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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 June 2005
i originally bought this album because my friend said that it was one of her favourite cd's of all time. she wasnt wrong! incubus present such a diverse and beautiful selection of tracks here, ranging from the loud and passionate 'pardon me', the acoustic tones of 'drive' (my personal favourite) and even the romantic 'i miss you'. it is incommon for a band as established as incubus to produce an album so different and diverse without alienating their fanbase, but this reaches out to the existing incubus fans and certainly created a lot of new fans. needless to say, this album is an absolute must for all music lovers. brandon boyd's vocals perfectly compliment the tone of each song and highlight the thought provoking lyrics in every track. just buy it, it really is worth the money, and plus there's a bonus cd of acoustic remakes of some songs. this album will have no problem achieving classic status.
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I say genre, but I think it's a little unfair to categorise Incubus as a 'nu-metal' band - what's on show here is far more diverse. Alright they certainly like loud guitars, but they also like to throw in some funky basses and samples that actually add something to the song. While I don't want to criticise other nu-metal bands, I think Incubus really need to stand out there on their own. The biggest reason - Brandon Boyd's superb voice and songwriting capabilities. He raises issues that many other bands do, (pressures of the world on young people, attempts to be moulded into society), but somehow deals with them in the right way, looking at it without hate but hope. (the hit single drive being the best example). That said my personal fave is 'Stellar' a chilled out rock ballad. Buy it enjoy it, whether you like nu metal or not.
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on 8 July 2005
Brilliant! This is a outstanding album from an outstanding American band. Their music is inspirational, and every track on this album is, in its own individual way, a gem.
The contrast between songs is something very rarely seen in modern day LP's, but these guys pull it off, and then some!
My favourite track has to be 'Make Yourself', possibly because as i am merely sixteen, little else interests me than heavy rock, but the song is well written and magnificently performed!
But there is something for everyone here unless you're a Mozart purist, in that case stay away!
But if you want to blow a tenner on something, and you want to blow it on something good; blow it on this!
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on 4 January 2003
From the moment the opening chords of "Privilege" rip through the sound system, you know you're in for an amazing forty odd minutes of an album, and Incubus fail to disappoint. Each song has a completely different approach to music. The band embrace each note and release it harmonically, yet also with zest to the listener. "The warmth" and the intstumental piece are slightly out of co-ordination with the remaining tracks, but still capture the essence of Incubus. The musicians alter from album to album, and if you were expecting the encore of funk-metal previously produced on S.C.I.E.N.C.E, there are hints of it in tracks such as "Make Yourself" and "Out from Under", but don't be put off, because this album is probably what defines Incubus among today's society of up and coming bands. Songs which have made legendary trademarks, such as "Drive" and "Pardon Me" are the epitomy of the bands' roots, and probably lead on to the softer and possibly more volatile sounds of their recent release - Morning View. To all pure Incubus fans, this is a memorable and must-have CD to your collection, and you'll admire every sound Brandon, Mike, Dirk, Jose and DJ Kilmore produce. The only thing to bear in mind is the fact that there are five members of this band, it's so easy to focus on one!
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Never before have i listened to an album so much. Its the best cd i've ever bought by far, and for so many reasons. Incubus has to be one of the most diverse groups on the market. They can do jazz, rock, pop, metal etc, and they don't just pull it off, the make it their own. Privelidge is an excellent track, Relatively heavy, but not just thrash. Other songs such as The Warmth (a masterpiece, mainly due to the man at the decks,) and Stellar (an extremely clever song which mixes moody soft riffs with pwr chords,) and then of course you have more well known songs such as Pardon Me, and especially Drive, which is a masterpiece of a song.
The main reason that i love this album so much is that i have no favorite, i love every song on it. From Drive to I Miss You which are more soft, to Out From Under and the epic Make Yourself, a worthy title track. I have nothing more to say except buy this album. I started listening to it and haven't stopped. Its been months, and i'm not bored yet. Get it.
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on 10 June 2001
Make Yourself is an amazing album. Now it comes with the added 4 acoustic tracks, its even more of an amazing purchase. It all starts off with the catchy riff leading into the hard first track Privilege that is a great way to start off the album. All I need to say is that every song on this album is fantastic. If you are into all the nu-metal that is flooding MTV nowadays, you need to check these guys out. This stuff will blow you away, its got the hard edge that makes bands like Limp Bizkit popular, but unlike Durst, the singing and lyrics of Boyd (Incubus' singer) are far, far superior. The rest of the band is extremely talented. The DJ adds some very cool scratching and extra texture to the songs. The Bassist, although not showing his talent in funk bass lines as much as on the last album, which is also magnificent still provides his amazing part. Buy this album! You WILL not regret it.
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on 15 May 2001
Deep and dedicated lyrics make this a fantastic album from Incubus. A step forward from their previous, it shows maturity and a unique individuality expressed in the music and the lyrics from Brandon. Using his UK girlfriend as a focal point for many songs, such as 'I Miss You' he demonstrates his ability as a great songwriter. Aside from the love numbers, 'Pardon Me', 'Make Yourself' and 'Consequence' address things on his mind. Great words.... "An ominous landscape of never ending calamity" In all it's a fantastic album, even if it is stripped down and mellow. Great to chill to, great to get your mind thinking, great to just listen to on repeat on the stereo.
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on 23 September 2001
From the very start of this album, with the heavy, dirty chords and the high harmony in the vocals of "Privelige" you know that you've made the right choise in buying this album. Incubus vary the songs trememdously throughout this album from full on heavy songs (out from under), to slow songs (drive, the warmth) to 3 way DJ battles (Battlestar scralatchtica). The Highlight of this album has to be the astounding "pardon me", which finds a mixture of scratching, rapping, loud AND quiet guitar and amazingly good vocals.
This band are extremly talented, and this cross-genre masterpeice proves this.
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on 2 April 2003
Incubus. Having blasted us with their debut, S.C.I.E.N.C.E, we already loved them as a genius band. Little did we know what they had up their sleeve next.
Privilege starts off the album as a cool, rock song and you realise that they have changed and it sounds good, then you hear the awesome guitar intro for nowhere fast. The drum 'n' bass verse, perfect metal chorus and wierd, almost indian influenced middle 8 section. One of the best songs you've ever heard. Then you get onto the subtle consequence. It takes a while for you to realise how truly amazing that song is but it's like an old friend when you come back to it. The warmth is a classic song that pinpoints the sound of this album well. When it comes is also subtle with some of the best lyrics in the world. Stellar is a revolutionary chillout/powerful song with innovative guitar bending from Mike Einziger. Make Yourself is absolutely incredible. It's mental but superbly intelligent at the same time. Then we have the classic relax track, Drive. A great summer song. Clean builds up well and is a generally great song with an incredible middle 8 section. Battlestar scralatchtica is an awesome battle of the DJs with insane bass playing and the tightest interludes with bass, drum and guitar. I miss you could make you cry with it's beautiful melody and perfect drumming. Pardon me starts off brilliantly and the verse is the most unexpected but truly incredible thing you've heard in a long time.A true classic. After that you get the impression that they spent so much time and effort crafting this album that they let loose and went crazy on Out from under. This is the best album of all time and it has changed my life forever. Get it and you'll thank me.
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on 31 August 2004
I only just got this album about 2 weeks ago, but it hasn't been off my CD player at all, i think the great balance between rock and the more melodic harmonies really entwine to make a great rock album that every aspiring music artist should atleast try out. It all starts off with Privelege(9/10) which is a great start to this smashing album, Brandon's voice really compliments the great beats by Michael Einziger and Jose Pinillas on drums throughout the whole album.
Then things carry onto Nowhere Fast(8/10), which is pretty more of the same and then Consequence(8/10) make the beginning of the album very tasty. Then comes The Warmth(9/10), which is one of my favourites, and again the lyrics are sang confidently and beautifully.Then When It Comes(9/10)keeps the album upbeat and at a fast beat.Stellar(8/10) takes things a bit slow, but then to the the albums namesake Make Yourself(10/10) which couldn't be any truer a song about the world at the moment. Well known single Drive(9/10) is always a great song to chillout to, and the Clean(8/10) ain't half bad, with the kinda James Bond introduction. Then it all starts to go a bit wayward when Miss You starts(6/10) and the following that Battlestar Scralachtica isn't a corker(6/10) although DJ Killmore doesn't half know how to throw down rocking riffs! Then Incubus set back on track with the classic Pardon Me(10/10) which was as though it was written for Brandons voice. Towards the end it gets all experimental, but this has to be Incubus' best album, if not it must match A Crow Left Of The Murder.
Brandon on lyrics piercing and beautiful, Einzingers fantastic riffs on guitar, Jose' beating drums and Killmores bouncy beats amount to one hella of a band!
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