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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 June 2015
The greatest Gangster movie ever, superior to the Godfather only because it is based on real life events and people, the Godfather is amazing too but that is more a study of relationships and family in the context of belonging to a mob-family. GoodFellas; on the other hand, is a depiction of real-life Italian-American gangster life. A must see.
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on 14 December 2012
This has always been one of my favourite films, and as always, when you want to upgrade one of your best films to blu-ray, the question is always Will it be worth it?
Well, with Goodfellas it is! Without a doubt!
The transfer is perfect, it looks like a movie filmed in 2012. The sound is spot on and the disc is full of really interesting extras, including
- 3 Documentaries with the cast and crew
- Commentaries with Martin scorsese and Ray Liotta
- The trailer and more

Really happy with the buy, especially at this price, highly recommended.
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on 1 September 2001
What can I say, this is sensational. Liotta in the lead role of Henry Hill is out of this world and it is a tragedy that he hasn't gone on to be one of the world's most revered actors which is largely down to stupid career choices. Make no mistake after watching him in this, you will see how he should be up there with Brando and now the greatest of all time without doubt, De Niro. The way the film's shot gives it a fast, contemporary feel but from the very first moment "for as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster", you know you are watching a classic, one of the greatest films of all time. The stark reality of the characters and their wise guy ways give this the edge over, the Untouchables, Once upon a time in America and even the Godfather trilogy. Make no mistake this is a classic and Scorcese further proves himself to be the greatest movie maker of all. The only downside is that due to it being one of the first DVD's it's in two sided format and poor extras which Warner Brothers are fast getting a reputation for. Hence the rock bottom price. However it is almost three hours long so you're getting a bargain. Heck, the front cover's worth a tenner!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 March 2013
I read the Nicholas Pileggi ("Henry Hill") book "Wiseguy" when it first came out.

This is the film adaptation. I think Scorsese had to use the title "Goodfellas" instead - since there already was a film out entitled "Wise Guys" (featuring Danny deVito). From what I remember, the movie closely follows the book. Guys, wise or otherwise, were getting "whacked" all over the place...

Brilliant performances from De Niro, Pesci and Ray Liotta (Who plays Hill) et al. Watch out for the little known actor (at the time) who plays the van driver - incidently, one of the first characters to get whacked.
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on 24 March 2012
In my opinion this film is the best gangster movie ever made - simply brilliant. However, Amazon have lumped all the reviews together for all the discs. But if you buy the cheaper Goodfellas [1990] [DVD] [Dual Disc Format you will have to turn over the disc halfway through and that is why so many have only given one star because of this. Make sure you buy the double disc edition, more expensive but still a bargain, which doesn't require turning over and has 'extras' on another disc. Thought I'd just try to clarify the situation as I was also confused by the low rated reviews.
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on 14 May 2016
The movie itself is one of the best ever made. But this disc is complete crap as its on two sides. so half way through you have to eject it and turn it over. who wants to do that crap. And to top it off there is a five inch black border all around the picture. so it cuts half your screen down to size. awful!
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on 25 January 2006
Before you start reading, I have to say this is definatley worth buying - essential viewing!

The film with its all star cast, great performances, Named 1990's best film by the Los Angeles, New York, and National Society of Film Critics, it garnered six Academy Award nominations and earned Joe Pesci an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

It's about a teenager who starts to help out the local 'gangsters' do errands and jobs. Like delivering things and giving messages to people. He grew up with them, they were like a second family - he saw nothing wrong with it.
He grew up to be one of them and the film is about a 30 year period (1955 to 1985) of his life.

He was happy, with friends, protected, what could possibly go wrong? You'll have to buy it to find out, its too difficult and great to explain - other reviewers may cover more of the story. I could go writing pages about this film and why its so good.

This is simply a great mob movie, it goes down with the classics such as Godfather. It is a film that the viewer will watch again and again. I have viewed this epic many a time, and each time is as if it were the first. One of the best movies ever made.
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on 7 December 2000
A film that just gets better and better with every viewing, Scorsese tracks the rise and fall of Henry and his mafia mates. Ray Liotta is superb is the central role of Henry as the young gangster descends into coke-fuelled paranoia. De Niro and the Oscar-winning Pesci are superb, but Karen Bracco - as Henry's long-suffering wife - steals the show. It's a brutal bloody spectacle and never anything less than utterly compelling, but, most of all, it's the characters that make Goodfellas so enthralling. The DVD version is irriatingly split over two sides of the disc, but the picture quality is pin sharp and the superb soundtrack has never sounded better. Best film of the 1990s.
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on 20 October 2007
Based on the confessions of mobster Henry Hill, Goodfellas brings the epic style of The Godfather to the suburbs of New York. Scorsese was still suffering from the controversy surrounding Last Temptation of Christ when Goodfellas was released. It may have even seemed foolhardy at the time to follow up with this obscenity littered film, but for Scorsese it was really about going back to his roots, and doing what he does best - namely astutely observed films about gangsters. It clearly paid off as the film is an acknowledged modern classic.

Goodfellas is full of moral ambiguities, but whilst it undoubtedly depicts a certain seductive quality to the mafia, it doesn't shy away from the gruesome details either. Former crime reporter and author Nick Pileggi spent four years interviewing Hill before he collaborated with Scorsese on the screenplay. The outcome is frighteningly convincing, and a veritable who's who of the Italian-American Mafia scene in the sixties and seventies. Goodfellas portrays the reality of the Mafia world, the highs and lows, the pinnacle of what it is to be a 'made man', as well as the violence and constant state of fear that presides over men who can't even trust their closest friends.

Scorsese's enthusiasm for character driven cinema provides his actors with fantastic roles and serves to unite him once more with longstanding collaborator Robert De Niro. De Niro's Jimmy is introduced as the sort who "roots for the bad guys in the movies", and he does, at first, appear quite likeable. So too does Ray Liotta who, as Henry, is our narrator and the window into the world of Goodfellas for the audience. Finally, of the main three, there is Joe Pesci, a complete revelation as startlingly brutal psychopath Tommy. Their narrative follows a pseudo-tragic structure, but unlike the gangsters familiar to us from the James Cagney era, these characters do not grow in stature or garner empathy as the film progresses. In fact the reverse is true, with lies and betrayal of Shakespearean proportions serving to peel back the layers and slowly reveal characters who are nothing but shallow and self serving.

Scorsese emphasises the realism by using documentary style camerawork and past tense voiceovers from both Henry Hill and his wife Karen (superbly portrayed by Lorraine Bracco - who is, incidentally, married to another Scorsese regular, Harvey Keitel, in real life). Karen is dragged somewhat unwittingly into the role of gangster's moll, entranced by the glamour as much as by the charismatic Henry. By the time her eyes have been opened to the truth it is too late to get out.

Scorsese further sets the tone of scenes using popular music from the era, as he did in his earlier film Mean Streets (in many ways a companion piece to Goodfellas). He is also indebted to Sam Fuller, another maverick director, particularly in the way the fight scenes are shot, using long takes and a tracking camera to create energy and movement. Scorsese adds to this with his trademark floating overhead shots which atmospherically portray the sense of impending violence constant in Goodfellas. The most famous and beautifully choreographed scene of all is Henry and Karen's entrance to the Copacabana club. The way the camera relentlessly pursues them as they weave their way through the busy kitchen and to a table on the front row is so astounding it's almost like you're right there with them....and the last fifteen minutes of the film are so full of tension even Hitchcock would be jealous. The result is a highly polished, intelligent piece of film-making, and a stylistic masterpiece.
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on 11 January 2002
It's not clear from the technical details that this is a double sided (flipper) DVD. You have to turn it over during the film. Also, the trailers are anamorphic but the film is letterbox which gives a VHS type experience.
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