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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2001
As someone who is thoroughly pissed off with the state of the current UK charts and the lack of decent bands emerging, I have been listening to a lot of american groups lately and quite frankly, Third Eye Blind are one of the best bands I've discovered. I bought the 1st LP for 'Semi-Charmed Life' and completely fell in love with it, and had to buy 'Blue' as well. Its everything an album should be, lyrically and musically and you never lose interest in the album however many times you listen to it. 'Wounded', '10 Days Late' and '1000 July's' are probably the best tracks, but 'Farther' is oddly genius like too - not too mention the short but sweet 'Ode To Maybe'. The UK music press in particular appear to take a cynical view of most US bands which is a shame as it means bands such as 3eb, Matchbox 20 etc. don't get a chance to make it big over here which they definitely deserve to. I would recommend anyone who likes good music to buy 'Blue', as its an album most people should definitely have in their collection. I'm glad it's in mine anyway.
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on 28 November 2000
This, 3EBs 2nd album is absolutely superb. Each song has it's own special quality and tone, and dispite the different kinds of songs, they do somehow complement each other so you can easily listen to the whole album in one go and go through a whole ranfge of emotions. From the gritty Wounded, to the bleak desperation of Deep Inside of You, the schizophrenic Farther and the shocking Slow Motion, this album is fantastic in every department. Stephan Jenkins vocals are just as distinctive and emotive as in the first album, but there's more of a gel between the band as a whole (despite Kevin Cadogan's claims).
Buy now!
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on 8 March 2004
The second attempt from American rockers Third Eye Blind is an album of full on balls out rock music mixed with emotionally available lyrics. Frontman Stephan Jenkins shows off his ability to write music that draws your attention immediatley in the stand out track on the album 'Never Let You Go'. It's a lament of lost love, a subject which Jenkins touches upon in several of the songs that span the bands career so far. In other areas of the cd they move away from the more familiar territory of rock and ballads into grounds of experimentation. It is difficult to decide whether this attempt at diversity really works, but you have to admire them for trying to do something different, something alot of modern day bands do not do. Their can be no doubt that this album is not quite up to the standards set by 'Semi-Charmed-Life', the bands debut effort, but even so, with songs like '10 Days Late', 'Deep Inside Of You' and the album finale 'Darwin' this is still an album that every music lover should own. Third Eye Blind are, at the moment, pretty much ignored in England but have found huge success in America, personally I am hoping this will soon change.
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on 5 May 2001
Upon 1st hearing i loved this album and thought it to be better than their first. However after further listening i consider this to be more of a mixed record. There is no denying that songs like 'Never Let You Go', 'Red Summer Sun', 'Camoflage' and '100 July's are all excellent but a lot of the other tracks seem needless. Theres some songs which are reminiscent of their first album but miles off the pace like ;Anything', '10 Days late' and 'An ode to maybe'. These songs are just fillers and seem to lack any sincerity or charm. Anyone will like this record for its instantly catchy songs but it is by no means the great record that their first album was. There is however a hint of experimentation on songs like 'Camoflage' and i think if they carry on in this mould along with mre classic Rock-Pop songs they will get the recognition they deserve here in the U.K.
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on 20 September 2001
You can divide this CD up into two sections- the ones 3eb wrote with radio in mind (Anything, Never let you go etc) and the ones (in the majority) that show 3eb at their experimental best- wounded, ode to maybe, red summer sun...for me, every track on this CD is a winner (except for 10 days late which is performed well, but just a bad song). The guitar layering on Blue is fantastic and, as always, the sound that comes out of the speakers is original and highly creative. I never tire of Jenkins' fantastic accent and Hargreaves' original drum beats, and after 2 great albums 3eb aren't even remotely predictable. You won't have heard anything like this CD. (If you get a chance, check out the unedited version of Slow Motion, the instrumental on the clean album is OK, but the words make the song.)
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on 7 August 2001
I agree with many of the below comments. This album is not as immediately accessible as 3eb's first release. However it is because of this that the album opens up over a period. I bought the album on its US release and still play it regularly today.
I have also been fortunate to see the songs performed live when I saw the band in New York last year.
This album still sounds fresh two years on, and I think will still feel fresh in 20 years time.
I am interested to hear any new product from the band as one of the main songwriters has left, but am in no doubt that their first two albums are a joy and most definately wayahead of anything else in this class.
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on 13 July 2001
I bought the first album after hearing "sem-charmed life" which is a summer track from a few years ago...its one of the tunes alot of people know, but don't have a clue who sings it ! The first album was great. . . but this just blew me away.. it has everything, a great rock album catered for all moods... My personal favourites are "10 days late" and "deep inside" are great rock ballads and "never let you go" is a more catchy tune... if you like matchbox 20, everclear, fountains of wayne or red hot chilli peppers, you'll love this...what are you waiting for? get out there and get you hands on a copy !
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on 15 January 2002
Blue is an amazing outburst of power pop orientated rock,with the energy of david beckham on red bull.unlike its predesesor this album as your concentration levels at 100% right the way through.'never let you go',10 days late' are among the stand out tracks and who can overlook the extremly sentimental 'deep inside of you'.'slow motion' will have you singing along to its strange-cheeky lyrics.The 2nd finest group next to the goo goo dolls.
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on 15 December 1999
The follow-up to the self titled debut album from Third Eye Blind. If you liked the first album you will love this...... if you loved the first album you will never stop playing this one. Songs range from the immediately catchy `Anything` to slowly compelling new sounding tracks like `Farther` and `Camouflage` Fans of the first album will feel right at home with the first half of the album. `Anything` opens the CD - an ( all too short ) amazing track, instant hook , long lasting appeal. `Wounded` starts off with a hint of 3EB`s `different` style, but then puts you at ease with their classic song writing. `10 Days Late` is superb ( one of my favourites on the CD ) The other tracks are all excellent, some taking more time than others to REALLY enjoy - spot the AC/DC influence in `1000 Julys`. There is even a Led Zeppelin tribute in there!! Seriously! I have always found that if an album takes a while to get into then you listen to it more & for longer. Albums that are loved immediately tend to be played to death - then forgotton. `Blue` is one that takes a bit of getting used to ( especially the later tracks ) but with each listen they get better, making `Blue` an album you will play for years to come. P.S. If you don`t own the first album then BUY IT!
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on 19 September 2000
Three years since their debut album 'Third Eye Blind' the release of 'Blue' shows immortal maturity from one of THE most musically and lyrical talented bands in the world. Yes, that is the WORLD. A minor hit in 1997 with 'Semi Charmed Life' is their only UK success so far however Teb are ready to take on the UK at a moment's notice. the opening track on 'Blue' provides modern punk rock but it should be a minute longer. The first 7 tracks will keep you hooked in anticipation for the remainder of the album, which is a grower rather than an immediate success. 'Never Let You Go' is the most melodic rock song for year's providing a repetitive hum for you thereafter. Stand out tracks for me are '10 days late', '1000 Julys' and 'Ode to Maybe'. Teb WILL take on the world once the British public wake up and appreciate how dynamic this band are. The first album I would still rate as slightly having the edge but the margin is negligible, if you can't decide which one to get you started let me solve your dilemma, get both- they'll provide you with over 120 minutes of sheer quality.
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