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on 27 February 2002
For those of you who are fans of Final Fantasy VII and are annoyed by the way Square Europe won't release any of the Final Fantasy merchandise in Europe, Amazon has come to your aid. This brilliant four CD album covering all of the diverse range of music in Final Fantasy VII could and should be yours.
On this CD you will find everything from the dramatic "Opening theme" to "The Highwind's theme". You will be able to sit back and relax to calming tunes like that of "Costa Del Sol" or maybe "Flowers Blooming in the Church", or dance around your house playing 'air-violin' whilst listening to "Fiddle De Chocobo". Then, while you're all tired out from your dancing, listen to the atmospheric "One Winged Angel" (Final Battle theme), or the mysterious and eerie "Who am I?".
If you really can call yourself a Final Fantasy fan then you will buy this, and if you really want to prove yourself to be a true follower buy Final Fantasy Official Best Collection: S-Generation aswell, as you'll find orchestral versions of "Aeris' Theme", "One Winged Angel" and the "World Map theme".
I know that you are interested in purchasing this 4 CD album featuring ALL of the music from Final Fantasy VII by reading this review, and I know you're looking at the price and wondering if it's really worth that much. All I can say is that this truly is the most Fantastic, Fabulous Final Fantasy Soundtrack, for any fan this is a must have, get yours today and be astounded.
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on 12 August 2003
At first I was a little apprehensive about buying this soundtrack as it is rather a lot of money but on reflection I made the completely right choice.
I think that this is possibly the most moving soundtrack to ever accompany a videogame and it is half the reason that Final Fantasy VII is what it is. Any Final Fantasy fan should own this however I also believe there is appeal for non-Final Fantasy fans too and to say that the music is memorable simply does not do it justice.
This soundtrack, well over four hours in length is a perfect mix of sounds and it has the power to change your mood with just a single listen. Some of the songs can make you smile, others bring tears to your eyes. Something that can provoke emotion in such a way is the dream of every composer and the fact that it is only game music is of no importance whatsoever.
Unfortunately, the booklet is all in Japanese meaning you have to pretty much guess the tracks. For fans this adds a little extra enjoyment as it allows them the oppertunity to reminisce over one of the greatest games ever made (if not the greatest)
So, fan or not, don't let the price put you off this album. Buy it without delay and treasure it as it will give you hours and hours of enjoyment as gentle background accompaniment or a full-volume floor rocker.
Just as a finishing note, get some bottles of beer and stick 'One Winged Angel' up full volume, you will not regret it!
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2004
Nobuo Uematsu's sprawling soundtrack to the most engrossing RPG ever made, is a masterpiece in it's own right. This is the actual music used in the game, every last piece of it infact, warts and all. The musical journey is as complete as the game itself, and in the right chronological order (with reference to the game, I mean).
Musical purists might balk at the fact that the instrumentation involved is largely of the computer variety, and there is no mistaking that this is the soundtrack to a computer game. But therein lies much of the charm of this soundtrack. Each song evokes brilliantly the scene for which it was intended to complement in the game, from the 'theme' songs for the individual character's (Cid, Aeris, Tifa etc.) to set-piece sequences like the in-battle ('Fighting') music, even the ethereal (and omnipresent) music from when you're XP points are accumulating after a battle!
But the real 5-star quality of this epic soundtrack is the sheer range of music that Nobuo Uematsu is able to create, from the sublime and beautiful, to adrenaline-charged and frantic. There are so many highlights on this 4 CD set that I have assembled a 'best of' CD of my own favourites (19 tracks in total)!! From the lilting and dreamlike opening 'Prelude', to the foreboding and mellotron-esque 'Judgement Day'. There are just so many brilliant ideas on this soundtrack, that many songs are just screaming out to be turned into fully-fledged songs (with 'real' instruments), like 'Cosmo Canyon'.
A contemporary composer with a unique talent and rare gift to create such a sprawling and massive soundscape, worthy of being the sonic backdrop to the greatest game ever made, Nobuo Uematsu deserves a standing ovation for creating this brilliant masterpiece.. grab a copy while you can!
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on 24 September 2003
I am not a great fan of classical type music, but the music to this game is astounding. I sometimes want to sit down and cry, but i sometimes want to sit and listen and understand the feelings and expressions being made. I love this collection of songs from the best game ever made.
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on 26 February 2002
The game will always be remembered as a classic and the soundtrack is one element which made the game into what it is today.
The soundtrack will be remembered for such classics as Aries theme, the FFVII boss theme and the Cosmo canyon theme but I will always remember it for Tifas theme, Cid's theme, the main theme and the staffrole.
Tifas theme in my eyes (or ears) is a beutiful theme that adds a hint of childhood innocence in a girl who at first glance doesn't have.
As for the main theme, the only crime in this is that it isn't repeated that often in the game. The theme it's self sums up the sheer epicness of the game and will instantly make you proud of owning this soundtrack. A high point in this theme for me is the when the lovely piano solo kicks.
Cid's theme is another great theme but it's hard to describe. Basicaly it sums up a character who is brave, heroic and yet cocky.
And as for the staffrole, which is the end theme, begins with a fantastic intro and then introduces an amazing theme that wasn't in the rest of the soundtrack, and then to my joy it goes onto the main theme slightly speeded up which sounds fantastic. The theme then ends with the amazing 'Prologue' theme which concludes with a fantastic stutter like theme which sounds brilliant.
The whole soundtrack is amazing and with it's varied themes and it's pure epicness it realy lives up to the greatest game in the world. When you pay alot of money for music you expect it to sound good, but not this good.
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on 7 March 2004
Amazon no longer gets this anymore but you can still request it used.Anyways there is over 80 tracks on 4 CDs so if you loved Final Fantasy VII then you are gonna love this.
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on 31 December 2003
This music is the best a must have for all ff7 fans. You hear the songs and every thing comes back to you about ff7 even if you haven't played it for a couple of years. The music will never leave your mind no matter how old you are.
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on 14 May 2003
When I gained this soundtrack, I knew I had found a piece of heaven. This music is absolutely Godlike to any die-hard fan of Final Fantasy VII and the other Final Fantasys. When you want something good to listen to, listen to 'The Gold Saucer' and 'Cait Sih's Theme for a starter, 'The One Winged Angel' 'Jenova Absolute' and 'Birth of a God' for main course, then for dessert, listen to 'Aerith's Theme', Flower's Blooming in the Church','Who are you?' and 'You Can Hear The Cries Of The Planet'. If you are totally devoted to everything Final Fantasy (like me), get this and prepare to be dazzled by the glory of the Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack. For any die-hard fan this a must-have for your collection of Final Fantasy soundtracks.
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on 12 November 2003
I must agree with the primary review, One-Winged Angel is absolutely fantastic. The songs on this album have the ability to provoke such emotion that thirty pounds is a bargain. Aeris' theme will stay with you forever as will Tifa's them. Fantasy fans will not regret this purchase and neither will none fantasy fans.
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on 16 July 2000
FF7 is definately the greatest game ever made. I originally bought it on Playstation and it immediately stuck in my head as being something special. The soundtrack adds a lot of emotion to the game and even without the visuals, the soundtrack can remind you of every step of the struggle to defeat the Shinra corp. and Clouds oldest rival Sephiroth.
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