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on 29 April 2015
Fellini Satyricon (Eureka; Blu Ray;Europe B Region) - At long last, Fellini's masterpiece is released with its English speaking soundtrack! My only viewing of this film has been with its Italian, German and Spanish soundtracks and I did begin to wonder if the English dub' had been lost to posterity. My biggest fear was that it would feature those familiar awful trans-Atlantic voices used by Italian looping studios we all know so well via Giallos, Spaghetti Westerns, Exploiters etc, Thankfully 'il Maestro' protected his project by utilising theatrical talent of the quality of Sir Michael Hordern. It would be interesting to know the names of the other dubbing actors; Capucine seems to have spoken her own lines but i'm pretty sure that the voices of Encolpio and Ascilto are not those of Martin Potter and Hiram Keller. The Eureka release also differs from the region A Criterion one in that it's extras don't, unfortunately, stretch to the inclusion of the documentary, "Caiao Federico", but for hard-core fans of this Fellini classic i'll forgo that for the English soundtrack. Picture quality, as you'd expect, is superb and packaging and the Amazon price worth every penny. Take a bow Eureka. All we need now is for a full version of Stephen Soul's graphic novel, "Satyricon '70" to be reissued on Kindle.
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on 28 June 2016
Granted, this is an acquired taste.... Fellini ist not for everybody, but if you like the antiquity and quirky takes on old texts, then you will enjoy this movie. Fellini proves once more that he was a real visionary. He takes us on a roller-coaster of images and impressions - It is so visceral, it's almost as if you can smell what's going on in this movie.
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on 12 May 2015
I have had this movie on DVD for some time, weird or what. I decided to upgrade to Blu-ray and I am very pleased that I did, the picture and sound quality is excellent. This Blu-ray version I am pleased to say has an English dub version. No less weird but at least I can understand how weird.
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on 13 November 2017
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on 22 July 2015
Fantastic !
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on 2 July 2015
First time I ‘Experienced’ this movie, was by watching the – for a long time only available - MGM | 4:3 | 130 minutes - DVD edition.
It’s hard to believe now that I watched this movie in a cut screen 4:3 version, after having seen this new Wonderful restored panoramic tableau.
It’s like, you always did see the Mona Lisa only as a close up portrait, but now you discover she has hands, and there is a landscape with water and a little bridge and mountains in the background!
This had some funny consequences too – some of my favorite parts, where actors made strange and bizarre movements, are because of the bigger tableau now more in the background, I first thought they were lost.
This is a film to Watch. It’s dreamy, bizarre, colorful … a tableau vivant, full of many little details.
Pictures and movements glide from one beautiful designed setting to another, filled with experimental theater behavior.
And – Nino Rota, offers a a-typical Fellini soundtrack filled with exotic experimental world music sounds. Beautiful Atmosphere! (CD Soundtrack issued by Quartet Records!)
Don’t go for a story here (there is more than one), but for poetry.
How much I like and love this movie, I dare to admit 130 minutes is a long sit sometimes.
But now I have a movie version to watch back & again, to discover new details again and again.
It’s truth – as the director said – one can see it as a science fiction movie.
Imagine, the Greek & Roman classics issued in the S.F. Masterworks series, and you get it.
Finally in its Full restored pristine version – Thank you EUREKA – Again! A Gem in the Eureka M.O.C treasure box.
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on 6 May 2015
Welcome back old friend. I'd been thirsting (and cursing) for the Criterion edition of Satyricon but was deterred by the high import charges - now I'm so glad. The Masters of Cinema is no poor cousin. It has an (optional) English version.

*** Skip the next paragraph if you're not interested in my thought about dubbing ***

I saw the film when it first came out in 1969 at a flea-pit in Bolton. The English dub seemed a bit tacky to me as at that time I was new to Fellini and unused to his practice of being reckless in that department - in his films even the Italian dubs never follow the actor's mouths. I decided, as is my custom, to ignore the English track and follow the subs. What I found was that peripheral and background characters were saying things that weren't subtitled - indeed, so much can be going on with Fellini's cutting and roving camera and the multi-layered soundtrack that I was too busy drinking it all in to be bothered with the subs anyway. When I decided to switch to the English track I was astonished to find it was in fact in English, ie. not American (astonished? don't forget I first heard this dub 46 years ago!). I don't want to appear anti-American. It's just that the usual American voices dubbed onto European film soundtracks sounds as inappropriate as would a cast of cockneys overdubbing say, Goodfellas or Manhattan.

Anyway. Only the main characters have been dubbed and I found this to be a plus as it contributes to the effect of being surrounded by layers of strange sounds and languages, fragments of speech, mysterious hand signs, grimaces, music and rituals from another time. We're not meant to inhabit any part of Satyricon, nor are we meant to identify with any of the characters, most of whom act in the most amoral, bizarre and unpredictable ways. We are outside observers of a distant time and place whose customs and traditions have been long forgotten.

Watching this new blu-ray with it's resplendent colours, beautifully restored, I would like to thank our import duty laws for forcing me to buy a superior version of this wonderful film.
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on 18 August 2017
25 years ago this was the first film I saw on laser disc and via video projector: it was amazing then and the idea of seeing it in all it's remastered glory makes it an irresistible purchase.
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on 28 August 2002
Phew! Fellini's wild imagination runs rampant here, with a nightmare journey through a series of brothels with fat prostitutes, midgets, transexuals, a truly sickening Roman feast/orgy with stuffed pigs, a priestess who belches fire from an uncomfortable part of the anatomy, a sinister visit to the lair of the minotaur (the chanting is enough to raise the dead)and a deeply disturbing encounter with a delicate hermaphrodite. It's really too much to digest in one sitting, so I recommend viewing the movie over two days. Not for sensitive souls, but it's certainly a masterpiece of the grotesque. The only other movie that comes close is Burrough's The Naked Lunch.
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on 26 April 2017
Useless again - I thought I had ordered DVD, not Blu-Ray
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