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on 5 August 2011
WWF Royal Rumble 1999 MR:

1. Road Dogg vs Big Boss Man 3/5

Nice little opener to the pay-per-view and the fans were really interacting with this one. I have to admit that both Road Dogg and the Big Boss Man put on a good opening match.

2. Badd Ass Billy Gunn vs Ken Shamrock (WWF Intercontinental Championship) 3/5

Pretty good match here for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, despite Bad Ass Billy Gunn having an injured ankle. The match was very good and featured a lot of close pin falls.

3. Gangrel vs X-Pac (WWF European Championship) 3/5

Not a long match, but certainly well done to both Gangrel and X-Pac putting on a good match for us the fans.

4. Luna vs Sable (Strap Match for WWF Women's Championship) 3/5

good to see Sable looking lovely and a great divas match, though it involved a strap and was very well put together and the ending did seem kind of familiar to another strap match from 2010.

5. The Rock vs Mankind ( I Quit Match for WWF Championship) 4/5

This by far was match of the night and was brutal from the ringing of the bell, till the moment where a superstar did utter the humiliating words " I Quit". This match had everything from brutal in ring action, to brutal out ring action. Mankind as usual did some death defying stunts, where he did actually fall onto an electric circuit board, which did knock out some lighting within the arena and he took some nasty chair shots from the Rock, who handcuffed Mankind. As I say again by far the match of the night and a brutal I Quit Match.

6. The 1999 Royal Rumble Match 4/5

I have to admit that was a good Royal Rumble Match from start to finish, and liked how it started with Stone Cold and Mr McMahon, till the very end, where it featured yet again Stone Cold and Mr McMahon. A lot of quality superstars were featured in this Royal Rumble Match and a lot of them came close to eliminating Stone Cold Steve Austin. Will not give away the winner of the Royal Rumble Match to those who haven't seen it, but all I can say is that you will be shocked on the outcome, but overall a true classic of a Royal Rumble Match up.
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on 20 April 2000
This video has an appallingly boring mid card, which includes Tori's WWF debut, but the main event matches are nothing short of excellent. The Rock and Mankind have a brutually entertaining 'I Quit' match, and Austin and McMahon are the first two competitors in the best Royal Rumble match I've ever seen. Chyna also takes part, and Austin gets sent to hospital by a corporate ambush, but returns to the arena later on driving the ambulance! A must see for any true WWF fan.
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on 8 September 2001
The '94 Royal Rumble is just pure quality...the Rumble itself is great with an interesting twist towards the end. However the best part of the Rumble is the Yokozuna vs. The Undertaker casket match, with the 'old skool' Undertaker who is much better than his present day image.
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on 19 June 2010
The way Amazon allocates reviews to VHS Royal Rumbles is absolute nightmare, so I just wanted to post making clear the correct card with the correct Rumble, for anyone like me looking to pick up a few old PPVs cheap on VHS. The card is:

The Road Dogg vs The Big Boss Man
Ken Shamrock vs Billy Gunn
X-Pac vs Gangrel
Sable vs Luna Vachon (Strap Match)
The Rock vs Mankind (I Quit match)
The Royal Rumble (participants inc. Steve Austin, Mr. McMahon, Chyna, Kane, Triple H).

For me the first four matches are a little forgettable, although Boss Man still makes for a very watchable heel and the X-Pac vs Gangrel Match has some exciting high risk maneuvers. The Rumble itself is entertaining but seems a little gimmicky, with more time spent watching what's going on outside the ring than in it.

The undoubted highlight is the I Quit Match between The Rock and Mankind, both of whom have more charisma in their little fingers than most of other participants here put together. Mick Foley's sheer disregard for his own safety takes your breath away.
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on 1 August 2007
Tatanka vs Bam Bam Bigelow (with Luna Vachon)

Good, solid match seeing the speed and agility of the Native American superstar taking on the size and strength of The Beast from The East.

Owen Hart and Bret Hart vs The Quebecers for the tag team gold

A lenghty match seeing Owen once again turning on his brother, the beginning of their long and gruelling feud.

Razor Ramon vs IRS for the Intercontinental championship

Will Razor retain his belt against the tax man?-good match with a surprise ending.

Yokuzuna vs Undertaker for the WWF championship

The big one-the casket match, which pits the Phenom against the 600-pound champion. A match which ends when Mr Fuji's men intefere, and the Undertaker is put in the casket, leaving a daunting message to viewers-HE WILL NOT REST IN PEACE.

The 30-men royal rumble

This is probably the best Rumble match there is, with superstars such as Bret Hart, Shawn Michels, Lex luger, Macho Man Randy Savage, Diesel, Crush, and even Doink the Clown.

The ending is a big surprise!
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on 7 May 2000
This tape is amazing. It is worth every single star in it's five-star rating.
There are as-per-usual a list of matches with the huge 30-man battle royal for WWF title shot at Wrestlemania.
The winner of the Royal Rumble was the showstopper, the icon, the main-event the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!
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on 12 October 2000
The Main Event was the Casket match for the WWF title between Undertaker and Yokozuna, does Yokozuna finally put the dead man to rest or does Undertaker defeat the 560lbs former sumo wrestler to become two times WWF champion. This is a must see match as it lives up to all expectations. Another great match up was for the tag titles between Bret and Owen Hart vs Quebecers,the atmosphere is electric as we wait to see if the Hart brothers put aside their differences to conquer the Quebecers. Other matches include Intercontinental Title match between Razor Ramon and IRS,plus a bonus match Tatanka vs Bam Bam Bigelow. This really was one of the greatest Royal Rumbles ever as you see the return of Lex Luger and see many other great superstars in this non stop action packed extravaganza. Five stars go to Amazon for providing all this excitement for such a low price!
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on 3 January 2007
I remember viewing this event for the first time and I have to say it was spectacular, stunning tremendous, excellent, fantastc and compelling to say the least. The event two months before the highly anticipated wrestlemania and it defenitly did not dissapoint.

My favourite and highly recommended matches are WWF championship I Quit match. Mankind v. the rock. An absaloute brutal, savage, sadistic masochistic, very very violent match. The most disturbing part was not the violence. But the sheer horror of mick foleys family wittnessing there dad getting beaten to a bloody barbaric pulp. They truly must have been concerned and terrified and desensitised by the carnage. I know I was. Definetly not for the faint heart. However an incrediable event. one of the best the wwf has ever produced. Purchase while you can.
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on 16 July 2000
What a fluke. It starts with the longest and most boring match ever Roaddogg v Big Bossman. It gets better though as you see Mr Ass v Ken Shamrock for the IC Title. Gangrel v X-Pac is a very technical European Title match. It then goes over the top with a stupid Luna v Sable Strap Match which also sees Tori's WWF debut. Then in a brutal "I Quit" match Mankind faces The Rock in which Mankind is hit with chairs, a ring bell, handcuffed and even electrocuted. Then it all ends with a great Royal Rumble ending with a complete fluke. 4/5
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on 8 July 2007
Match 1

Intercontinental Title Match#

Razor Ramon v.s Double J

7/10 Good Opening

Match 2

Undertaker v.s IRS

6/10 Not Bad ... annoying interruptions during the match

Match 3

WWF Championship Match#

Diesel v.s Bret Hart

9/10 - Great championship match .. fans were really into it

WWF tag team Championship#

123 kid and Bob Holly v.s Bam bam Bigalow and tatanka

7/10 - Finals of the Tag team tittle tournament

Royal Rumble Match#

10/10 - Brilliant. Great entertainment
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