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on 3 August 2007
I can't believe I was ever a fan of this band. This album is the worst of their albums, with badly done screaming that hurts the ears and just annoys me. And no, I'm not a wimp who hates loud music, I like the loudest band ever... ManOwaR!

Of all the tracks, Tattered and Torn is the worst of the lot, followed by No Life. I cannot begin to say how awful those two tracks are. If anything, No Life is heavy rap and Tattered and Torn is not even music at all. It sounds so random it's stupid. Me Inside follows the same plague as No Life and Eyeless has some repetitive screaming "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes". And apparantly the song is all about a madman who the band saw running and shouting that same line I just mentioned above. What a pathetic theme to base a song on.

My most recent listen:

742617000027 is just stupid sampling, pointless. Then (Sic) follows which I don't care for, but it's definitely one of the better tracks.

Eyeless was a track that I always hated, I never understood why it got so much praise and I still hate it just as much as I always did.

Wait and Bleed is not as awful as Eyeless but it's still a badly done song, lacking any sort of musical talent one of the best metal songs should have (On VH1 it was considered one of the best metal songs ever, and its not even metal). Way overrated. The amount of chorus repetition gets annoying after a while.

Surfacing is the album's strongest track. The guitaring at the start is actually good but once the vocals break in you realize its just another average Slipknot song.

Spit it Out is part OK and part horrible. The chorus is one of the few bits of this album that I don't dislike, but the rap verses really wreck the song. Still one of the better tracks though.

Tattered and Torn is AWFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I could write an essay about how bad it is. If you can call it a song you clearly need a hearing test. It's horrible. Just listen to the intro and Corey's repetitive whispering screaming. Noise.

Me Inside is also terrible. Loads of screaming, and when he does sing, it sounds really bad.

Liberate is still rubbish, but it's far from the previous two tracks. At least it leaves a bit of hope.

Prosthetics is totally primitive. It sounds horrible, very badly made. A failed attempt at being original.

No Life is the second worst song on the album. The rap vocals really don't do anything for me and there's hardly any music in there.

Diluted is one that I can put up with, just. It's not bad at all, and is way better than Prosthetics, both of which are original. It does get annoying if you keep it on for too long though.

Only One is one of the better songs. The screaming actually sounds alright but the rap verses really ruin it.

Scissors may be 8 minutes long but it's pointless. Slipknot should learn what talent is before writing 8 minute songs. Their next album had a 15-minute song that wasn't much better than this.

Eeyore is the average song on here. Repetitive screaming, I don't know why I don't think it's one of the worst on here. Not really worth being a hidden track though. And by the way, do not listen to anyone that recommends Metallica over this. Metallica is just as bad.

Tracklisting (best to worst):
Only One
Spit it Out
Wait and Bleed
Me Inside
No Life
Tattered and Torn

Track lengths:

(Sic) 3:19
Eyeless 3:56
Wait and Bleed 2:27
Surfacing 3:37
Spit it Out 2:39
Tattered and Torn 2:53
Me Inside 2:39
Liberate 3:06
Prosthetics 4:58
No Life 2:47
Diluted 3:22
Only One 2:26
Scissors 8:22
Eeyore ?

Luckily the tracks are not too long. Anyway, don't buy it. If you have £10 to spend get one of these:

3 Inches of Blood - Fire up the Blades
Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Edguy - Hellfire Club
Epica - The Divine Conspiracy
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
Judas Priest - Painkiller
ManOwaR - Into Glory Ride
Turisas - Battle Metal

Your money is much better spent on those.
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on 25 October 2007
Lots of people say that only `spotty kids' listen to Slipknots music (and that it isn't really music at all).

Well, I'm a well educated, self-employed 28 yr old, who has recently bought this album (along with `Iowa' and `The Subliminal Verses'). And all I can say is, that it's absolutely brilliant.

This will go down in heavy metal history as one of THE greatest albums ever made.

Slipknot are one of those bands (along with others [in my opinion]: Nirvana, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, and Green Day) that defied convention. They created music in a style that they wanted to hear, and to stuff anyone else. They merge heavy metal with nu-metal with death metal, with heavy punk - in short - groundbreaking.

A lot has/is written about what Slipknots' songs are all about. But if you research what they say their intention was, and study the lyrics for yourself - you'll begin to see how poetic and intelligent, the songs actually are, through the beautifully crafted angry lyrics.

It's not mindless noise, you couldn't get any random person off the street to produce an album like this (unlike Pop music with `X-Factor' et al).

Definitely worth a listen.
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on 21 July 2008
Well i'm 17 years old I'm a massive metalhead my favourite bands are Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, Manowar, Slayer & Metallica(& Megadeth same spot). I like any music I don't care what genre it is as long as I like it, and this debut by Slipknot aint that good. All the songs here sound too similar the riffs are aswell too similar. Though Corey Taylor is indeed an awesome vocalist it doesn't show it here. I mean Slipknot are a good band just listen to Vol. 3 Subliminal Verses that's brilliant (maybe has something to do with Rick Rubin the producer).

Best songs here for me are Eyeless & Wait And Bleed. Oh and what is that so called guitar playing at the start of Surface is that supposed to be a solo? Whatever it is it sounds terrible.

This just is too repetitive Coreys vocals(shouting) just gets so annoying after about 2 seconds it sounds the same all the time though when he sings it sounds good but doesn't sing alot. Now I do like shouting vocals it just has to be good like Slayer's Tom Araya. I suggest If you're new to Slipknot buy Vol. 3 Subliminal Verses well worth cehcking out.

This is a weak debut and Slipknot are certainly not the best metal band not by a long shot. Oh too "M Gandolof" I can find plenty albums better suited to pent your anger up to here it is Testament - The Formation Of Damnation, Slayer - Reign In Blood, Metallica - And Justice For All, Devildriver - The Last Kind Words, Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The Wake, Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power, Megadeth - Peace Sells, But Whos Buying! I could name so many more but I've already proved my point. Rock On!!!!
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on 4 May 2011
The darlings of the nu-metal explosion, Slipknot ruled all that was metal at the turn of the century. They were fresh, vigorous and had anger and youthful exuberance coming out the wazoo. And they had eminent marketability. Their music was a sort of mixture between death metal, rap metal and hardcore with a bit of drum and bass for atmosphere. And their look, whatever your opinion of it, forced them into the public consciousness and garnered them fans from across the globe. From underground Iowan alternatives they soon became mainstream metal icons and surprisingly also became extremely good musicians and songwriters. Makes me think that maybe the hype was slightly engineered and these guys were always marked for greatness. However, at the present (2011), they are 4 albums into their career and riding the wave of success and reverence. In years to come teenagers from a decade ago will be mentioning them in nostalgic ephemera in the same breath as Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath et al. On the evidence of their last 2 albums this will be justified. Their debut, however, was less than classic, musically.

After the great looped opening recording '(sic)' kicks in with the power of a demolition ball. It seems to crush all who went before and was the best track to come first. It showed their intent as well as their mastery of turning powerchords into something quite classical. The track itself is not a world-beater but it wins primarily because of its overall effect. 'Eyeless' is more akin to punk than metal (nu or otherwise) or possibly hardcore. It is another excellent, raw, catchy without being mainstream tune. Then 'Wait & Bleed' appears and stuns the socks of you. It needs no critique as it rightly seen as one of their altime best tracks. It's an anti-single single. 'Surfacing' adds some drum and brass into the mix and is a welcome, if not wholly effective, effort. 'Spit it Out' is the angry classic and it is a great, effervescent track.

Unfortunately, after the opening greatness the rest of the album submits to sameyness and mediocrity, which is odd for a band marketed as game-changers. 'Tattered & Torn' is dull and dirgey. 'Me Inside' is forgettable and average. 'Liberate' and 'Prosthetics' are ok I suppose but when compared to 'Wait & Bleed' or the storming opener they pall. The only other track of any merit is the closer 'Scissors' although that's not really A* either.

Not a complete failure but far worse than many made it out to be. It is no classic in musical terms although it does mark the beginning of sorts of a particularly interesting revival in the metal scene, one that still exists today. And it introduced us to a bunch of complete metal heads that turned into a very serious band indeed.
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on 29 September 2009
A truly dreadful CD by a band that was clearly formed as a drunken joke / performance act. This was awful 10 years ago and a re-release is a waste of time. The DVD is like a bad episode of "Jackass" and the music videos are almost as boring as the tracks. All very silly and VERY juvenile.
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on 24 July 2001
I got this CD when I was first getting into metal music and it absolutely blew me away! It was so fast and so heavy - like Limp Bizkit on speed!
I had heard how heavy Slipknot were but when the intro came on I thought people had just been taking the p***, and then (sic) kicked in out of nowhere and I thought my ears were about to explode! From then on I didn't know what to think... it's total insanity!! After repeated listens though you can really appreciate the hip-hop and drum'n'bass influences and because there is nine of them there is so much going on that you will pick up new stuff in the background just about every listen.
The standout tracks are (sic), Eyeless, Wait and Bleed, Spit It Out, No Life, Diluted and Get This......... well, Ok, that's like half the album but every song is so good you just can't pick favourites!
Slipknot's image definitely suits their music - absolutely mental!! although it has taken over from the music a little, which is the exact opposite of it's original purpose, and if ou read Corey's lyrics, you'll realise it's not there to cover up a lack of talent, like Insane Klown Posse (or whatever they're called) but it actually joins really well with the music to create probably the best thrash metal band around.
Whatever you do though, don't listen to the people who say they are just a "wannabe" extreme metal act - people with that much ignorance don't deserve an album this good - and there's so much melody in here you'll be singing the songs for days afterwards - that is, once you get past the initial "F***IN' HELL!!!" stage!
Trust me - you NEED this album!!!
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on 1 July 2001
In reply to most of the reviews I have read to this and the original version, NO this is not the heaviest album in the world. There are many albums far heavier than this. But I am in no way putting down Slipknot, they happen to be my favourite band alongside Tool. It was originally Slipknot who got me into metal, and this album has been in and out of (mostly in) my CD player for about 2 years now. There is no bad tracks on this album, and IMHO no fillers either. The intro sets the atmosphere perfectly, and then (sic) hits at 100mph with an aural assault on your eardrums. There are some lighter more commercial tracks (eg. Wait & Bleed) but generally the CD retains the heaviness and edge of (sic). In my opinion the best track on the album is the hidden track Eeyore. Having said all this, the album does no justice to the incredible experience of seeing Slipknot live which I'm happy to say I have had.
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on 16 February 2000
Slipknot are possibly the best band to come out of the nu-metal scene since Korn released their first album. Whilst bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit have gone softer and absorbed hip hop into their sound, Slipknot do no such thing - their music is brutal and unrelenting. Showing hatred for absolutely EVERYTHING, especially in the lyrics for songs like "Surfacing", their compassion for their music is fantastic. Brutality is the order of the day, most evident on the songs "Sic" and "Surfacing", but also throughout the entire album. Standout tracks are the first five excluding the intro ("Sic", "Eyeless", "Wait And Bleed", "Surfacing" and "Spit It Out"), plus "Purity", "Liberate", "Prosthetic", and "Scissors", as well as the bonus tracks "Me Inside" and "Get This" and the hidden track "Eeyore". Easily the best album of last year, and with a sold out UK tour and writing for the second album underway already, the best is quite possibly yet to come.
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on 14 March 2000
Considering I'm a fan of everything from Nirvana to Public Enemy to D'Angelo to Pitchshifter, I felt that be looking at Slipknot, that I wouldn't like the music (the sucker that I am!) Then I saw them on TFI Friday, and the performance blew me away, literally! So, I borrowed the album off a mate, and to my suprise, I really enjoyed it! The songs are beautifaully constructed with some great production work on it. The songs are even quite catchy and memorable, with the lyrics sticking out like a Steps fan at one of their concerts. Corey clearly indicates all his anger, and like other metal 'grunt' singers i.e. the guy out of Pantera, don't know his name, have got really good voices! What is the world coming too! Metal guys with sweet voices.
This album will chane your perception of everything on this planet, for certain!
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on 7 June 2001
OK, I listened to my friend's copy fully expecting to hate it, thinking "Hype Merchants" BUT... it really does grow on you. They are not as one dimensional as you might expect and while their sound is definitley an aural assault, they carry it off. The drums are some of the fastest I have heard and work well with the heavy sound. The 'knot are also in possesion of a good scratching DJ, unlike many bands doing the rounds at the moment, so all in all I was quite impressed. The vocalist of the band will never win any songwriting awards but for pure energy you can't fault him, and he even makes some growling sounds that are quite fun to try and sing along with. I would recommend having a listen before you buy but try and be open minded or you may be doing yourself out of a refreshing, energetic brew.
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