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on 23 July 2003
This is quite possibly the most enthralling documentary ever made. The first half an hour I thought i had bought a dull documentary looking at Bret Hart's family & up bringing. Which is quite possibly all that the documentary maker, Paul Jay, had intended when he started filming. What he finished up with though, was a true story in pictures of how Vince McMahon betrayed Bret, leading to his departure from the WWF, & moving to WCW.
What you see of Vince McMahon every week on Raw & Smackdown, you may consider to be just an act. This documentary exposes just how real the character is. How vince's actions on screen parrallel to his actions off it.
I have only really been watching WWE since just before the 2001 Invasion, so prior to buying this video had never really seen Bret Hart wrestle, & knew very little about Ted Turner's WCW. Despite this, i found this video very interesting & intense. I may even go so far as to say that someone who has never even watched wrestling would enjoy this video. It is a tale of back stabbing & betrayal to rival that even of Shakespeare.
Bret Hart for fourteen years was at the forefront of the WWF, yet you never really see any of his footage. Want to know why? This video gives a true account of what really happened to Bret. Anyone who knows anything about wrestling will find this video a worthy buy. Very highly recommended.
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on 26 February 2004
This is another one of those amazing documentaries about the wrestling business and an individual with great human values. A man that was loyal to the wwe for 14 years this shows you footage of bret wrestling and it take you into his personal life into his home and the famous stu hart dungeon. It also shows bret's numerous discussions with vince mcmahon and the planning of match outcomes right upto survivor series 97 and the double cross. On that faitfal night you also get backstage footage of right after it happened and bret looking for vince only to find he had locked himself in his office. His wife was also angry at the time and accusing the wrestlers backstage hbk and hhh for being in on the act to which they denied, but this just infuriated bret and his family even further. At the end you also get 30mins with the director telling you about the making of the documentary which is interesting as well. This is a good video and you dont need to be a wwe fan to enjoy lots of people will enjoy this video i reccomend it.
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on 20 September 2000
this video is awsome due to the fact that it has every match from the american only pay per veiw this tuesday in texas which included the rematch from the 1991 survivor series between hulk hogan and the undertaker for the wwf title. plus bret hart defends the intercontinental championship against skinner and one of the wildest matches ever between the macho man randy savage and jake the snake roberts as savage aims revenge for the snake bite he took at the hands of jake roberts. the british bulldog takes on the warlord in a true power v power contest and ted dibase and repo man take on virgil and el matador tito santana. also on this tape you will get to see a tag team exclusive as jim niedhart, the big boss man & the legion of doom take on the nasty boys, earthquake and the mountie plus another video exclusive bret hart vs i.r.s and a special profile on the undertaker and dont forget tax tips from i.r.s this is truly an amazing video you have to see it.
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on 20 April 2004
It has been seven years since i first saw Wrestling with Shadows and i wasrecently compelled to buy it. The story of how a hero was screwed from anevil promoter is still shocking. It also highlights that wrestling mightnot be as glamorous as it is portrayed as. It is sad to see that Bret Harthas never quite recovered from the event. It was the start of the end ofBret Hart as a wrestler as he was never able to get his career back ontracks.
The interview at the end of the tape highlights the main themes of thedocumentary and gives a great insight of the documentary from both thedirector and Bret Harts standpoint.
Watching the behind the scences footage of the events that the WWE producelike the Survivor Series is surreal and it gives a great insight on whatthe people behind the characters are like.
They are not like the " Circus Animals" that they are referred to in theDocumentary.
The documentary is insightful, shocking, heart breaking and compelling andit is a must have for any wrestling fan, who has never seen what it islike behind the Curtains.
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on 20 December 2002
I bought this video a few years ago thinking it would be the official TitanTron videos,and seen as there were a lot of names on the back I bought it.Anyway,all this shows is wrestlers walking to the ring to their music which you would have seen at every PPV and every week on Raw.There's only 3 music videos on here and they are good but dodgy music is used instead of their real theme song.The 3 videos are of The Undertaker,Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.But this video is not worth buying for 3 music videos and a load of 20 second entrances with crowd noise.Definitely not recommended.
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on 1 January 2003
Around December 2002, a few years after Hitman Hart: wrestling with shadows was first released I picked up this video. I'm a big wrestling fan and had heard from friends it was very good so I bought this rare item. It is a video not just for wrestling fans but just anyone with two eyes and a television, it does feature a bit of in ring content but most of the video is spent following Bret when he is dealing with his family, his job and his life. The music is a bit soppy but is used appropriately to convey Bret's feelings. Bret delivers a unique insight into the wrestling business and his portrayal of Vince McMahon is scarily similar to that of Vince's on-screen character. The WWF Attitude era was acclaimed by most but Bret has a good argument as to why there should be clear cut good and evil in wrestling. This would be the ultimate documentary if it was released on DVD along with Bret's current situation.
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on 11 October 2000
The problem with this video is simple, it doesn't really know what it's trying to be. If it is meant to be 'the best of the survivor series' which is what is says on the cover, then you would expect the best matches from all the survivor series pay-per-views. But in truth it is quite different. It elaborates too much in a few places and skips on many areas. Let me explain how the time is divided:
Opening 6/7 minutes are devoted to not the survivor series, but actually to WM3, and how what happened there brought about the survivor series, 7 minutes is alright, but they could have explained this in 30seconds.
Middle 30/35 mins: The main bulk of the video is dedicated to survivor series 89-96, but several mysterious things have happened in this section.
1: No fewer than three survivor series ppvs have been missed out.
2: The other major grudge I have in this area is that ALOT of time is spent paying homage to Shawn Michaels' first WWF match at survivor series '89. And what is worse, is that the origional commentary for this match has been replaced by none other than the banterings of, yes you guessed it, Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole? What was wrong with Monsoon and that other guy? There is also some terrible background music through all these matches.
But what truely wrecked this video for me was that 10 mins were spent on two OK matches from Survivor Series 97, before the final 15 MINUTES was spent on Bret Hart getting screwed in the main event. Most of this time is not actually about the match at all, but is a stupid post-sacking interview between JR and Vince Macmahon which was blatantly pre-scripted by Vince to try and make it seem that 'Bret Screwed Bret' and not that Vince screwed one of the best wrestlers the WWF has ever had out of a job, which is the truth.
In short, if you want to learn about the history of the survivor series in any detail at all, then I'm afraid your best bet will be to rent them individually from your video store. If you want to learn about Bret Hart getting screwed, buy 'Hitman Hart, Wrestling with shadows' which is truely excellent. But if you really want a mish-mashed 'compillation' video which doesn't really have a purpose other than for Vince Macmahon to try, and fail to get back at Bret Hart buy this by all means, but you have been warned.
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on 9 August 2000
Despite all the reviewers stating that this film is a work there is no doubt in my mind that what happened between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart is the real deal. If it was a work there would be evidence today to prove that it was a wrestling angle. Now that it is almost 3 years since the 'Bell Heard Around The World'the story seems to be even more surreal especially now that the other people featured in the film have had their own 'SHADOWS' Brian Pillman died one month before the day in Montreal, Owen Hart (Bret's Brother) died in May of 1999 after falling from the ceiling of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City during a Pay Per View event, Rick Rude (who appears alongside HHH and Shawn Michaels) died from a heart attack in the April of '99 and The British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith, Brother-in-law of the Hart's) has battled a spine injury, the deaths of his mother and sister to cancer, the divorce of his wife and an addiction to morphine and pain killers and finally Shawn Michaels was injured in a bout and wrestled his final top line match was against Austin at Wrestlemania XIV. It seems as though the only winner out of the story is Vince McMahon, who is portrayed by many as the bad guy with no morals. There is also an extra feature on the film where they interview Bret and Paul Jay (director) 18 months after the incident.
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on 12 October 2004
Wrestlemania 11 was hostsed in the year 1995 at the hartford civic centre in hartford connanicuit and this event hosted a great event -
The allied powers vs Jacob and eli blu
Great opening contest, there was quickness moves and power moves used in this match 10/10
WWF Intercontinental championship Jeff Jeret vs Razor Ramon
Good title match all the way shame bout the endin 8/10
Undertaker vs Kin Kong Bundy
not a good match at all, it was focused around the money corporation stealing the urn of paul bearer 5/10
WWF tag team championship match - Smoking gunns vs Owen hart and mystery partner
good title match worth seeing, best tag title match at the olden wrestlemanias, owens mystery partner surprisingly was fast paced in this match 8/10
I quit match - Bob Backlund vs Bret Hart
Proberbly the second worst match on the card, taker and bundy being the first, this i quit match was about old school submission not brutality 6/10
WWF Championship match Shawn michaels vs Diesel
The 1995 match of the, I agree, loads of quickness, power and technical moves in this fast pace match 10/10
Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelo
This match was a ten minuite match, why was this in the main event but the match was quick and some parts good 7/10
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on 11 February 2006
This is my all time favourite ppv event which includes
Diesel [c] vs. Shawn Michaels
Amazing match 10/10
Allied Powers vs.The Blu Brothers
Cool Match 8/10
Smoking Gunns vs. Owen Hart And Mystery Partner
Great Match But Billy Gunn gets Crushed 7/10
Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy
O.K Match But Nothing Special 5/10
Bret Hart vs. Mr. Bob Backlund, Guest Ref Rowdy Roddy Piper
Boring 3/10
Jeff Jarrett vs. Razor Ramon
Cool Match But Bad Ending 5.5/10
Lawrence Taylor Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
This is the reason this event does not get 5 stars as this match is totally Crap 1/10
So 5 out of 7 matches are worth watching but buy this event for the wwf title match as it reeks of awesomeness
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