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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 4 June 2015
Rainbow is one of her best albums and so so underrated. A work of art with many standouts

1. Heartbreaker (featuring Jay-Z) 10/10
A combination of some of the best selling artists in history and one hell of lead single. Opens up the album very well and sets a great tone

2. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) 10/10
A beautiful ballad with some of her best vocals ever, in my opinion. Simply flawless

3. Bliss 9/10
Relaxed R&B vibe throughout the track with some great whistle notes, not one of the best on the album but a fair addition

4. How Much (featuring Usher) 10/10
The kind of collaboration you'd expect between these two and they pull it off just as you'd hope for

5. After Tonight 9/10
A great ballad, like a part 2 to My All. Stunning climax and of course her vocals are phenomenal

6. X-Girlfriend 10/10
A personal favourite which was very in tune with the style of the late 90s. So damn catchy!

7. Heartbreaker (Remix featuring Da Brat & Missy Elliott) 8/10
Obviously not as good as the original but, for a remix, very good and fits so well on the album. Not too different or too the same from the original. Just right

8. Vulnerability (Interlude) 9/10
A great, dramatic build up to the smash hit "Against All Odds" (her second UK number 1 single). Stunning

9. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) 10/10
Beautiful cover of a beautiful song. Mariah does it justice and doesn't make it too much like the original.

10. Crybaby (featuring Snoop Dogg) 10/10
Lyrics that you just want to sing along to all day. It WILL get stuck in your head!

11. Did I Do That? 10/10
Most people hate this song but I truly think it's so good. Her vocals are enticing and it's innovative. I really like it

12. Petals 10/10
My favourite song on the album. Incredibly emotional and personal and leaves you stunned

13. Rainbow (Interlude) 10/10
A beautiful way to cross from Petals to Thank God I Found You. Love it

14. Thank God I Found You (featuring Joe & 98 Degrees) 10/10
A great closing song to the album. Her vocals blend SO well with the track and the features are chosen very well and not just for commercial hype. A well deserved number US 1 single.

As a whole, I think this is one of Mariah's strongest efforts. I could listen to it for ages and not get bored. Always something new and fresh coming up and leaves you wanting more. Definitely recommend
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on 4 November 2004
I remember when this album was released in the Autumn of 1999, I remember being so excited to get it, and I wasn't dissapointed! On 'Rainbow' Mariah sounds great! 'Heartbreaker' is a fantastic opener with a great video (watch it if u get the chance!), this CD has such a diverse range of songs from ballads 'Can't Take That Away from Me' 'Thank God I Found You' and 'Against All Odds' (the version without Westlife is SOOOOOOO much better!) to uptempos such as 'X-Girlfriend' 'How Much' and 'Crybaby'. The album also contains the classic 'Heartbreaker remix' reaturing Missy Elliott and Da Brat! Brilliant!
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on 20 January 2000
This album illustrates the genius of a singer, producer, writer etc.that Mariah Carey is. Her collaboration with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis is nothing short of sheer excellence. This in no way overshadows the work of David Foster, Damizza and the other ground breaking producers who worked on this set.
Mariah demonstrates that her strength lies in vocal mastery and musical diversity. Those perfected high pitch notes in "Bliss" leave the listener rhapsodized whilst on the other extreme the low husky octave is put successfully to the test in "Petals". "After Tonight", "Vulnerability" and "Against all Odds" are polished to perfection whilst the gosphel flavoured "Can't Take That Away From Me" re-affirms Mariah's status as queen of the power ballad. The opposite extreme is an abundance of credible sleek R n B/Hip Hop sounds all of which are boosted and embossed by an army of superstars. The extremity of these grooves accentuates from the uptempo "Heartbreaker", to an ushered "How Much", to catchy "X-Girlfriend", to tearful "crybaby" and finally to the commendable "Did I do That".
This "Rainbow" leaves the Mariah fan praying "Thank God I Found You". However it's a shame for an album as good as this not to have been given a wider commercial audience by including some serious dance material or early Mariah "Rock". This is one reason why this album hasn't done so well in the UK charts.
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on 22 January 2001
The acclaim given for the "pop candymaking" of 95's Daydream, and the experimental courage and vision of 97's "Butterfly". collaborate to achieve a "Rainbow". The balance between the two is achieved with "Heartbreaker" taking the role of "Honey", and a new "Hero" anthem is found in the all inspiring "Can't take that away". A deeply personal album, calling out to her fans in support and openness in "Petals", Mariah's 9th album, entirely self written (bar the cover version), and heavy production input, have again been ignored by the critics who refuse to see the phenomenal ability not purely of that voice, but the writing and musical mastery which has never been acknowledged or accredited. However, all true Mariah fans, will again float in a sea of tranquility, emotion and gratitude at another masterpiece which should take pride of place in any record collection.
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on 7 July 2007
Now, Ms Carey is not to everyone's taste, and she is seemingly as mad as a fruit loop, but boy, the girl can sing. She has one of the best voices, and range, in music today. This album was a 'concept' album, in that it portrays, in song, going through a very dark period of her life (break up of her marriage) and emerging the other side.
The songs are all excellent. The ballads shine that little extra, because of the sentiment behind them, and in 'Heartbreaker' there is a genuinely great dance track - also includes the remix.Overall a solid, pop album.
If you are still wavering, mine came with a nice poster of Mariah lying on the bed sucking a lollipop....just though you'd like to know....!
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on 3 November 2002
There are three reason to buy this album:
1.Mariah never looks so sweet on the cover photo.
2.The album title "rainbow" is very meaningful:
--I know there is a rainbow,for me to follow,to get beyond my sorrow,thunder precedes the sunlight,so I'll be alright,if I can find that rainbow's end--
3.The songs are
-Can't take that away
-After tonight
-Against all odds
-Thank god I found you
and more...
This is an album full of emotion and sincerity,go to buy it and support our Mariah going "Through The Rain"!
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on 6 June 2000
I am a huge Mariah fan, and when this first came out, I rushed out and bought it! I was, however, awestruck by this record. I have all 9 Mariah albums (including Unplugged, #1's and Merry Christmas) and this is one of my favourites! Although there are a couple of mediocre (which is a bit disappointing) tracks here, namely How Much and X-Girlfriend, there are also some of the best songs she's ever done on here!
Can't Take That Away is simply breathtaking; a real anthem (which I love also because I can relate so much to it - it's a defiant song) with some of the best vocals of her career. Petals and Rainbow kind of run together, as a hopeful song which recount Mariah's history and emotional past (which I personally can relate to, word for word). Yes, she went through some bad times, but she came out better and stronger for it. They are beautiful songs, backed by piano and other gentle instruments, and are perfect to just wallow in and dream away. And to get your groove on, although Crybaby seems to be everyone's fave jam, I prefer the bouncin' Did I Do That. It's a killer hip-hop tune! Also encouraging are the songs Bliss (a relaxing vibe, with a Minnie Riperton feel), Vulnerability and Against All Odds, another vocal workout. Thank God I Found You is beautiful too.
All in all, yes there are a couple of duff tracks on here, but the rest more than make up for this. Don't be put off by Mariah's questionable image direction - this album is an emotional roller coaster ride that you'll never forget. Love it.
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on 13 November 2011
I want to like this album because i have loved all of mariahs early work but i have to say that this is one of her weakest!!!! She is trying too hard to keep up with the younger generation that she loses what she is great at, writing and singing beautiful music!! Music box, daydream and butterfly are just magic.
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on 18 August 2011
This was the first Mariah's album that did not continue her previous conception of soulful and sweet style. This is not full of R&B, but includes some hip-hop songs. So, this is not as interesting and emotional as her previous five albums, that were really great. But, all in all it is good enough to buy it and to enjoy Mariah's perfect voice. But do not wait to much from it.
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on 16 October 2012
Mariah Carey has some excellent albums and singles all throughout her career but what sets her apart from many is her soulful heartfelt singing, and lyrics, alongside classy elegant styles. Each album offers something strikingly different. The rainbow artwork is a reflection of the positiveness, the happiness, and the joys that come from life experiences after the difficult journeys!

When you first hear the beginning there is slow mellow songs with the opening track featuring Jay-Z "Heartbreaker". While it's difficult to be with a heart-breaker sometimes it's hard to let go. The music will take you there and reminisce the times when that special someone had a part of you that perhaps you got lost in the moment of passion.

Other featured artist aside Jay-Z -to name a few- are: Usher, Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg, and Joe. From my personal tastes, this type of addition definitely adds to the hip-hop mood and enhances the listening experience. A favorite song would have to be "Crybaby" featuring Snoop Dogg. When someone suffers a break-up it's always refreshing to have a nice person to help you just wipe the tears away. This song is fun, warm, embracing and playful to forget that person who did you wrong -suppressing the sadness. My favorite part would be, "OK so it's 5 am and I can't sleep I took some medicine but it's not working.... but I finally changed my number, got a different pager..."

One of my favorite ballads would be "After Tonight" since the moods are of passion, romance, and an uncontrollable desire for someone special. "After tonight will you remember?... Time and time again so patiently I've waited for this moment to arrive." This would be the song to light candles and get special with that person you've fantasized about. The style is slow, mellow R&B.

"Against All Odds" (Take A Look At Me Now) (Phil Collins Song) is sung by Mariah in a very striking way. Her voice shines in clarity, pitch levels, and pleasant sounding styles. For fans of this I recommend the Double Disc Edition Release.

Aside the other songs I can mention for paragraphs on end, the overall feel is of letting go the sadness, weathering the storm, and new beginnings! If you are into up-tempos highly energetic beats or club dance oriented styles then this may not be your top choice. This has mellow/mid-tempo R&B styles of laying back, getting your love moods flowing high, and forgetting your problems.

*There is a Double Disc Version [lyrics included] catalog#: 4893391035425 that has a Bonus Disc featuring Westlife "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) [3:21] Catalog Bonus#: 495065.7 -ASIN: B00005748O
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