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on 14 September 2000
The Monster Of Peladon is a much more exciting remake of the earlier Curse of Peladon. It features the Ice Warriors,Aggador and a whole host of other monsters and people. I highly recommend this video as it is a 6 parter and is on 2 videos. It also features 2 of the best characters in Dr Who-The 3rd Doctor(Jon Pertwee)and Sarah Jane Smith(Liz Sladen) The cliffhanger to part 1 is one of the finest in the show's history! Recommended!
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on 22 February 2003
Although a long way from a highpoint of the series, this six-parter is interesting for the surprisingly political (and often overtly Socialist) slant the script takes. Whereas social revolutions have been a staple of science fiction even before H.G. Wells wrote The Time Machine, it's rare for a film or television entry in the genre to focus on labour relations and class warfare so explicitly. Just as Frank Herbert's Dune saga was an allegory for the Middle East's political tensions during the oil boom, The Monster of Peladon is an allegory of its own time and place. 70s Britain is now almost ancient history, so many of the references will be lost on a new generation of viewers, but for those who lived through it, watching this show again brings it all back.
For Peladon, standing on the brink of great wealth or even greater disaster, read Britain, for its coveted rare minerals, read North Sea Oil. Joining the Federation (read the Common Market) has not improved the lot of the workers, only the rich; the miners striking for improved wages and conditions (read any of the militant trade unions of the early 70s) are dismissed as bolshie rebels by rulers who would rather confront them than negotiate; while outside enemies manipulate their divisions not so much for conquest as for profit (read the growing trade deficit that saw Britain hover on the verge of bankruptcy). Add a subplot where the Doctor's assistant urges the figurehead Queen of Peladon to seize power by explaining something they have on earth called Women's Lib, and you've got a perfect reflection for the concerns and paranoias facing 70s Britain - that dark, depressing time of strikes, power cuts, IRA bombing campaigns, the three-day week and inept government.
As drama, it works well enough, but as social history, it's positively fascinating.
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on 7 February 2015
This penultimate story of the much-loved Pertwee era harks back to the classic story from his third season, The Curse of Peladon. With the budgetary restraints that the shows obviously had, this was probably a wise move as the sets (& even some costumes & props) from the previous Peladon story could be recycled for this sequel, set 50 years on from The Curse of Peladon.
The Doctor had originally left Peladon in good shape as it became a new member of the Galactic Federation, but 50 years on, this is now causing problems among the planet's Trisilicate mining workforce, who wish to withdraw and are in a state of unrest. This all seems to reflect actual events at the time in the UK, what with striking miners and the 3-day week still fairly recent events, & political unrest & union disagreements being very topical.

Once again we get to see the memorable one-eyed, multi-limbed and squeaky-voiced Alpha Centauri, and later the Ice Warriors are introduced too, as before, complete with the hissy and menacingly-helmeted leader Azaxyr. King Peladon is long dead, but Nina Thomas puts in an excellent performance as his heir, the beautiful Queen Thalira. The Queen struggles to appease the warring factions and stabliize Peladon, and is hindered in this with the over-officious Ortron always breathing down her neck, and ready to wield the executioner's axe for even the most minor indiscretion it seems! We get a refreshing bit of 'women's lib' here too, as Sarah Jane encourages Thalira to stand up for herself, again very indicative of the times.

The story does seem a bit stretched over 6 episodes, and can be slow at times, but there are plenty of memorable scenes, and some good cliffhangers too (the Doc once again gets to sing 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' to Aggador to calm him down! ;-)
It perhaps doesn't seem quite so good now as it did at the time, but that's true of many Dr Who stories I guess. This is still a good, solid entry, and one that's set completely away from Earth for one last story from Jon before he bows out in Planet of the Spiders.
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on 22 April 2009
I agree that this is not a patch on the earlier 'Curse of Peladon' but it is far from being the classic series' nadir, and isn't even the worst Pertwee story. One of the Third Doctors' last outings, it features strong performances from Elisabeth Sladen as the redoubtable Sarah-Jane Smith and Nina Thomas as the feisty Queen Thalira. I have to mention the extraordinarily phallic Alpha Centauri - can you imagine a costume design like that today?!
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on 18 September 2003
All I knew about this story was the result of received wisdom - it's a tired re-hash of "The Curse of Peladon", it's an unsubtle commentary on the miners' strike, all six-episode stories are too long etc.
Despite not being the best Pertwee, the six episodes fairly fly along. Perhaps this was due to the unfamiliarity of many of the elements - the rare-ish pairing of the third Doctor with Sarah, a Pertwee story with no connection to Earth, UNIT etc or seeing the Ice Warriors being evil in colour, for the only time (OK that last one might be clutching at straws).
Actually, the Ice Warriors really make this story, especially the "troops" - it's nice to see an alien race who don't all look identical.
More enjoyable than it's reputation suggests. AND you get to see Pertwee's stunt double for ages in the fight in episode 4.
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on 9 October 2001
Well , not bad at all , but this is basically just a remake of the much better Peladon story from 1972. Very little is added that is new to this particular story , and it just ends up being an average tale of interplanetary corruption regarding mining.It is just too long at six episodes . I own this , but you would be better watching this on uk gold rather than shelling out for what is basically an inflated version of the curse of peladon .
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