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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2003
This album is excellent from start to finish, and it's by far the best thing Hole ever released. Their (or should I say, her) later albums, 'Live Through This' and 'Celebrity Skin' pale in comparison to this unbelievable angst-ridden, grungey, raw riot rock record. Every song on it shines but the best one is probably the title track, mainly for it's lyrical content, Courtney screeches: "Slut kiss girls won't you promise her smack? Is she pretty on the inside is she pretty from the back?" The imagery created by the lyrics is very apparent on 'Mrs. Jones': "Sister ectoplasma, she's incredulous, just like a pro she takes off her dress..." If you have never bought anything by Hole before, I would suggest buying their later stuff first (which is still really good) and if you like that, get this. If you buy this first, and then the other stuff, you will wind up disappointed, because this is far better than their later releases. You will wonder why Hole never stayed as good as they were when Courtney was singing about Teenage Whores and Babydolls. However, if you are a Hole fan and already own Live Through This and Celebrity Skin, e.t.c., then buy this and listen to Courtney, before Kurt, before Frances, before there was anything except her and her band. Hole rocked. Genius.
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on 28 September 2000
This is in my opinion Hole's best album by far. It was the first Hole album to be recorded and shows an even angrier side of Courtney than can be seen in both 'Live Through This' and the more recent (and disappointing)'Celebrity Skin'. The title track and 'Baby Doll' are my particular favourites. The choice of material in the inlay sleeve appears random, but does reflect the very nature of the music itself. Courtney once said 'I was conciously self conscious on Pretty on the Inside', well I don't know about that, but I can tell anyone: this is a work of raw genius.
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on 30 January 2005
pretty on the inside is in my opinion the best hole album released. it's just amazing. the lyrics are very beautiful- courtney is at her rawest and most passionate, she screams and sings and whispers and talks and it's great.the chaos develops into such beautiful songs.it's a magical album that everyone should own.i cant stop listening to it, it's just one of those few albums u don't get bored of. songs to listen out for are Loaded, Mrs Jones, Babydoll and Garbage man. x
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on 1 October 2006
This brief moment of shinning genius in courtney love's career will always be underated by people who just cannot cope with the embarrasing, frightening, unhinged lunacy of this womans rage. There are moments on this album (such as the moment on "Berry" when courtney raves about her abortions and screams "i kill what made" with a creepy mix of shame and defiance) that cannot be compared with anything that has ever come before it or anything since. Give this album enough time to show you its twisted beauty as the first listen is pretty overwhelming and the repeated listens will reveal an unrivalled genius in terms of the wonderfully grotesque lyrical imagery and the different layers of texture and sound. It is unique in time as the most brutally dissonant, nightmarish portal to hell ever created by a woman in music. This is a sound of a fighter who chose to out-monster the monster, to exorcise the fear and sadness and stare it down rather than go gentle into that good night. An inspiration for anyone in their blackest moments
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on 22 May 2004
I can understand people saying this album is just Courtney screaming off key with a lot of angst, but I think that's great. There is actually some amazing music on here, especially on Garbadge Man, Courtney's vocals are fantastic. It's the angriest thing I've heard to come from Hole, and after this and Live Through This I think it went all downhill from there for Courtney. My favourite songs on the album are Garbadge Man, Baby Doll and Good Sister, Bad Sister. When I first listened to it, I thought it was just loud and angry and nothing more, but then I discovered there was a lot more to this record and I recommend it to anyone who misses angry rock chicks.
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on 17 August 2011
This, in my opinion is an amazing album, and definitely the best hole album by far. I love the first sessions and pretty on thi inside, but personally think their later stuff isn't that great.
ALL the songs from pretty on the inside have been on my playlist forever, and I never get sick of any of them, so definitely go ahead and buy it.
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on 24 July 2002
Jump in a van and head to Canada for some codeine cough syrup! Hole is gonna be in town for the party! If you were to only own one Hole album, this is the one you would want for your collection. I bought this the day it came out and I still listen to it once a week. Every single song on this cd is filled with gut-wrenching vocals, dangerous drumbeats provided by Caroline Rue, and stunning lyrical imagery. This cd was made back in the days when Hole rocked. When they were a spectacle. When they were good. The cd features artwork by Jill Emery (former Hole bassist) and lead singer Courtney Love and was produced by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. Dark and heavy, this is how Hole should have stayed. If you're a true Hole fan, then you already have this. If you don't, then you better get it now..........poser!
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on 5 February 2016
This album is a masterpiece. Take any preconceptions of Courtney Love as Kurt Cobain's Widow and controversial celebrity mess, put them away and listen to her voice on this album! the primal growls, the screams, Courtney's talent is often overlooked and underrated. She is a brilliant vocalist and first class front women. The lyrics, the dark and heavy drums the guitar noise make for an album that i cant stop listening to. I started my time listening to Hole at 'Live Through this' and have got all of their albums since then. I cant believe I have waited 20 odd years to listen to this!
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on 26 December 2003
HMmmm..what can i say,buy the album,this was hole at there 'peak',and being produced with don fleming and kim gordon (WOW)This album is packed full of angst ridden vocals and pleaty of noise to keep all you grunge,noise loving fans happy,and believe me it will impress you!
courtney's vocals are very haunting,and songs stick in you'r head for weeks on end,from the noise of teenage whore to beatuy of good sister bad sister,and crazy lyrics to the self titled song pretty on the inside,its great!!!!!
a masterpiece in my opinion!!!! buy it for you'r kids for christmas!!
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on 2 December 2010
Great early Hole album...back in the days when not all artists pandered to commercialism. I liked their subsequent albums, which were progressively refined (though this is not a negative comment), but there's a rawness and pure emotion with this one...through which you can vent your anger!!!!
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