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HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon 28 September 2016
This 1989 film starring Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman is a gentle exploration of a developing relationship between the two main characters that started with mistrust and rejection and ends with close friendship and a reversal of roles.

Following a car accident at her own home, Miss Daisy's son arranges for her to have a permanent chauffeur. This is totally resisted by the wealthy Miss Daisy who is both highly independent and colour prejudiced. Her chauffeur is a man of considerable charm and patience, totally honest and reliable. Over the course of the film, which spans decades of social turmoil in the US, the nature of the relationship changes as it becomes evident that both are social outcasts and where both can gain mutual benefit from looking after each other. This is as far as one can go without being a 'spoiler.'

One cannot imaging the sensitive plot being handled with more sympathy or empathy than here and that is why the film has such a high reputation an considerable following. However, this review is not intended to discuss the actual film as by now it will have both its supporters and detractors. Entering into those conflicts is not the purpose of the review which is aimed squarely at the many supporters of this film.

Essentially, for all of those who are keen supporters of this film and who have bought the previous DVD version of this disc, the only issue of vital importance will be whether the Blu-ray offers an improvement technically sufficient to justify the additional expense.

For this reviewer the answer is a clear affirmative. The upgrade offers a clear advance on both image and audio quality with the imaging being a marked improvement. The colours are firmer and there is an increase to the perceived depth of the imaging. The whole film simply becomes more 'real.' The film, which is so concerned with close characterisation, benefits considerably from this enhancement of reality.

The degree of improvement experienced from this BD will also inevitably depend on the replay equipment used. The following technical information is intended to be a guide to aid in assessment.

The screen used for this review is only of moderate dimensions being a 40 inch television screen. However, the television is a high performing 4K unit which delivers a compensating positive effect. The moderate screen size lacks the impact of larger screens but is less critical of film faults.

However, the contributing player is, unusually, able to separate the audio and visual HDMI signals before they leave separately to the television and pre-amp. That feature enhances both the visual and audio elements of the output. The audio, not so critical in the case, delivers an unusually wide-ranging and revealing performance. Its precision is equally revealing of film scores.

Readers with alternative equipment will have to interpret this review bearing in mind their own equipment and its comparative advantages and disadvantages.

The disc offers purchasers with suitable replay equipment a substantial improvement over the previous DVD.

In summary this BD is a transfer from good quality 1989 film stock and has responded well to the upgrade and well worth considering. This justifiably very popular film is a good example of the advantages of the BD option and can be confidently considered for purchase.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 December 2014
Georgia – the Deep South, a Jewish family have their own business, the mother, (Miss Daisy), an ex-school teacher, is struggling with her driving skills as she gets older. Eventually she is persuaded, by her son, to have a chauffeur, but she’s not going to do it willingly!
The film touches on racial prejudice, but it is very slight and not hard hitting at all.
The film is about a ‘begrudging bond’ that perhaps one day will be acknowledged?
There are many charming moments to this film and none better than when Hoke (Morgan Freeman), approaches the son (Dan Ackroyd), angling for a pay rise – this is just brilliant!
This is just a lovely film to allow to unfold in front of you – it won’t get you off of the edge of your seat but it is a very satisfying experience.
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on 13 May 2011
Driving Miss Daisy.

I have seen this on TV a couple of times and it is among my top 6 favourite films, Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman - how could it be bad! It is very touching to see the true frienship grow between two people from very different backgrounds, at firat their realtionship is employer and employee and fair to say a bit cool - and Miss Daisy tolerates him as she can no longer drive safely - but we see all this change gradually and they indeed become close friends - it is very touching,and the performances from the two of them are incredible, she teaches him to read and write, and he looks after her and they understand each other totally - it is not sentimental but truly a lovely story of true friendship between two opposites - highly recommended I love it.
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on 17 May 2014
I am a bloke. If ever you wanted a non-bloke film, this is pretty much it. It's got nothing in it I should like (apart from a hell of a story, beautifully told; that's my non-blokish bit; no crash-bang-wallop, no sports, no sex). I fell over most of it about 20 years ago; it enchanted me. Filling up my dvd collection, I realised there was a Daisy shaped hole in it & ordered it. I've just watched it & it's enchanted me all over again. You need more of a recommendation than that?
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on 16 November 2017
A nice easy film to watch the characters Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy portrayed there parts well. It had a great surprise at the end and a really good film to watch which you could do again and again.
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on 26 January 2018
Fab movie, I am middle age and I introduced my 12 yr old daughter to it, she loved it, witty and moving, no language or slang or sexual innuendo, most films these days even some pg have way too much grown up content, more like this should be made.
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on 2 February 2018
Love the fisty old lady( Miss Daisey) & her driver great actor Morgan Freeman.
Very funny,great acting from both actors as time goes by by the different cars used.
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on 21 April 2018
Love this film.never tire of watching.a must. The two main characters... Morgan and Jessica.....at their best..... recommend
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on 13 September 2017
I'd seen quite a few of Morgan Freeman's later films, but not this one. Quite amazing, the unexpected character of Hoke. Magnificant performance from Jessica Tandy.
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on 12 June 2016
A much enjoyed film with outstanding performances by two top rated artists. Watching this film encouraged me to seek out other offerings that featured either of these performers. Have never been disappointed.
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