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on 7 September 2017
David Arnold... yeah he's terrible
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on 31 January 2016
Not really mybthing
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on 12 January 2006
Arnold has produced a very good second Bond film score. The question has often been asked, 'Is Arnold simply John Barry repackaged'? To a certain extent this is true because the sound is undoubtedly Bond-esque, through use of traditional orchestral material, sweeping strings and use of jazz. However, David Arnold has produced this score in his own unique style. He has put his own individual stamp on the music and has proved that he is the Bond composer of the future. More so than 'Tomorrow Never Dies', Arnold imaginatively mixes live orchestral sounds with electronics and has produced some very powerful and exciting music. With this album however he has experimented more with audio properties of the soundtrack, using phaser pluggins and metalizers. The overall effect is very good. A thoroughly enjoyable listening experience, and it has inspired much of my own personal compositional output. Well done, Mr Arnold. Another first class album.
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on 23 November 2000
This score proves that David Arnold is the perfect heir apparent to John Barry. Unlike the other composers who have scored for 007 movies (with the exceptions of George Martin and Bill Conti), Arnold has the musical world of James Bond down pat. Combining a bit of Barry with his own distincting 90's motifs, the score to TWINE ranks among the best. Garbage's theme song is petty good, with Shirley Manson's vocals sounding as though she were born to croon Bond theme songs (succeeding where Sheryl Crow failed in TND). The only dissapointment is that the orchestrial/techno end theme is missing from the soundtrack. Otherwise, this reviewer will be looking forward to another Arnold score for the next 007 adventure.
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on 24 February 2001
David Arnold has done it again! This is easily the best soundtrack album I've got. I loved The World Is Not Enough by Garbage. It's one of those songs where once you learn the words you just can't help but sing along. Show Me The Money and Come 007... are also excellent pieces of music, full of energy and sure to bring a smile to your face. This CD also has some nice slow pieces. Casino and Christmas In Turkey are great to unwind to after a stressful day. Overall I think this is definitely worth buying, especially if you liked the film as it captures the atmosphere of TWINE well.
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on 11 March 2000
Anyone who says that this soundtrack doesnt do the Bond series justice needs their head examining. In true David Arnold style, this score steps just beyond neo-classical and into the realm of drum'n'bass - whilst keeping one foot frimly in tradition and espionage with tracks such as 'Casino' and 'Elektra's theme'. And what is all this about lack of Barry's original theme? Those who cite that argument have clearly not listened to the stunning 'Come in 007, your time is up'. From it's scintillatingly explosive opening fanfare, through it's steady and exciting beat, and right up into the triumphant, proud and hair-raising flourish of Barry's original electric guitar Bond riff, this track shows how Bond is going to go into the 21st century - very much shaken and stirred! As well as this stonking soundtrack, Garbage's rousing theme does the film justice, with it's sweeping and dramatic chorus that one cannot stop humming for days. You don't have to buy it, of course; but it's your loss if you don't.
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on 13 November 1999
This is a fantastic soundtrack, Arnold builds on the style and content of TND and brings us a very diverse album, the title song is as good as you'd expect from Arnold and Don Black, though Shirley Manson doesn't have the range of Bassey or K.D. Lang, "Come In 007, Your Time Is Up" is a mega mix of everything good about Bond music including a couple of bars of "White Knight" from TND, "Caviar Factory" is also a wonderfully sexy piece of music driven by the Bond theme and some excellent brass. Some of the tracks are very atmospheric works "Welcome To Baku" really captures the feeling that Bond is starting his mission and "Body Double" oozes class. I think the most pleasant surprises I had was "Only Myself To Blame" the end title song performed by Scott Walker. This song is a wonderfully old fashioned piece of music with a great melody and lyrics (by Don Black); a tune which Sinatra could have sung. The melody of this song runs throughout the soundtrack and is most beautifully done in "Elektra's Theme". I recommend this soundtrack strongly, David Arnold is the future of Bond music and I just hope the producers realise this.
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on 13 September 2009
For his second Bond, Arnold had full control over the main theme, which he co wrote with Don Black and had performed by the band, Garbage, "in the John Barry style." The main bulk of the soundtrack demonstrates more confidence by Arnold than in the previous film, with and exciting speedboat chase piece and evocative romantic interludes that sounded as if they were composed by John Barry himself. Interestingly, Arnold uses no part of the main theme within the body of the score, but he did adapt the melody of a song he had intended to close the film; a bitter sweet blues number about regret called "Only Myself to Blame", written by Arnold & Don Black and sung by Scott Walker. However, the film's director, Michael Apted, shelved this intention, in favour of a remix of the James Bond theme. Fortunately, the haunting Scott Walker number is included on this CD.
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on 28 November 1999
After the rather excellent Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack and the wonderful reworks album, Shaken and Stirred, David Arnold has done it yet again. The soundtrack to the latest Bond movie is every bit as good as its predecessor. Tracks such as Ice Bandits and Submarine bring to life the superb action sequences from the film whilst others such as Welcome to Baku give the album a truly continental and worldly feel ( as Bond should be!) The choice of Garbage for the title track is a wise one, and although Shirley Manson is no Shirley Bassey, her husky tones bring a great mood and texture to both the film and its soundtrack. The finale track, Only myself to blame, plays like a late night lounge act and is wonderfully blue. A perfect end to a perfect album. Every bit as good as the film. A must for the Bond collection.
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on 29 December 1999
It's a really great CD, the music really adds the "007" feeling, especially the tracks "Show Me The Money" followed by "Come In 007, Your Time Is Up" Also, this music fits in very good with the movie (of course, it was one of the BEST Bond movies I've seen) What also surprised me was the long track "Submarine" (10:11 min), but it was (is) good. Overall the whole CD is just GREAT!!! It's really a must-have.
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