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on 14 May 2017
one of the best cd i got
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on 25 January 2010
Digweeds best stuff had come and gone by the time this edition came out. Here her goes for plinkety-plonk sounds, perhaps a little oriental in nature and therefore sounding a bit ludicrous, like a chase scene from a Pink Panther film. There's a flow of intelligence throughout but it really lacks the warmth and exploration of his earlier releases, instead just presenting the chosen mixes in their entirety dropped end-to-end over the album.
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on 6 September 2016
LONG DARK AND DIRTY - Having bought a few of Digweeds mixes recently I am coming to the realisation that he never fails to deliver the goods. You will find no cheesy euphoria on here and whilst that has it's place, this is straight up progressive deep tech. Pure underground heaven with a pacey tempo. I only wish I was there and often imagine how amazing it would have been. Anyways, I can totally recommend this if you are a house lover or maybe it's your first time delving into the likes of GU? Either way, this is splendid place to begin your underground journey. Also look out for Digweed in Los Angeles which is number 19 in the series. Also a blinder. Good work fella!
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on 8 June 2001
It is always amazing to see a DJ who pushes the boundaries of dance music to new levels. Digweed does exactly that. His DJing style is so evolved that its pure class compared to any other DJ out there, except maybe Sasha. But Digweed is a king in his own right - bone shattering tracks, the BEST mixing in the world, very mental, deep and underground. Dont listen to Digweed and complain that you dont like him. Dancing to the music of Lord Diggers is like getting a PhD in music appreciation, only a few people are chosen by God to understand him and enjoy, and I'm thankful. Again, a quality release from Global Underground. Digweed is the master of the needle and takes the boundaries of dance music to new heights. Buy it without hesitation and gain some taste.
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on 11 February 2000
With Digweed you know what you're going to get. He's gonna rock and you're gonna go with him. Seamless beats that feel like they're never going to stop. And the best bit is you don't want them to either. Sasha is good. In fact he is very good. But he ain't as good as Digweed and more and more people are coming round to this (at last). This CD ranks along side his best. From the moment you press play to the moment it ends it is, quite simply, pure class.
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on 1 February 2000
So many people classify John Digweed with Sasha. Everything is alwasy Sasha,Sahsa,Sahsa. John's sets are the most confident and aggressive sets I have ever heard. His stlye stands out to me like no other. If you live in England, you are spoiled with John at Heavean. Being from NYC, I have been to Twilo every Holloween, New Years Day, and every last fri. of the month to see these masterful DJ's and if you think Sasha is sooooo good, compare GU Ibiza and GU Hong Kong. To me, there is no comparison----No disrespect to Sasha but John just does it for me. I have enjoyed his sets so much that when his needle drops, a felling of euphoria comes over me. With all the DJ's popping up in todays world, the electronic music scene is getting way too polluted but Digweed keeps it real every time. I just have to say that GU Hong Kong must have been the PHATEST he has thrown YET! ---He is a MASTER---Lots Of Love
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on 5 June 2009
Diggers on fabulous form on this mix. IMO a vast improvement on his Sydney mix for Global Underground, here he draws on his near peerless of appreciation of tunes from across the electronic spectrum to deliver a slamming fusion of techno, trance, progressive and house. The first CD could quaify alone as one of the best mixes I own, as a whole the compilation is near faultless. Not just one of Digweed's best... it's one of the best housey-trancey mixes you will hear.
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on 2 December 2002
John Digweed was one of the most repected names in the trance genre. His work with Sasha on their Northern Exposure series, and on other disks such as Renaissance and his Sydney escapade, proved his prowess of making awesome, energetic trance mixes. Diggers continued spinning trance up until about 1999, when he released a progressive house mix, Bedrock.
Bedrock was definitely an outstanding set, but this is the peak of all Digweed's sets so far. Hong Kong is a smooth, dark, absolutely wonderful mix, with both CDs being equal in their technical flair and fidelity. On many Global Underground disks, I favor the second CD to the first one; I tend to like the more dynamic sounds of the high energy sets featured on the latter part of the CD. Digweed's Hong Kong is fantastic on both disks. Neither is better than the other, and it doesn't succumb to the typical GU style of CD 1 being the lethargic mix while CD 2 picks up the pace.
As usual, the mixing on this Digweed set is impeccable. His track selection and mixing from one song to the next is ethereal; just listen for the transistion from the Baguio Track into Music Saved My Life. Every track is mixed into another without a cut of cheese or obvious cross fader.
Hong Kong is definitely Digweed's best solo work, rivaled only by his sets with Sasha in the Northern Exposure series. The liquid grooves and dark rhythms on Hong Kong make for an incredible experience, possibly even ranking as the best GU yet.
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on 9 January 2002
I don't listen to disc 1 of this CD because it's too slow and samey for me. That said it's well worth buying for disc 2, if you like electronic music, then buy it now. Disc 2 starts a little slow, but builds steadily. From track 5 onwards the tunes are amazing and build to a brilliant finish with Stoneproof at the end. This is now one of my all time favourite mixes and I can't recommend it highly enough. Go for it!
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on 22 January 2000
The Global Underground series is without a doubt the best dance compilation series avaliable. This album by John Digweed confirms this with a masterful mix of deep progressive house. If you class music as a journey then this is one hell of a ride. HOLD ON!! To date the three best mixes for the series are:
1) John Digweed in Hong Kong 2) Sasha in San Francisco 3) Tony de Bit in Tokyo (RIP)
Drop the CD into the Hi-FI and crank that volume up!
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