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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
WWF: Wrestlemania 8 [VHS]
Price:£14.95+ £2.80 shipping

on 2 November 2014
Loved this. It took me back to my childhood. Thankyou
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on 6 January 2004
Many Describe this PPV as the best ever
here are the matches and what i thought of them
Tito Santana vs. Shawn michaels
Not a bad Match but you have to keep in mind that in the early 90's and all the 80's they thought they could just have about three or four good matches then the rest of the card would just have to be acceptable 3/5
The Undertaker vs. Jake Roberts
Entairtaining but ot what it could have been 3/5
Intercontinental Title
Roddy Piper vs. Bret hart
What do you expect from a Bret Hart Intercontinental Title match
absolutely fantastic joint match of the night with the title match
8 man tag match
Sgt Slaughter, Jim Duggan, Bossman and Virgil
the Nasty Boys, the Mountie and the repo man
I thought it should have been a bit longer but its gets godd near the end when everything just breaks down and everyone beats the hell out of each other but that only lasts about 20 seconds
WWF Championship Match
Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage
I thought this was one of the best wrestlemania matches ever fantastic theres blood near falls interfereance everything you could want out of a match but it should have been the main event
WWF Tag team championship Match
The natural disasters vs. Money Inc.
It was slow and boring worst match of the night it was even worse than owen hart vs. skinner and that only lasted for about
30 seconds or less plus it ended by countout bot what do you expect from a tag title match at wrestlemania
Owen hart vs. skinner
I think they just through this in before the main event because there was time left totally pointless
Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice
If this had happened earlier in the show it would have been OK but it was the main event i think its just stupid to have the main event of wrestlemaniaend in Dq but someone said They Only did that in the last minute or something because sid was leaving for WCW but still with the out of the way Randy savage vs. Flair could have been one of the best mania main events ever
Overall i would give it 8/10
Had Two ofn the greatest matches of all time with the exception of jake roberts vs. the undertaker and the 8 man tag the undercard was crap but i only bought for the title match and the intercontinental title match
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on 28 April 2008
Wrestlemania VIII saw the passing of the torch from the old guard to the new breed with the younger guys getting the job done. This event is notable for two classic matches. Firstly, the Bret Hart vs Piper IC title match was very well worked. Bret took a kicking and the two traded technique and brawling very smoothly. It was clear that these two knew each other well and the chemistry was great. Bret really got over after this match. The second was between two of the greats, Flair vs Savage. They didn't have much time to prepare a story but if Flair and Savage can't put on a good match together then nobody can. A rarely mentioned, often forgotten 5 star match. The main event was Hogan vs Flair......oh wait, that's what it should have been, that's what people wanted but Hogan had other ideas and took on Sid. The match was a bit of a mess. Papa Shango got his timing wrong and botched the ending forcing Sid to quietly kick out of the Hogan leg drop. It was nice seeing the Warrior do what he does best...running to the ring, shaking the ropes and posing.
4 Stars
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When I first saw Wrestlemania VIII in the spring of 1992 I was ten years old. Then, i thought it was fantastic as Wrestlemanias always are. But now I can appreciate the event even more. The show is so smooth with simply unbelievably well worked wrestling matches. The atmosphere at this Wrestlemania was also different. The arena gave the event so much as the night grew older.
Looking at past Wrestlemanias, especially those in the eighties and early nineties, makes you so nostalgic. These early Wrestlemanias, unlike the present day when we have twelve PPVs a year and four shows a week (including HeAt and Jakked/Metal here), gave the climax to the year. When the guys that had had a grudge for months got to fight it out for the first time in the main event. It was the night that the fans got what they wanted and the task for Vinnie Mac and co. was to present it in the best way.
Everything about this Wrestlemania is fantastic. With a double main event of Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair (names like that it has to be good) and Hogan vs. Sid Justice. The first was an old fashioned grudge match for the WWF Title. The background being that Flair and his 'advisor' Mr. Perfect had doctored photos of Savage's wife, Elizabeth, with Flair. Savage finally got his hands on Flair at Wrestlemania.
The final match of the evening was Hogan/Justice. A situation of Hogan prevailing against all odds against Justice who had promised Hogan prior to the night that he would finally end Hulkamania. Before this match there is an interesting clip of Hogan being interviewed by Vince McMahon, before Vince made it clear to the fans that he was the owner of the company (most people knew anyway but I have to say I didn't at the time, I was ten). The end to this match may not mean much to newer fans, but at the time this had almost without a doubt been the most unexpected end to a Wrestlemania in history. Also look out for Papa Shango, the man who is now known as the Godfather.
But aside from the main event the best match of the night I believe was for the Intercontinental Title between Bret Hart and Roddy Piper. I personally consider this match to be in my top five greatest matches of all time. It is a face vs face match (fan favourite v fan favourite) which made it interesting to begin. Apart from the fantastically well worked match one of the best, if not the best aspect, was the commentary from the late Gorilla Monsoon and in particular Bobby Heenan. Heenan as the heel or bad guy commentator initially hated the match as a face v face. There would be nothing for him to talk about as he hated both guys and he didn't care who won or lost. As the match progressed into somewhat of a bloodthirsty affair, Heenan got more and more into the match in classic fashion that only he could pull off. Throughout the night the commentary is really top class as Monsoon and Heenan's chemistry is electric.
Other things to look out for is a Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels early in his singles career with Sensational Sherri as his manager. If you think his entrance music now is good, listen to its original. Also there is a classic, if not short, show of class by the late, great Owen Hart.
A long review but I had to air my feelings on what has to be one of the greatest shows the WWF has ever presented. In short this video is a must for any hardcore wrestling fan. Just simply buy it.
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on 19 May 2001
I read that this was the best wrestlemania of all time. It is. The highlights are the superb commentary from the best two commentators that the WWF has had, and the title-match between flair and savage. Hogan disappoints in the second main event against Sid, the only real feature of this match is the return of the Ultimate Warrior. Some of the other matches are superb, namely the Shawn Michaels match and the Undertaker match, but the quality o0f all of the matches are very high. this is the best of old school wrestling. fantastic
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on 12 September 2003
This was the first WM I ever saw & holds a special place in me & my Brother Ted’s hearts. It has everything Hogan, Warrior, Hart, Piper, Flair, Savage, Michaels, Jake & Taker. It takes you back to a time when things were so different Hogan was wreslting, Bush was in the White House, War in Iraq & a Guns N Roses album was due out. Well maybe thing aint changed that much after all.
Flair v Savage is one of the best matches at a Mania (only beaten in my opinion by Austin v Hart @X3, Savage v Warrior @7 & Michaels v Ramon @X), Piper v Hart is right up there too. It still holds up with newer WM's, even with classic WM's like 4, 7, X, X3, X4, X7 & X8 it sticks out as the pinnacle of the Hogan era, especially as it was followed by the rank WM9(any event that involves Giant Gonzalez & Chloroform is just asking for trouble!)
The true brilliance is the commentating though, this is Gorilla Monsoon along with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's finest 3 hours. The chemistry between them is absolutely unparalleled; comparing them to even JR & The King in their prime is like apples & oranges... they are just simply head & shoulders above the rest
Personally this is the one Mania I wish they would bring out on DVD as 1992 was an awesome year for the pre-PPV feuds especially the Flair, Perfect, Savage, Warrior angle! The DVD extras would have been awesome, but thanks to the evil folk at the World Wide Fund for Nature (which by the way abbreviates to WWFN!) we will never see it. I will never forgive the WWF(N!) for forcing the change upon them & curse pandas anytime I get the chance as a symbol of my disgust at their blatant disregard for my childhood!
It is, was, & always will be the WWF! What the World is watching!
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on 5 March 2001
i remember wathcing wm8 live, in 1992, i was 9 at the time, and on tv they broadcast hulk hogan films before the actual wrestlemania which made it all the more special. In summary watch Bret HArt Vs Roddy Piper, probably the best match i have seen in my 13 years of watching the wwf, and the finishing move used to win the match is amazing. Ric flair Vs Macho man is a 30 min classic and has ever move imaginable and Hulk Vs Sid is a mammoth event despite 4 months worth of hype. The double main event made this the best wrestle mania ever, no exaggeration.
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on 3 August 2000
Hogan vs Sid (see the warrior return) not much to say just buy it and you will enjoy the video
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on 12 July 2000
This is a W.M of the highest quality for many reasons: 1.The commentary all the way through is just the best you'll ever hear-This is Monsoon and Heenan at their very very best! 2.Its the W.M debut of Shaun Micheals as a solo wrestler(any match with HBK has to be top class!) 3.W.M 8 has a double main event(both of which are great!) 4.The Area used was magical in itself! The list goes on but if you are a real WWF fan you sould have this in your collection.
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