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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars

on 11 March 2015
Thank you
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on 12 January 2013
Great album, builds as it goes along, even after all these years it sounds as fresh as it did when first released
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on 21 February 2005
If you got all the Deep Dish mix CDs that are available out there and stuck them in a pile with the best at the top, this is the CD that would be sat at the top of the pile. Just edges ahead of their Renaissance mix for the 'best thing the Dishly one have ever offered' award 2005, a highly coveted award that was invented by me about 5 minutes ago.
So whats so good about it? It could be breadth of sounds and tempos that the Dish straddle over this 2 CD epic, deep house from Departure Lounge, techy progressive from Underworld and Oliver Lieb, phat funky breaks from LoFi Allstars? Could it be the fact that this was when the Yoshitoshi/Deep Dish output was at its finest; Dish remixes of Brother Brown, Morel, their own Mohammed Is Jesus tracks and highlights from their own label such as Lexicon Avenues deep and gorgeous Here I Am? Perhaps it was because this had the duos mixing skills at their finest; the atmospheric intro with the Dancing In Outer Space acapellas, the way the tempo starts to shift upwards with the arrival of Here I Am, or even the mashing up live remixes with two copies of Underworld, Morel and (shockingly) Culture Club on the go?
Its not any one of those reasons, its all of them. A landmark mix that has yet to be bettered by Ali & Sharam. GU:Toronto and Renaissance mixes came close to former glories and Yoshiesque 2 was good but lost its way in places. This, however, is the one mix to rule them all. You know this mix has the touch of gold if they can take the rather gufftastic Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? and turn it into a dark little progressive monster. Those who own the vinyl will known that the original breakdown on the track is a bit nausiating. This is a mix at a moment in time when everything came together in absolute perfection, I just wished a follow up to Junk Science had been knocked up in this period in time rather than the HUGE remix output they embarked on.
This is the ultimate Dish, you will get no better.
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on 2 April 2016
Pile of crap as a whole! Some great individual tunes though. No flow, no journey! As music has progressed so have deep dish this is to much cheese on toast for me!
Don't waste your penny's....

Start your journey with deep dish and dubfire, forget sharam.. From GU Moscow onwards, and perhaps yoshiesque two disc 2
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on 3 October 2003
A landmark compilation for Deep Dish, raved about in the press, loved by the music buyers everywhere ... this was their BIG mix. Coming from their own label, Deep Dish had complete control of what they wanted their mix to be about and sound like. From the way the first disc opens, you know you're in for a bit of a special ride. The ominous spacey chords of Jark Prongo set against the accapella of Dancing In Outer Space, this mix lets you know exactly where it wants to take you from moment one. Deep funky house music from Departure Lounge and Lexicon Avenue lead you into the big anthem sounds of Under The Water. The entire mix has the stamp of 'Deep Dish approved' on it. The swingy drums of H2O - All Over Your Face and Chiapet - Westworld, the chunky Music With A Feel from Jark Prongo, the evil bass of Joystick -Listen (Do You Hear It?) and Deep Dish themselves popping up in several places with their own and remix productions. Hell, they even manage to make the Culture Club track sound pretty damn wicked!
Whether its moving from funky house music to vibrant breaks to spacey electronic grooves to tough and techy bangers, there is something for everyone. Deep Dish mix up a storm, the mix is consistantly wicked all the way through, never losing flow, never jumping erratically from style to style, a nice mix of instrumental groovers and top notch vocal tracks ... and damn, its got a certain amount of grit to it! I would point out a list of the standout tracks from this but I'd just be copying and pasting everything above down here (even though alot of the artist names are missing!), no fillers at all.
You can no wrong in picking yourself a copy of this up, theres plenty of Deep Dish out there now, but this is definately one of the best.
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on 3 February 2003
Although I already had "Junk Science" this mix really familiarised me with Deep Dish and no other CD has spent as much time in my Hi-Fi. Although they produced a more progressive, even British-sounding mix for Global Underground, I feel that Yoshiesque is more representative of their sound and provides a perfect flavour of what their Yoshitoshi label is all about.
CD1 is the superior of the two, it encapsulates all the various moods you'd expect from a Deep Dish set - starting off funky, then moving into shimmering deep house, before becoming more upbeat and finishing off in a more progressive vein. The direction and the manner in which Dubfire and Sharam effortlessly glide from one genre to the next is fantastic - it really is the perfect mix. The Atmosfear/Jark Prongo opening is totally spine-tingling and sets things up dramatically. Following soon after is the Deep Dish remix of "Under the Water" by Brother Brown. They've done a lot of outstanding remixes but I reckon this tops them all. Compared to the original it contains so much emotion and utilises the vocals so well, It's not hard to see why artists like Madonna and Justin Timberlake are queuing up to receive the DD treatment.
The main body of the mix consists of a number of lush, dreamy deep house tracks before the banging "Music With A Feel" takes things into more upbeat territory. The superb "Mohammad Is Jesus" keeps the tempo up before the final three tunes provide a more trancey finale with only "Rollercoaster" by Amoeba Assasin slightly disrupting the flow.
CD2 seemed to me to be slightly more haphazard with less direction. This may be due to the selection of a number of vocal tunes, with no one clear sound emerging. However it still has its moments - you won't believe Billie Ray Martin could be made to sound so good, and Deep Dish's reworking of "Music In My Mind" (originally a drum'n'bass tune) sounds like it comes from another planet.
The quality of the mixing itself is high and the 1st CD in particular captures everything that is good about a Deep Dish set. This CD proves why Deep Dish are one of the top DJ/producer acts in the world.
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on 24 June 2005
The Benchmark mix from messers Ali and Sharam, it was the 1st mix of theirs I ever heard, which I bought in 1999, on the back of a glowing mixmag review, ever since Deep Dish have been without a doubt my fave dance dj's.
Yoshiesque is a far more funky "regular" house mix compared to the later Global Underground mixes (which are also 5 star albums). Deep Dish show that they master dance of all genres as the mix gets tougher and murkier towards the end of both discs. This is an album that should be in the collection of any dance fan.
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on 10 April 2001
This album is without a doubt the most consistantly brilliant mixed house compilation/session album that I've ever encountered. The selection of deep house floor-fillers is wonderful, and each of the two discs is a perfectly formed little set... faultless from beginning to end. If you either want *the best* tunes for your party, or just to chill to something that you'll want to listen to over and over... buy Yoshiesque.
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on 20 October 2000
These two disks of sweet sweet house, will satisfy just about every fan who listens to this type of music. The two disks are not comparable because they sound too different. Both take you on a trip through the different genres of house music, but at their own pace. Both have points of fists in the air excellence where you go crazy, but 15 minutes later, it could be a groove that just keeps your head swinging --but a smile on your face.
A must have for any Deep Dish fan. A strong recommendation for any house fan out there.
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on 11 December 2000
This double CD set is truly great - outstanding tracks are too numerous to mention! Each disc is brilliant in it's own right, the two being different in their theme but identical in the quaility of the tunes selected. Fantastic.
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