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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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In this 1994 semi-erotic thriller Tom Sanders (Michael Douglas) is happily married and the successful head of manufacturing, but the company is about to merge with a larger one and he discovers his expected post has gone to Meredith Johnson (Demi Moore), a former girlfriend who is having an affair with the company president. Meredith soon flirts with Tom, but although initially aroused Tom resists her further advances so Meredith screams a threat to make him pay for spurning her.
Although the film explores the politics and intrigue within an office environment, the main focus is the issue of sexual harassment and the ease with which such allegations can be made. It also illustrates how such claims can destroy one's career based on gender alone and whether a double standard exists depending whether such allegations are levied by men or women.
My single disc went straight into the main film although the main menu popped up after the film ended, offering jump to a scene, cast, production notes, film flash and languages. With adult topics and language, this is an 18 rating, but it’s about drama, not gratuitous nudity, for there is none here, relying on a good script, plot twists and acting to get along. This tense thriller manages to mix legal issues, blackmail, suspense and gender role reversal into a powerful mix of domestic versus legal drama and you always feel there is another plot at work at the back of this as it moves along. There are some implausible scenes that should never have happened but this is still a great late night drama.
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on 21 November 2014
Anyone interested in this film will have seen it by now (and it has been on the television a good few times, too), so probably not really necessary to rate the film these days.

I am not a fan of Michael Douglas, nor of Demi Moore so it may seem odd that I chose to buy this film... however I enjoyed the plot a great deal and I particularly liked the virtual reality scene.

Quite why Michael Douglas always finds himself in steamy and sometimes uncomfortable sexual encounters, I just do not know - maybe I simply find him unattractive! (Remember the bunny boiler!)

But... putting that aside, yes - a good and worth-watching film with an interesting plot, a touch of mystery with the unknown (until the end) helper, and some nice comeuppance for one person :-)
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on 11 January 2016
Michael Crichton is one of my favourite authors and I've tended to like many of the movie adaptations of his books. This one especially comes off very well, its got great cinematography which reminds me of Hitchcock movies and the music is awesome from Ennio Moricone, the soundtrack really drives the drama forward - Also the editing is really cool, the way cut to some scenes was very stylish; most of all I loved the performances from the cast, Michael Douglas is brilliant as the victimized Tom Sanders, Demi Moore is also very strong as Meredith Johnson and Donald Sutherland as the boss Bob Garvin is excellent. The story is about Tom Sanders getting sexually harassed by Meredith Johnson and the battle that ensues between them - no spoilers - It's a great thriller, with both style and content - They don't make them like this anymore.
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on 27 November 2015
There was a time in Michael Douglas career when he seems to of made a few of these films the story is basically about this man who is propolis honed by his female boss for sex and he turns her down and takes her to his tribunal because she turns nasty
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on 16 September 2008
No, no, no! I think Mr 'A Customer' also reviewing here picked up the wrong end of the stick, his video tape copy wasn't rewound due to the fact the couple watching it had to hit the sheets mid-movie after watching Michael Douglas and Demi Moore in their intimate clinch; the whipcrack of the g-string removal does stir the blood somewhat!
So, come on, Michael Crichton is no dispstick, and he's written more books-to-movie stories than most author's can wave a stick at, and someone has the gall to say it became boring? Nah, sorry, mate; are you sure you're reviewing the right movie?
Innovative as another reviewer notes in that the 'sexism in the office' tables have been turned in that Demi has accused Michael Douglas of sexual harrasment, (an absolute dream for most blokes, right!), the plot flits across the top of Crichton's industrial espionage theme extremely well. For a sci-fi / semi-erotic thriller this movie does it's job admirably, as does, no doubt, the Bestselling book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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on 9 April 2014
At time of writing this Blu-Ray had 4 out of 5 stars from 21 reviews.
Shame all of these are for the DVD.
Amazon should stop merging reviews. It is very misleading.

Now for the review.
Had this on DVD for over 10 years and always enjoyed the movie.
Thought it was time for an upgrade.
This is a US Import Blu-Ray and it is Region Free.
Extras are only a theatrical trailer. Bit of a downer but the flipside of the coin
is the picture quality is amazing. One of the best for a movie from 1994.

Can definitely recommend an upgrade.
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Disclosure is directed by Barry Levinson and co-adapted to screenplay by Paul Attanasio and Michael Crichton from Crichton's own novel of the same name. It stars Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland, Roma Maffia, Dylan Baker, Caroline Goodall and Rosemary Forsyth. Music is scored by Ennio Morricone.

Tom Sanders (Douglas) is an executive at DigiCom, a high-tech computer company, who hopes that now it's finally his time to get promotion. Passed over for an outsider, he's further irked when it turns out to be Meredith Johnson (Moore), an old passionate flame of his from years previously. When Meredith arranges for a meeting between the two later that evening, Tom finds himself sexually harassed by her. Spurning her aggressive overtures, Tom is shocked to learn the next day that she has filed a charge of sexual harassment against him. He naturally counters the charge, but this opens up a can of worms for both him and the future of DigiCom.

The 1990s practically belonged to Michael Crichton, it seemed for a time that everything he wrote was adapted to the big screen for some form of entertainment. With Jurassic Park still warm and still garnering bucket loads of cash, two other Crichton adaptations worked their way into theatres; both of which were a world away from the family friendly extravaganza of Jurassic Park. One was Rising Sun, a messy wasted potential of a movie, the other was Disclosure, a zeitgeist snatcher that seized the moment.

The topic, and the novelty of flipping the gender aggressor, was always going to make Disclosure of much interest, thus the film and the novel made big money: aided still further by the hot casting of Douglas and Moore, who were still draw cards in the early 90s. Crichton, after being displeased with other adaptations of his work, got big say on the screenplay as a written project. So with director Levinson in tow, he set about pushing the buttons of his audience, attempting to continue the heated debates that were brought about previously from Douglas' Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct. If it's Crichton's or Levinson's fault that it didn't work out that way? I'm not sure, but fact is, is that Disclosure really wasn't that potent back then, and certainly now it's not even lukewarm.

There's too much techno babble going on, and an over keenness to stick the nose up at the big business vultures picking the flesh off of the lesser minions. Entering the last half hour of the film, it's easy to forget there has actually been a sexual harassment case! Here's the crux of the matter, if going in to it for a first time viewing expecting this to be a powder-keg of sexual harassment muckiness and legal intrigue, then you are in for a big disappointment. I know, because I was one of the paying patrons at the theatre back in 94! You sense that one of the makers got a bit carried away...

Yet the film still has much going for it if stripped of that expectation, not least that it packs a pile of tension in that last half hour and the finale is rather rewarding. I'd go as far to say I'm a fan of the film, but it's not the film I originally went to see! There's a trio of interesting and differing female characters at the front of the narrative, even if Moore's stair-master vixen isn't exactly developed beyond being a bitch, and the virtual reality sequences have an appealing charm about them. The cast are turning in good ones, with a notable shout out to Caroline Goodall who wisely underplays it as the wife. While the interior set design (Gary Lewis/Joseph Hodges) for the DigiCom HQ is wonderful with its 90s excess of glass meeting mirrors and open spaces. Which leaves us with what?

A film that is not what you expect! Which in this case is both disappointing and a surprise. 7/10
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on 18 July 2014
This is a good film about the attempt to replace a man with a woman in the workplace using incompetency and sexual harassment. It's interesting that Michael Douglas didn't get the job in the end as he was overlooked by yet another woman. This film touches on male discrimination in the workplace, and I think I'll read the book to see if it expands on this.
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on 11 January 2015
I've always liked this film,it's just one of those films that I never seem to tire of watching. If you like the usual Michael Douglas type films and you haven't yet seen this one then I think you owe it to yourself to buy it. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it.
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on 5 February 2016
'Disclosure' is the story of Tom Sanders (Michael Douglas), a man who is head of manufacturing at a Seattle based tech company, who is passed up for a promotion that would allow him to run his division after the tech company he works for becomes a publicly traded company after a merger. He soon finds out that the person who has obtained this promotion and will be his new boss, is former girlfriend Meredith Johnson (Demi Moore). One night Meredith asks Tom to met at her office to discuss work. Things quickly escalate and Meredith comes on to Tom aggressively and sexual harasses him. Tom rejects her advances and leaves to return home. The next day, Tom comes to work, only to find he is being accused of sexual harassment by Meredith.

'Disclosure' was released in 1994 and posed some controversial themes for the time about sexual harassment and the changing dynamic of the office. Arguable more controversial today, the film does a decent job of examining these themes and asks some thought provoking questions. However, roughly half way through the film, it decides to abandon these themes and turns into a different film in the name of a conspiracy film. This throws everything off and undermines what the film has set up in the first half.

Douglas and Moore have a good chemistry on screen, both giving good performances. However, they can only do as well as the material will allow them and I think the material holds them back from exploring the themes in a greater detail.

Douglas completes the final part of his unofficial 'erotic trilogy' with a good performance along side Moore. The film asks some controversial questions and explores some interesting themes, but does not explore them as much as it could have.
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