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on 1 May 2013
I'm not reviewing this product for its content/writing/acting, but for the quality of its transfer to Blu Ray.
People reviewing this iconic episode of The Next Generation and stating the transfer to Blu Ray is not very good/or comparable to DVD quality are talking absolute rubbish.
I have watched this on both of my HDTVs (both Samsung, 1080p, powered by Sony PS3s) and whilst the Blu Ray quality isn't the best I've ever seen (that award goes to Blade Runner), it is very good indeed.
There are exterior shots where you can clearly identify slight knocks to the Enterprise study model and the Borg cube close-ups are great. It's a shame it wasn't tweaked to look more like the First Contact cube but that is just nit-picking.
You should buy this product if you're a Star Trek fan who grew up watching this episode on repeat, like me.
It's a good spend.
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on 24 June 2014
This show toyed with these cliff hanger plots a little to often for me, but when put together as a movie it works well. Of the TNG 2 parters released as a single movie this is my favorite and forms the basis of many future episodes and movies. By this stage in the series the actors had really begun to become comfortable with their characters making the show feel a lot better to watch.

The appearance of this as a Bluray made me curious as to any increase in quality over the DVDs I already have of the series. I have to admit that there is a substantial increase in quality, although this may be because I have always been disappointed with the DVD releases of TNG as lacking in colour saturation and excess graininess. The Bluray gets rid of the worst of this and has an excellent soundtrack, all be it that they seem incapable of re-framing in to 16:9 retaining the 4:3 ratio. I had my doubts if it was worth buying the Bluray version but having waited until the price had fallen I think overall it was a good buy.
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on 9 September 2000
In a race against time, the Enterpise and her crew battle to stop arch enemies 'The Borg' from getting to Earth and assimilating the heart of the Federation. The Enteprise's crew also have a personal reason for stopping them as the Borg have also kidknapped Captain Picard so he can speak for them by turning him into a borg drone. So they have to save the planet but also have to save the man who has saved them so many times before, (nice way to return the favour don't you think). This is the best episode of the Next Generation series in my opinion. It has it all. It has action, it has suspense, it has hope. It has averything you want in a science fiction show as highly rated as Star Trek. If you buy anything today it has to be this one. Trust me I am very picky about my sci-fi.
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on 9 July 2013
If you have never seen Star Trek before - this is something that you have to get and add to your collection. It is a good transference to Blu Ray - although again as with all movies - it is interesting to see how far special effects have progressed.
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on 27 June 2008
I like to think I've got good taste in television, The Wire, The Shield, The Sopranos, Oz, Rome, Star Trek's DS9 and TNG, Battlestar Galactca (RDM's) and Babylon 5 (seasons 2,3 and 4 only!) But believe me when I say that The Best of Both Worlds is the finest piece of television I've EVER seen.

It works on so many levels, the music, the characters, the drama, it's perfect.
Amazingly for a syndicated show which deep down I KNEW would be back next week, I remember first watching this thinking "How the heck can they get out of this! This must be the end of the series, I can't see how they can beat them!"

What really impresses though is the way the producers managed to build a quite unprecidented level of tension and drama using only limited special effects (take note George Lucas) and they did it purely and simply with dialogue:

"Change course to intercept!"

"Sir they have already changed course to intercept us!"

Even those two lines made you think "man, even when they try to take control the Borg are there first, THEY'RE in control at all times!"

"Mr Data your final report!"


"I can't standby" Riker shouts as the computer gives warnings of impending explosive decompressions. "It's over" Says Shelby...and you genuinely believe it is.

"A lot of people have been talking, the expect to be dead this time tomorrow, they like you, they trust you, but they don't believe anyone can save them..."

Riker: "I don't belive anyone can."


Speaking of Shelby, she was an outstanding guest actor and added a lot to this 90 minutes, Whoopie Goldberg had a small but crucual role to play too.

I strongly recommend watching this, you really will not regret it.
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on 5 June 2013
This is one of the best episodes, a double whammer so to speak on the BORG encounter by TNG crew. Picture quality and Audio is simply outstanding and if you are a trekkie fan then this comes highly recommended for its sheer nostalgic enjoyment.
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on 13 January 2017
Brilliant box set loads of extras, the blue ray transfer is very good the only draw back is it was recorded in 4.3 aspect ratio, & they couldn't transfer is to wide screen. But apart from that, one of the best box sets I have bought.
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on 8 June 2013
This is an excellent hi def version of ST TNG's greatest episode ever..the Borg using starfleet's own against them..how can riker and the enterprise crew hope to defeat one who knows then better than they know themselves.......
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on 19 October 2006
This was such an important episode for Star Trek TNG and is a very significant episode for Picard. A alien race known as the Borg invade the federation intent on assmiliating the technology and people of the federation into their collective. Their extremely powerful ship, (a single cube) engages the federation fleet and the Enterprise providing plently of action.

What this episode captures very well and convinces, is the real dread that humanity is in serious danger as the Borg seem to be totally unstoppable and relentless. There are subplots interwoven in this episode with the introduction of the highly ambitious commander Shelby character who causes some tension between herself the "seasoned" commander Riker, a little bit of character development there, as Riker questions his career choice.

The acting is to a high standard and so is the main storyline which unfolds perfectly to produce tension and suspense. The episode is also accompanied by an eerie musical score which again compliments the storytelling perfectly, although maybe a touch dated these days.

I can't finish without saying Part 1 of this episode is ended brilliantly, with probably the best cliff hanger in TV history. It leaves you desperately wanting to see the second half, and it was this that made everyone talk about the show asking themselves "what will happen to Picard?"

If you have not seen this then all i can say is it is a must see for any self respecting sci-fi fan, it does help too if you watch the episode "Q who?" before hand :)
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on 6 March 2014
Having been a fan of star trek all my life I remember these episodes over 20 years ago and was gripped and now in blue ray the visual improvements make it even better. I must have for ever fan of the show.
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