dredd's comedy sidekick bloke... He really DID deserve to go to prison! He was totally unneccesary - less said about him the better.
The other thing that needs to be mentioned is that in the film Dredd takes his helmet off! This upset many a Dreddhead, since he NEVER takes his helmet off in the comics - even when he's standing around in his underpants. I concede this probably couldn't be easily avoided on film, and it wasn't totally gratuitous but still, on screen Stallone was Dredd until he took off the helmet. Then he was just Stallone.
Overall as a film it isn't bad, it's an entertaining piece of sci-fi. If you like the film, you'll like the comics more. If you like the comics the film will leave you cold.
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on 2 August 2005
Danny Cannon's Judge Dredd is an entertaining enough sci-fi action flick, but I can't help wincing whenever I watch it. Cannon claims to be a fan of the original comic strip, which suggests that he didn't have a great deal of creative control, because plenty of liberties are taken here.

I would never have expected the makers of the movie to be 100% faithful to the comic, but some of the changes that were made were superficial and pointless, and that's what irritates me. For one thing it's set in the wrong year, the Chief Judge is inexplicably called Chief Justice, Rico is locked up in Aspen rather than Titan, the heroic Chief Judge Griffin is one of the movie's villains, while in the comic both McGruder and Silver were Chief Judges... and Silver was black! And another thing... if Rico is Dredd's clone, shouldn't they be identical??

As a movie it's okay. The dialogue is pretty awful (e.g. "I knew you'd say that"), and the acting is adequate (Stallone is fairly dire and Rob Schneider is exceptionally annoying as Fergie, but Diane Lane does well as Judge Hershey, Armand Assante is deliciously nasty as Rico and Max von Sydow adds some much-needed professionalism to proceedings). The action scenes also just-about pass muster, although the hover-bike chase fails to convince, and the climactic punch-up in the Statue of Liberty is a bit of a damp squib.

In the end though, it's all fairly entertaining nonsense. It's just a shame that when the producers decide to bring Dredd to the big screen, they didn't have the courage to do it properly - as far as I'm concerned not hiring John Wagner or Alan Grant to work on the script was a crime worthy of life in an Iso-Cube.
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on 31 December 2015
As a long time fan of 2000AD and Judge Dredd when this came out I was very snobby about it after hearing that Dredd removes his mask (which the more recent Dredd didnt do). In retrospect it did some stuff very well - the futuristic element was there and there are plenty of 2000AD tropes hidden away, the most obvious being the ABC Warrior and the Angel gang. The humour element has also grown on me.
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on 20 June 2013
after watching the latest Dredd film (brilliant by the way) I was yearning for more Judge Dredd and really the only option is this, This film has aged quite well, I must say I like it more than when I first saw it obviously the 2000 AD purists will be slating me but I really enjoyed this, its not as good as the new dredd film but definitely worth a watch
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 October 2012
Judge Dredd is directed by Danny Cannon and written by William Wisher Junior and Steven E. de Souza. It stars Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante, Diane Lane, Rob Schneider, Joan Chen, Jürgen Prochnow and Max von Sydow. Music is scored by Alan Silvestri and cinematography by Adrian Biddle.

Adapted from the Judge Dredd stories in British comic book 2000AD, the plot finds Stallone as Joseph Judge Dredd, a ruthless law enforcer of the future in Mega City 1. Framed for murder, Dredd finds himself on the other side of the fence, literally, as he is sent to prison beyond Mega City 1's walls out in the Cursed Earth. He must somehow escape to clear his name and stop Mega City 1 from becoming corrupted by those that framed him.

Ok, it's hardly brilliant, Schneider irritates, the real thesps in the film are wasted, it lifts from other notable sci-fi movies, so therefore it's lazy, and it has plot holes galore, but is Judge Dredd worthy of the critical mauling it got? Well no, actually. That is if you take it on its own mindless popcorn terms....

The action is fast paced, it's loud and brash, but not in an insulting way like Batman & Robin, Stallone positively plays it dead right with a glint in his eye and chin perfectly chiselled, Lane is sexy as heck-fire in figure hugging futuristic suit, while the production design, the colour toning and the effects (with one exception) are undervalued eye pleasing delights. Add in Assante having the time of his life as villain of the month psycho Rico Dredd, and it's a more than adequate blockbuster.

I understand the fan's reactions, those of the comic book that is, because I'm one of them, I treasured my 2000AD and Starlord copies right into my 20s when I foolishly sold them on. This is without doubt a watered down version of Dredd, clearly caught between a fan director's will and a studio's insistence on popcorn munching appeasement. So it's a fact we don't have the ultra violence and general fascist wallop that permeates 2000AD's stiff backed hard bastard, but their are delicate hints of totalitarianism and Nazi overtones in Cannon's movie, whiffs of satire are there as well. It really isn't the directionless adaptation some insist it is.

Many flaws for sure, but it makes for a nice companion piece to the better Demolition Man, for that is the bonkers popcorn world it sits in. A guilty pleasure? Well I don't feel guilty about enjoying Judge Dredd a lot, but yes Mr. Fascist, I'm guilty as charged. 6.5/10
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on 22 April 2015
I saw this in the cinema in 1995 and, in spite of being a big 2000AD and Judge Dredd fan, I found it really disappointing. From the moment Stallone arrived at the Block War at the very start and slurred "I am the law!" to absolutely no effect, I was left shaking my head, though the set design and art production meant it all looked fantastic.

I re-watched the film more recently on blu ray and enjoyed it far more than 20 years ago, it is a lot of fun, but I was still left disappointed that a great opportunity had been missed. The blu ray is fine quality as you would expect, sharp with good colour saturation.

The good:
- Amazing realization of Mega-City 1. The film really captures the look and feel of an overcrowded futuristic city as they did in Blade Runner, Fifth Element etc and I love the scenes when we fly through the sprawling metropolis and the bustling street scenes. The sets and miniatures beat CGI
- Yes it is derivative, but it steals from decent sources such as Blade Runner, Demolition Man etc
- Loyalty to 2000AD source material with the Angel Gang, Judge Hershey, Rico, ABC Warriors etc featuring.
- Silly, but enjoyable story with some funny lines
- Good supporting acting from Jurgen Prochnow, Max von Sydow and Armand Asante
- Diane Lane is beautiful as always
- Good use of the variety of Lawgiver ammo
- Some good action sequences
- Brief appearance of James Remar
- Great saturated cinematography from the late Adrian Biddle
- Finally, the score by Alan Silvestri (Predator) is absolutely brilliant, with the main theme being one of the best ever.

The bad:
- Stallone. He is just awful as Dredd from the aforementioned slurring of "I am the law!" onwards. Dredd was clearly based on Clint Eastwood and was basically a futuristic Dirty Harry. In 1995, I think Eastwood would still have been able to play Dredd and would have been a far better fit. It doesn't help that the script gives him little to work with such as the repeated "I knew you'd say that" line.
- Rob Schneider as Fergie is annoying, but he's not as bad as I remember and some of his lines are quite funny. But the mis-mathced buddy-buddy mania that swept cinema from the late 80s to the mid 90s doesn't work here.
- The judge uniforms by Versace are horrible: too flashy and glitzy and just look wrong. Dredd looks ridiculous in a black spandex.
- Dredd's helmet is too small and looks odd alongside the over-sized blingy shoulder pads
- The block war opening scene makes no sense: perps are firing into the street blowing up cars and destroying everything. Yet when Dredd arrives he declares the shooting is beyond lethal radius and there is nothing to fear. WTF? Moments before cars are shattering and exploding under bullet fire from the blocks, yet seconds later we are told nothing is lethal? A really annoying way to introduce Dredd.
- The Lawmaster bike is horrible too. It was clearly based on a grunty Harley Davidson in early comics, but here makes a high-pitched whine like a Prius and has skinny Vespa-like tyres. It's all wrong and like the uniform looks a bit wet.
- Everything is too clean and sanitized, from the city, the characters, the violence and the outfits to the script.
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on 22 July 2015
Ahh my favourite version of Judge Dredd, really good to watch, was a huge Sylvester Stallone when he did this and Demolition Man. I like that it was slightly cheesy but still a great storyline, good acting and the effects at the time were very good.
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on 27 January 2010
The box has WIDESCREEN across the top , 2.35:1. This is a LIE. In this day and age, just about most people have a WIDESCREEN tv and you'd expect something marked WIDESCREEN would be a perfect fit on a 16:9 TV. Unfortunately this disc is manufactured by MONKEYS who cant tell the difference between 16:9 and 4:3. Honestly the technical ability of the outfit bringing you this movie could fit on the head of a pin. Its actually a 2.35:1 picture in a 4:3 frame ( Whatever the hell that works out to be when expanded to 16:9) , so anybody with a widescreen tv has to expand the picture to its fullest extent to get the right shape, which also means you get the LOWEST definition that way. This might seem like I'm making a big deal about nothing , right? Or you can look at it from the angle of, " I've been sold a defective product that should have been scrapped at manufacture, and they're lying to me ON THE COVER ". The Movie gets 3 stars , The DVD presentation gets (minus)-5 stars. Dont waste your money on this or wait until some other distributor remasters it and does it properly.......
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on 28 February 2013
Its not fair that this film gets such a hard time when I have watched far far worse.

First can I just say can people stop blaiming Sly for this film. Stallone didnt write, direct, produce, edit the film. He just showed up and did what was asked of him. Blame the director and producers who were not on the same page.
Plus Judge Dredd didnt rip off other films like star wars and blade runner as judge dredd the comic character was created before these films.

entertaing and visually stunning for its time. This film is now 18years old and still looks great. People just pick on it because its a Stallone film. Its pathetic. Wouldnt say the same if Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks was the star.

Give it a shot.
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