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on 6 September 2017
Good compilation
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on 15 March 2003
Across this 42 track collection, those white-boy nutcases show us how much evolution there has been in their career. Those early hits like Fight For Your Right lack sophistocation,a dn the early pre-fame tracks even more so, but the energy and exhuberance is a thrill to hear. Not including either Girls or She's Crafty is something of a strange decision though - it smacks of trying to airbrush out their misogynistic aspects and promote the mature social-conscience Tibet-supporting trio of today.
It was their second album Paul's Boutique which saw the band evolve into really respected innovators, and Check Your Head continued that. The mroe recent albums have been retreads rather than anything truly new, but have thrown up some stompers.
Intergalactic is probably the best rap song a white guy ahs ever done,w ith maybe Jump Around by Hosue Of Pain the only rival. The new track Alive is one of the standouts, with the tolerant inspirational lyrics and uptempo scratching. Kudos for including the Fatboy Slim remix of Body Movin' and the live version of 3 MCs and 1 DJ, as both are far superior to the original album cuts, even if it means the collection actually only has 2 of their 4 biggest singles.
This CD has something for everyone, ranging from Shadrach to Sabotage, Remote Control to Jimmy James and even to a ludicrous but somehow successful cover of Benny and the Jets (one of Elton John's best loved songs, especially in the US). The rare and unreleased tracks, Alive excepted, are mixed, but still worth the purchase price even if you have all the albums. Conversely, there are enough great tracks left on the albums (except maybe Ill COmmunication) to ensure that this needn't be the only Beasties album you buy.
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on 15 April 2002
I consider this to be one of the best rock and roll albums I have ever heard. On it, The Beastie Boys, generally known more for their early eigthies, pre-pubescent stage partying, show that they have incredible talent.
You will find everything on this album you could ever want: ass-kicking rock with an incredibly cool baseline on down to smooth, subtle bossanova sounds.
Awesome. Just buy it.
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on 7 January 2000
"I have never been more ready to do this in my entire life" a voice says at the begining of "Alive" (the only new track on this greatest hits compilation, although there are four previously unreleased tracks of older stuff), and indeed it seems like The Beasties are now at the peak of their creativity:most of the older material pales in comparsion to "Intergalactic", "Alive", "20 Questions" (featuring Miho from Cibo Matto) and Body Moving (here in a version re-mixed by Fatboy Slim, one of the few people still keeping the dying genre that is Techno mildly interesting). What really amazes is how good a resumé of The Beastie Boys' career this is, from the beginings as a New York Hardcore band (sounding like The Sex Pistols, only dumber) through their Def Jam period (which, at its' best, is amazingly funny, and at its' worst sounds like poor mans' RUN-DMC) through to the madness of "Pauls' Boutique" and the briliant come-back that was "Hello Nasty". It also shows off nicely that The Beastie Boys are one of todays' most versatile bands, as Dub, Hardcore, (a parody of) Country, Bossa Nova and Elton John covers make apearences here alongside the usual Hip-Hop. There is, however, one major flaw:the highly amusing booklet (written by The Beasties themselves) lists the songs in chronological order. However, the record does not. Apart from the fact that "Greatest Hits" packages should always be ordered chronologically (it is a pleasure to see an artist slowly evolve) it is also annoying to have to flip through the booklet searching for the bit of text that describes the song you're currently listening to. But, hey, who cares? The Beasties are most probably the greatest Hip-Hop band in the world today:this boxed set is proof enough.
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on 7 December 2001
okay,the beastie boys started off as a fast,fuzzy hardcore new yorker band,okay so they weren't tip top in sound but there pure fun attitude can be heard through the music (egg raid on mojo),then the new era began for ad rock and the gang,they started extremely catchy breakbeat rhythms with white boy comic raps,this kinda stuuf is what the beastie boys are about (skills to pay the bilss,shake your rump) but then they started mixing music. the classic hardcore ,hip hop feel of songs like sabotage, fight for your right make he boys unique,throw in some humorous joke songs and thats it,you will keep this c.d running forever, this defines music, an expression and these boys have done this with great magnitude,great!!!!
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on 16 December 2003
Although I am not into hip-hop and all sorts a like. This album is a really good addition to any music libary. It has all the classics and is just a great cd to have for those times that you are in the mood for this kind of music. (If you are not a regular listener to this).
A great buy and with 42 tracks on one album you are sure getting the whole overview.
A great buy.
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on 13 April 2000
An all inclusive slice of the Beastie Boys career. Featuring all the well known favourites like Fight for your Right, Sabotage, Sure Shot, intergalactic, Body moving' and the latest single Alive. A must to add to your collection, brilliantly executed with classic old skool tracks like Shake your Rump, and Hey ladies. But it isn't just made up of the successive singles but also it contains some of their early underground stuff. A huge 42 track double CD that's worth listening to from beginning to end. It also contains one of the best Hip hop tracks of all time - Three MC's and one DJ, a superbly raw track in which three middle aged guys just rant while backed by some exquisite scratching (without the tampering of the recording studio). Never do the Beastie Boys seem to take themselves very seriously (check out Country Mike's Theme or the video to Sabotage) but this collection of classics, new beats and unreleasedmaterial makes The Sounds of Science a must for anyone's collection. The Box set also includes a 80 page booklet giving the background to all the songs featured, but the music speaks volumes for itself. A great collection of the best of the Beastie Boys, and if you don't like it it's big enough to use as a doorstop!
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on 2 January 2013
It doesn't get much better than this.

What we have here is a two disc retrospective of the Beastie Boys discography up to 1999.

In addition, there's a very nice looking booklet with a fairly in-depth commentary from the band.

It hits most of the key high-points as well as delving beneath the surface for some quality deep-cuts.

What makes this compilation truly special is the left-field running order. I usually only like my 'greatest hits' in a clinical chronological order - but these two CDs shake things up in a very healthy way, taking the listener on an audio tour-de-force around the Beasties' back catalogue.

This is an excellent way of demonstrating the breadth of the group's talents in genres from hip-hop, stadium rock, hardcore punk and even country (yes, really).

'The Sounds of Silence' is a perfect place to start for anyone looking to start their Beastie Boys collection but isn't sure where to start.
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on 10 January 2000
the Beastie Boys know their stuff. This album displays some of their greatest loops, cuts, mixes and scratches ever. It is packed full of beats from the most original and talented MC's in the world. Some of their best songs on the album are: Get It Together (feat. Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest), Sure Shot, Root Down, Shake Your Rump, Sabotage, 3MC's and 1 DJ, Hey Ladies and Shadrach. Many of which have been taken from their best two albums "Ill Communication" and "Pauls Boutique" (which they produced with Mario Caldato Jr. and the Dust Brothers(who are responsible for this years "Fight Club" soundtrack)) The album also includes their previously unreleased song "Twenty Questions", which they had been planning to release on their "Hello Nasty" album, along with their new song "Alive". This is a brilliant buy!
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on 19 January 2013
Lets put this in context...

I'm 42 years old and have a huge CD/Music collection(20,00 tracks+), and this is the first ever fully digital purchase I have made. I have bought a few singles before, but this album was just crying out to be bought.

Compellations always seem to me to be somewhat of a cop out, but this stands head and shoulders above almost everything. Simply pure class from start to finish.

I lsten to this on a daily basis and each day a diffenerent track either inspires or fans the flames of nostalgia.

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