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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
The Rescuers (Disney) [VHS]
Format: VHS Tape|Change
Price:£9.98+ £2.80 shipping

on 4 January 2014
I have always been a huge fan of the film's sequel Rescuers Down Under, with this one always merely being fun to me, however I was still excited when heard this was getting the blu ray treatment, and I was not disappointed.

Film - the film itself is a classic, and contains an interesting balance between the sweeter side of Disney as well as some of it's darker more forgotten about elements that push the limits of a child-friendly film. However that said, having grown up watching this and darker installments, I don't think it would have any lasting effect and if anything works as an ideal starter for your child to grow curious about darker films as they get older.

Transfer - the transfer looks great, with only minor distraction being how crisp and clear the visuals looked mixed with the slightly scruffy line art style of film characters itself, but this is easy to settle in to.

Extras - comes with a deleted song, sing-a-long, and two animated shorts which are relatively fun for a fan. As well as an introduction to Blu Ray with Timon & Pumbaa, and of course the Disney Movie Rewards card to redeem on the site and earn points towards a free title.

So overall, although this is not the most amazing visually, or crammed with extras of the Disney catalogue, if you enjoy the film or wish simply to see how it holds up, this is notably superior to the dvd equivelant, and worth the money spent.
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on 23 March 2010
"The Rescuers" is still a movie shown to animation students everywhere; the animation in it is simply that stupendous and magical. This 1977 animated movie still delivers. Strong characters and story help it to shine as brightly today as the diamond on which the whole story centres.

At the Rescue Aid Society in New York (beneath the UN Headquarters), a message in a bottle pleading for help is examined. Bianca, a foreign representative, takes the case and selects timid but moral janitor Bernard for the job. They set out to find the girl, Penny, and help her all they can. That the two are mice won't distract them from dealing with larger-than-life foes such as the incredible Medusa, her bumbling partner-in-crime Snoops and alligators Brutus and Nero. Penny, whom Medusa uses to search for the legendary diamond the Devil's Eye due to her small size, needs all the help she can get. But the Rescuers are up against formidable foes.

The Rescuers is a short movie, only about 75 minutes, but it packs its punch into its short time frame. The characters really make the movie shine. Bernard and Bianca work wonderfully together, as does the troupe of supporting characters such as the swamp rodents. The only character I don't like is the mosquito whose name I keep forgetting, and who has a large part in the movie. Penny is adorable and we totally feel for her in the horrible situation she finds herself in.

However, the star of the movie is Medusa, the sort of character who only occurs once in cinema. She is despicable and repulsive, yet beautifully so; she is fascinatingly and charismatically evil. Here is a person who has pet alligators and deals with rodents by shooting them with a shotgun. Geraldine Paige nails the voice role, but it's the animators who bring her so fantastically to life. Disney was using another sort of production style at the time, where they xeroxed their drawings, resulting in the rough pencil style also seen in the Aristocats and Robin Hood. Some reviewers here don't like it, and I couldn't disagree with them more. I personally love this style, as it draws out the true rawness and beauty of the animation; it isn't trying to hide the draftsmanship behind it all. As I stated above, The Rescuers is still noted for its animation. More than once, in my animation school, have my teachers liked to show us Medusa's first clip, on which you could model a whole animation class. Medusa's gestures, moves, looks and little mannerisms represent a level of animation that only a master can stout at possessing. What did you expect, from someone like Milt Kahl? All this makes Medusa not only a marvel in animation, but a timeless and electric character that will live on in our minds for a long, long time.

Interestingly, the villains in the movie attracted all the best animators. Not only Medusa but her "sweetheart" Snoops is fantastic. Pet alligators Brutus and Nero are then simply astounding, doing for animal animation what Medusa does for human animation. The scene where they're playing the organ is simply delicious to behold.

The Rescuers is an amazing animated movie for the ages. It's got something for everyone; great story, awesome characters, stupendous animation (which brings both of the aforementioned to life). This is one of those times when animation fully reveals its potential. Let it be forever heralded.
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 November 2007
'The Rescuers' signalled a shift in the Disney Studio to more original titles - a good move given that, while the likes of 'Robin Hood' and 'The Aristocats' were nice films, they lacked the originality of earlier films. This 1977 outing also perfected the Xerox inking process, meaning that the yucky dark lines which took away the round and softness of the Disney artwork for former films was gone. Instead, the film looks that bit more modern and was a step in the right direction.

One aspect of the film which differed greatly was the music, which had been inspired by a more popular sounding construct, rather than the more 'traditional' nature of previous films. The result is lovely and very much down to Earth.

Storyline is easy to follow - a small society of mice have one job; to help people in distress. One night, they receive a message in a bottle calling for help, and with our heroin French mouse (making it easier on the ear than the compulsory yank voices) the most eager to take on the job, she brings along her friend, a Janitor mouse normally, for their adventure. And so the story unfolds.. who sent the letter? And how do they find the victim?...

I can't help but be straight to the point with this review for a number of reasons, including the fact that others have already outlined the film wonderfully. A problem with its history, like many other Disney classics that get poor treatments, is that their is little documentation on the films history. One that is renown however concerns the films production, and the editing of just 2 'frames' in which one member of staff back in 1977 placed a photograph of a topless lady on the background painting of a building, just creeping through a window. This image got photographed into the final film, resulting in a VHS recall after just 3 days of the films release! A hilarious circumstance in reality, though I'm sure the camera men paid the price.

This Blu-ray can only be describe as an interesting release. Why 'interesting'? Up to now (with the exception of a couple) Disney's classic films have been given a pristine treatment that has, essentially, gone beyond restoration and into the realms of enhancement in order to present the artwork as if it were freshly laid as intended. The Rescuers, whilst still given the Reliance Media treatment, has not been given that 'pristine' treatment.

Is it all the better for it? Yes and no. On the plus side, what we have here is a beautifully faithful transfer of the original film elements. Grain is present and has not been eliminated, cel dust, dirt and other anomalies within the photography are also present, meaning that the only thing absent is actual damage/artefacts to the film elements themselves. The colour grading is also perfect for the period and, as with most restorations, benefits from a much tighter contrast. The overall result looks wonderfully naturally.

The question then is why have Disney singled this title out for such treatment, when even Robin Hood has undergone 'pristine' work. My only guess comes down to the popularity of the movies themselves, and whilst The Rescuers was an important release for the Disney Studio, it won't gross as much money as other titles. Disney couldn't even be bothered to change the artwork from the original DVD, so that sums things up really...

Combined with a lack of special features and an odd price that doesn't justify the content, this is quite an odd release. Is it worth upgrading? I would have to say yes, given the improvements in picture quality and exemplary treatment that demonstrates how faithful restoration can look. If you're only looking to build up a collection of Disney Blu-ray titles and the movie isn't special to you, then you may want to reconsider.
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on 9 July 2016
I remember this from when I was a child and it is still a nice film to watch even if it is a tad dated now. My 6yr old sat and watched this despite there not being any big musical numbers or Princesses so definitely worth a shot.
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on 11 March 2017
Great dvd
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on 4 September 2015
Thank you for my item i so enjoy The Rescuers this one and the 2 rd one i have to say this is so worth buying and i got my item safely though the post thank you and all age's will so enjoy this DVD too
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on 15 May 2016
Only remember seeing clips of this film, so I wanted to watch it from beginning to end...
Enjoyed it, Great for everyone who loves Disney movies.
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on 23 January 2012
Just bought this for my 6 year old and he absolutely loved it. I think we are all so used to CGI cartoons that it takes a moment to adjust to the 'old-fashioned' cartoons! The story is simple, the characters are beautifully drawn, the voice casting good and there are enough funny bits to amuse the little ones. Having seen this film myself years ago I had forgotten the scene with the mice flying out of the musical organ. My son thought this was hilarious. I'd recommend this for those who want to remember the charm of hand-drawn cartoons whilst keeping the young ones amused.
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on 19 February 2018
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on 2 October 2017
Very pleased with this item, very fast delivery and will make a great gift for my daughter for Christmas.
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