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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2001
Series 111 begins in sparkling form.
A classic episode. Looks fantastic. A great concept that is superbly realised. Hilarious. 4/4
Great, funny dialogue between a marooned Lister and Rimmer. Another Red Dwarf classic because of the simply incredible script. Absolute genius. 4/4
Easily one of the funniest episodes of all time. The first, but not the last, Red Dwarf monster episode. Taking its cue from 'Alien'. This episode is simply wild. The cast look like they're having a whale of a time. Incredible entertainment. 4/4
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on 3 December 2001
Series III continues here with three more fine episodes.
A funny, inventive time travel romp. Really, a standard episode of Red Dwarf. Enjoyable 2.5/4
A plot which was revived from an aborted series 1 episode. It is wild to see the swapped Lister/Rimmer roles. Really funny and weird. A great action sequence to end it too. 2.5/4
The Last Day-
Has some lovely character moments. It seems that the writers saved all their best dialogue for 'Marooned' and this episode. Very funny and very touching. A defining moment for Kryten as a character. A fine end to a fantasic series. 3/4
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This is easily one of the best red dwarf videos you will ever find.....ever!On this video you get to see Kryten fo the first time, you get to see rimmers reaction to his fathers death, also Rimmer gets his second girlfriend eber with the help of Lister. Kryten - Kryten is possibly on of the greatest characters ever written. With his cleaning skills and comedy value. If they hadn't have found Kryten in this particular episode I don't think Red Dwarf would have been the same. Kryten seems to hold the crew together by being the clever one although he has quite scary loving feelings for Mister Lister ua dwarfers wouldn't be without him. Better Than Life- On of my personal favourite episodes. THe post pod has arrived, finally after it has been tracking them for 3 million year but Holly thinks thats just about average for second class post. In the post pod they find many AI Computer Games, Rimmer gets a letter from his mother explaing that his father passed away peacefully in his jeep (sleep) and he also gets a unfortuneate suprise from the inland revenue. The crew go into a computer game. Lister takes up golf and get a lepord skin waterbed in the shape of a guitar, cat gets off with a mermaid and Rimmer becomes succesful for a very, very short period time. Thanks For The Memory- It's rimmers death day and the crew celebrate by eating sausages and drinking a lot on a moon. Rimmer ends up telling Lister that he has had sex once, only once. Yvonne McGrunder, 16th of March 7:31pm till 7:43pm, 12 minutes and that includes the time it took to eat the pizza. Anyway lister gives rimmer one of his old girlfriends and it ends up in a pile of confusion. SMEGGING FANTASTIC! If you aren't a red dwarf fan this is a great video to try out, it is a fab example of what red dwarf is about.
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on 14 December 2001
Red Dwarf 11 starts here. Alongside series 3, the best Red Dwarf series - mixing hilarious gags with action and character dialogue - bliss. This tape takes a wonderful look at the relationships between men when they are forced to live together.
The tremendous episode where we first meet the loveable droid, Kryten. Extremely funny and entertaining. The boys are just on the pull! It feels like a boys night out. Great! Holly is fantastic in this episode, as is David Ross who plays the robot. Top stuff. 4/4
Better Than Life-
A fantastic premise - a computer game where your wildest dreams come true! Very funny and very entertaining. Once again, the boys look like they're having a lot of fun in this episode. There's a delightful emotional stance, where we feel sorry for Rimmer. Very believable and utterly charming. Superb romp. 4/4
Thanks For The Memory-
Starts with a wonderful birthday party for Rimmer. Feels like a stag night! A very touching story of friendship between Lister and Rimmer. These two DO care about each other. Rimmer is to be loved rather than loathed. The episode mixes comedy and drama superbly. An inventive plot. Nice. 4/4
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on 13 August 2001
Red Dwarf was once very good indeed. But somewhere around series 6 something went wrong and the programme began to go downhill. With Rob Grant still writing, he and Doug Naylor decided to lose the Red Dwarf ship (partly because the model no longer existed) so that they could dispense with Holly and give Kryten more lines (they were having trouble sharing out the science information between them), as well as attempting to make the episodes more tight and exciting.
Certainly they achieve this to some extent, with the hunt for their ship giving the series some sense of purpose. For me, Legion is a particularly good episode. However, my feeling is that by this stage, the long-running series had become formulaic. Almost every episode began with about 7 minutes of them in the cockpit, followed by a dilemma requiring them to leave the 'bug in some way, with everything being tied up by the end. Repeated jokes like Cat's "We're deader than... (an unfashionable item of clothing)" took their toll, as did Kryten correcting Rimmer's attempts at Space Corp Directives.
So series 7 took a different angle. Rob Grant had left the writing team. Much is said of why they didn't film with a studio audience, and many critised the series as it stood without Rimmer. Personally I think its biggest problems were the lack of decent characterisation and the terrible scripting. The Cat was no longer a cat, and Kryten no longer stood as a character different to the others. In fact, with the words they spoke and the way they behaved, each character was basically no different to any of the others in the crew. The writing and performance swayed between complete dullness (there were times when the lines they spoke could have been spoken by any of them - notice how all the characters, even Kryten and the man who discovers Lister's box under the pool table, regularly spurt the cheap line that uses the basic structure: "It's larger/sharper/flatter/whatever than (something that is very large/sharp/flat/whatever)"), and mindless parody of Red Dwarf itself. Lister's emotional performance which resulted from the ship's lack of curry was to me one of Red Dwarf's lowest moments. Toe-curlingly bad. Here, and elsewhere in series 7 we see that the characters have become pantomime re-inventions of their past selves. And without the tight hunt for Red Dwarf, series 7 lacked the urgency or need for anything. It was completely and utterly pointless. Two episodes stood out though: "Stoke me a Clipper", which respectfully dealt with Rimmer's exit in a suitable re-incorporation of Ace Rimmer (not like the daft re-incorporation of fan-loved characters in series 6's "Emohawk"); and "Blue", which highlighted Lister and Rimmer's relationship in a sensitive and (with the "Rimmer Experience" at the end) amusing way.
And onto series 8. I thought that the premise was fantastic. To bring back Red Dwarf with its crew had so much potential - potential which I think here is wasted. Why? Once again, terrible scripting and bad performances. The "Reservoir Dogs" walk through the corridor, Kryten's "I'm feeling an emotion, OOH! AAH! I'm feeling two emotions, my files are corrupting!", the snogging scenes following the use of the sexual magnetism virus, and the final caption: "The End ...the smeg it is" are only four examples (and series 8 is full of them) of the characters and humour being exaggerated and simplified to the point of such one-dimensionality that it is not only quite tedious and unremarkable, but uncomfortable to watch in the memory of what the series used to be.
And with the early series of Red Dwarf being remastered and those videos replacing all the originals, it is no longer possible for newcomers to the series to follow its natural evolution in style and content.
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on 12 August 2001
Anyone who has seen this great series would agree that this collection is an absolute steal at this price, unlike most other comedy series I find myself watching these videos almost religiously and they leave me in hysterics every time too!. Do yourself a favour and buy this collection, you will not regret it!!
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on 4 December 2001
Series VIII. A very hit and miss affair. When it was good it was brilliant, when it was bad it was absolutely painful. Four cracking episodes and four dodgy episodes make it the most inconsistent series to date in terms of quality. Here's the first half.
BITR pt 1-
This episode is fantastic. Some fantastic dialogue between Lister and Rimmer. Quality visual gags like the infamous 'rat-arsed' sequence and some great jokes. The return of the crew premise works surprisingly well. Minor negatives: Kochanski's character has been diluted, some gags hit the target, 'Are you sure your seat is screwed down?'. Great stuff. 3.5/4
BITR pt 2-
This otherwise fine episode is hurt by two extremely bad scenes - the Kryten toilet sequence and the return of the irritating Dibbleys. Very unoriginal and not the comedy genius I expect. However, other than that, the trilogy continues in a funny, inventive way. Mediocre but only because of TWO scenes. Now that is irritating. 2/4
BITR pt 3-
The worst episode of Red Dwarf bar none. There is very little coherence in this episode and very few jokes hit the target. The Blue Midget dance sequence, although an admirable effort, is just plain boring and goes on far too long. Weak jokes and sequences abound. Plusses: the first bunk room scene has some good jokes, the 'cut off both his bo""%"S with a blunt knife' bit and the end part. Bitterly disappointing. 0.5/4
This is an incredible episode. Funny and inventive. A fantastic episode. 3.5/4
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Red Dwarf, funny, hilarious a cult three perfect words to describe one of the best british programmes ever made. Time Slides, Body Swap And The Last Day are the masterpieces on offer on this smegtastic video. Craig Charles and Chris Barries are the two leads in this series. They work great together being such a unique partnership. Timeslides- Kryten discovers that the processing fluid for the photographs is mutated and allows the crew to go inside the photographs. Lister decides to make himself rich by stealing somone elses invention. Rimmer takes it upon himself to two faced scum sucking weasely weasel and creep in before Lister and steal the invention for the second time. As per usual Rimmers idea doesn't work. POOR RIMZY! In the episode 'The Last Day' Kryten is forced to pack himself away and go to silicon heaven. The crew were supposed to gain a stronger more efficient robot but decide that their friendship with Kryten is too valuble to throw away. This video isn't as funny as the other series but it gives you a proper view of what the crew are like and how they tackles thier problems in everyday lifes. Buy It And See For Yourselves!!! If you are looking for the best possible red dwarf try series 1, 2 or even 8 and prepare yourself for the movie next year
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on 19 November 2001
After the big disappointment of series VII (No Rimmer and Chloe annette playing it far to seriously) I was overjoyed to see series VIII being back to Red Dwarfs best. Kochanski now seems to realise that this is a comedy show and the re-invention of Red Dwarf with a full crew gives Doug Naylor plenty of new avenues to explore!
The real key to this series is the full time return of Arnold Rimmer as in my opinion Chris Barrie is the UKs finest comedy actor and as usual he manages to steal nearly every show!
Roll on the film and series IX as they cannot come soon enough for me!
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on 22 August 2001
Despite being the first series these original three episodes are still hilarious and the old cheap backgrounds add character to the scenes. This video contains so many great gags and the remastered effects, only prove to improve upon an already fantastic video.
A fantastic video and well worth purchasing
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