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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 March 2017
Still as good and fresh as when it was first released, excellent
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on 30 April 2017
Brilliant film, watched it over and over highly recommended viewing.
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on 18 May 2017
Loved it when it was first shown in the cinema. It's stood the test of time. Great interpretation of one of Grisham's best books.
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on 3 March 2017
DVD was on two sides and was difficult to get a full width picture. However the plot is 5 star but I have seen the film before and regard as one of the best thrillers ever.
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on 3 March 2017
The movie is split between both sides of the disc very disappointed
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on 27 April 2017
Great film and worth watching again.
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on 10 August 2008
I've always loved this film, I had it on tape for years. It's a great story, intelligent, with superb acting. Other reviews say it all

What did annoy me was that the DVD is two-sided. You have to watch half the film, then turn the DVD over to watch the other half. This isn't going to be enough to irritate everybody but it really irrited me, and I really wouldn't have bought it if I'd known about the format.

I'm the lazy type who likes to settle down, surrounded by food, and not get up again until the film is finished and there's no food left. Like I said, not going to bother everybody but still worth knowing.
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on 6 December 2013
There's nothing to get the pulse racing like stalkings and shoot-ups in high-rise parking garages, and then there's the old corruption that leads to the highest levels of government, and there's the one honest man at the big corrupt law firm . . . so you know what genre we're in, and it's great fun. I haven't read the novel, but Alan J Pakula, the director, keeps everything clear and screws up the tension effectively. It's nice to see the old Robert Culp, still earning an honest buck as a rather out-of-touch President, who doesn't know and doesn't want to know what's being done on his behalf, and it's nice too to see the young Stanley Tucci as an assassin. And then there's Sam Shepard as a law professor who might have been a candidate for the Supreme Court if it hadn't been for the booze. As it is, he's down in Tulane, teaching and sleeping with Julia Roberts, who solves the mystery of the assassination of two Supreme Court justices and then spends the rest of the movie trying to avoid being killed, while Denzel Washington plays the reporter who seeks to get confirmation of her story and to get it out. So Roberts and Washington function as both detectives AND as people on the run from assassins. Roberts and Washington are likeable people to see on-screen, and they are quite able to deliver on what this movie asks of them as actors. So . . .it's very enjoyable, and you know, given the genre, that it will all work out. The pleasure is in seeing how that happens and enjoying the suspense. I liked "The Lincoln Lawyer"; this one has fewer plot twists but a bit more conventional suspense. Well worth a look . . .
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on 14 August 2005
I'm a big fan of John Grisham's books and the film adaptations of the books usually make for excellent viewing also. It's many a year though since I've read "The Pelican Brief" so when I sat down to watch the film I was unsure as to how confident I could be that the film was true to the book. It was surprising to find out after watching the film though, that the film rights were actually sold before the book was written, and Grisham himself wrote the part of Darby Shaw with Julia Roberts in mind, so you would image that the film should be a near perfect adaptation of the book.
The plot in many respects is extremely simple; two Supreme Court judges have been assassinated in what seems to be unrelated attacks. Legal student Darby Shaw with no other though than to investigate the deaths as a mental exercise in research, puts together a plausible explanation of why they judges have been killed, a theory which implicates both the White House and the FBI. Darby's partner Thomas Callahan (Sam Shepherd) shows the report to a friend in the FBI, who in turn shows it to the head of the FBI, who in turn shows it to the President. Unfortunately for Darby it would seem that her theory is somewhere too near to the truth for both the President and the FBI as a succession of various hit men and thugs are now trying to make Darby's brief and Darby herself disappear. Solace comes in the form of Washington Post journalist Gray Grantham (Denzil Washington) who comes to Darby's aid as they both try to uncover the truth and print the real version of events.
Amongst the various chases and thrills and spills it does become more than a little confusing as to who is chasing who and who is exactly on Darby's side. That's not to say though that the film is all explosions and shoot outs, indeed if anything what the film does play on very well in the isolation that Darby is forced into, as she must become anonymous so that the various government agencies cannot track her down.
Julia Roberts is excellent in this role as she shows real vulnerability as the scared and alone Darby. Very interesting is how the film makers change Darby's appearance throughout the film, in the early stages of her plight Darby is a wan and colourless waif, with scraped back hair and baggy clothes, as her characters begins the fight back and eventually partners up with Grantham her appearance changes into the shining red-haired beauty we know Robert's can be.
Denzil Washington is similarly very good in his role as the street wise Grantham, he eludes an aura of believability and confidence that would comfort the most frightened soul. He and Roberts play off each other extremely well and their chemistry is such that the romantic scenes that never come are almost conspicuous by their absence.
The final scenes as the dynamic duo bring the forces of evil to justice are thrilling and exciting and you almost feel like cheering when Grantham delivers the news of the story his paper is going to run in the morning to the various "baddies"
A great film of tension and drama and is well recommended.
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on 30 October 2009
This dvd is on both sides of the disc, requiring it to be turned over half-way through. This would not be a problem if it was clear on the box and on the disc itself. In fact the words "two-sided format" are in minute writing on the box, and there is nothing on the reverse of the disc to indicate that it is Side B.

None of my friends has ever come across a two-sided dvd, so they must be unusual, and it should be made much clearer.
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