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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

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on 28 January 2000
This soundtrack is awesome... Just like the game it comes from... It probably is the best soundtrack anyone will ever hear... You can take anything away from me, except my FF8 Soundtrack!
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on 4 February 2000
This has got to be the best in-game music CD that you can possibly buy ANYWHERE. Its even better than its older brother, the FFVII soundtrack. Nubuo Uematsu is truly a genius!
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on 24 June 2014
bought for boyfriend who is a big ff fan and 8 has his favourite music. He loves it, it's the complete official ff8 music for a great price, would definitely recommend :)
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on 26 June 2000
One of my best online purchases!
If you like the Fianl fantasy games then this is a must buy...
...there isn't anything else to say but BUY IT!
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on 11 January 2004
We asked and Nobuo delivered once again. This is a truly great soundtrack and eccentuates this fantastic game.
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on 20 November 2000
final fantay,an epic story of love,hate war and peace.You are Squall a 17 year old gun blade student he is the most promising student along with his ultimate rival Seifer Almasy ,Squall of Balamb as an elite member of SeeD, you are a mercinary who can only be described as a lone wolf.throughout the game you are descovering raging demonds and elemental gods battle with wits and pure brute strength the cut scenes are mind blowing. throughout ff8 you are interacting with hundreds of charactors who will shape your future and your destiny, you will incounter endless chactors from start to finish such as selphie and zell who are with you from start to finish others you will incounter on your journies love them or hate them its up to you if you talk to them alot and incourage them they will be life long companions. there are plenty of puzzels to do and theres even a card game throughout the whole ff8 world ,depending on how patient you are it might be very rewarding.There are full discs with mind blowing story lines and game play 4 discs which will keep you wanting more. final fantasy 8 is the journey of a lifetime ,your life will never be the same again
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on 12 December 2002
After already having composed all soundtracks for all seven previous final fantasy games plus the tactics and adventure games, anybody would've thought that by now Uematsu would have begun to have lost his touch, But still he manages to amaze and mystify. Even if this music wasn't to accompany was of the most fantastical gaming series to ever have existed, on it's own it would shine,but the fact that this music is part of the magic that is final fantasy makes it all the more awe inspiring and wonderful. For fans of the series and for those who have played the eigth instalment, it'll bring a flood of memories from the delightful gaming experience. For those who've never heard of squall leonhart or wouldn't know what a GF was if it hit them in the face, i believe this soundtrack would be enough to make anyone want to play the game, to put music to moments. Four discs, not one track wasted. Particular favourites of mine include "eyes on me" (beautifully sung by faye wong), "the oath" the dramatic liberi fatali" and "man with the machine gun"
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on 19 August 2000
If you own Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version (as I do, and I think it's just great), you understand that this is maybe the second WORST Final Fantasy soundtrack ever made (the worst one is Final Fantasy III original soundtrack, from NES). Buy FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC (FF VIII's arranged version) or any other FF soundtrack (I recommend to buy arranged ones) instead. If you are a real Final Fantasy fan, you won't buy this. I don't hate this soundtrack, and I don't say it's bad, for a video game soundtrack. But, for a Final Fantasy soundtrack, this isn't good. That's why I give it only three stars.
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