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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2010
Purchased Bayou Country as a Christmas gift for my husand; it turned out to be the last gift I gave him as he died in February 2010. We had the original vinyl album, but I wanted him to be able to listen on CD alongside his chair. We loved the original album and it was fabulous to hear all the tracks again and re-live the early days of our relationship. It is a classic album anyone interested in music should have in their collection, be they 15 or 80. It is particularly good to hear whilst laid out on the floor with the head between two speakers.
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on 2 June 2012
Well what can I say about this album!like all the others this great band recorded bar Mardi Gras they are all brilliant.
And remember this they released 3 of these albums in one year 1969 what band can boast that.3 quality albums that could get in a top 50 of all time easily in 1 year!!

Right back to this album Its one of my faves probably becaused its slightly overlooked in awe of the next 3 to come but this is the bands template sound and it gets underway with bayou country and takes you into a land of swamps, mist, bullfrogs and cottonfields!
No fillers on here even Graveyard Train which weighs in at over 8 minutes is a grower and just shows the diversity on offer here.
I have purchased all the re-issues as the sound is great well done on the mastering and the bonus tracks are decent and the value for money for these great albums is good.

Proud Mary is also one of my favs they did and being on this album warrants a 5 star on its own!!
Just avoid Mardi Gras they had fractured by then and Tom Fogerty had left it was a sad finale to a great band.
Just get the other albums you will be hooked!!
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on 5 October 2004
Bayou Country is and remains one of the Classic Rock albums of all-time. Creedence Clearwater was and remains probably the Greatest American Rock and Roll band ever.
Bayou Country is the second of 7 albums that CCR recorded in the late 60's and early 70's.
The album starts off with "Born on the Bayou, which in my mind is the best song John Fogertry ever wrote. Born on the Bayou mixes Rock and blues. The guitar licks are classic.
Bootleg is next. Bootleg is a nice little accoustic song.
Its fun to listen to
Graveyard Train is next and it shows Fogerty messing with the Blues. Graveyard train gets a little lengthy but is still worth listen.
Good Golly miss Molly is a cover of the Little Richard song. CCR does the song justice, its a great cover of a classic song.
Penthouse Pauper is next and it is also worth the listen.
Next is Fogerty's brightest moment. one of the Classic songs of all-time..............Proud Mary.
Many people prefer the cover by Ike and Tina Turner. As good as their version is I will always prefer the CCR version better.
Keep on Choolin is next and another solid song.
Creedence Clearwater came at a time when the charts were dominated by British bands. For the first time in over half a decade, an American band was recording #1 songs.
CCR sold more singles in the 60's that ANY American band.
Bayou Country along with Green River, Willie and the Poorboys and Cosmos Factory are and always will be classics.
John Fogerty is probably the greatest American writer of the 60's and probably for all-time.
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on 6 December 2002
From the very first bars of the title track, you know this is going to be a great album and it doesn't disappoint. The raw, yet melodic voice of John Fogerty provides an awesome mix of blues and rock which really capture the listener. There are some lengthy tunes on this album which draw mainly from the bands bluesy influences, these seem to take a while to get to their destination but are no worse for the fact. There is a (in my opinion) terrible cover of Good Golly Miss Molly which would have been left out, but I'm sure others like it.
The real gem in this album is the all-time classic track, Proud Mary (covered by Ike & Tina Turner - a classic of theirs too), it is worth buying this album for this one track alone.
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on 2 December 2015
My favourite band of all time! I still listen to all their albums regularly, even though I still don't know half the mumbled lyrics! I thought I'd upgrade, as the CDs were so cheap! This remastered album, with the bonus tracks, is absolutely superb! Great sound quality and interesting, memory jogging information in the accompanying booklet. A must for all CCR fans...
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on 18 January 2012
Although Bayou Country is inferior to the next three releases, it's still an extremley enjoyable, yet slightly flawed album. It's flaws are very few, but one in particular that I can't give it the full stars as I'd like to. But we'll get onto why in a minute. Anyway, "Born on the Bayou" is essential Creedence, arguably the best album track they have ever done (along with a certain cut from "Cosmo's Factory"). A real slow burning rocker, and it sets the tone perfectly. "Bootleg", although one of the weaker tracks here, it's still a nice little song and the vocals are fantastic. Now here's the major complaint: "Graveyard Train" doesn't seem to interest me at all, and while many people claim it should be cut to length, I suggest it to be cut from the album. Not only is it one of first three tracks, but also it's the lengthiest by a long shot. Everytime I reach this track, about two minutes in I feel like I want to turn the album off and stick something else on. That's until I force myself through that trainwreck and then we hit "Good Golly Miss Molly", just one of the many awesome covers CCR would produce in their career. It's good old speedy rock and roll, and the guitar work is absolutely fantastic. One of the most underrated guitar performances I have ever heard. "Penthouse Pauper" is another good song, with humorously great lyrics. Along with the previous track, it totally makes up for the unnecessary "Graveyard Train". Now "Proud Mary" is probably the definite CCR single. It's been covered trillions of times, everyone knows the words, yadda yadda. It seriously is a beautiful, reflective track, with the catchiest chorus in the history of music, and lyrics so friendly and inviting, I just feel like giving Fogerty a big hug. Unfortunately, we finish up on another average song, and guess what! It's also lengthy. Although much more tolerable than "Graveyard Train", and in actual fact it's a decent track, the final song "Keep On Chooglin'" could have been shortened down, and also placed at a different track position because it doesn't feel like that much of a closer. So overall, apart from two minor duds, Bayou Country is a great record, and one that you can spin numerous times without getting bored. It lacks concistency and that 'epic' song, and the best of CCR was still to come (see next album Green River), but it's another fine album in their consistently excellent catalogue. Also, Bayou Country as a whole is hideously undervalued as a guitar album. It's easily their best in that department and I seriously believe it stands as one of the best of the 60's.

Key track: Proud Mary
Personal faves: Born on the Bayou, Good Golly Miss Molly, Penthouse Pauper
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on 21 February 2013
I have all the albums by Creedence Clearwater Revival on vinyl since they came out.
In my opinion this album set the template for their unique and unequalled swamp rock sound.
With an opening song of Born On The Bayou which is probably John Fogerty's best song ever and Proud Mary to follow.
The brilliant Keep On Chooglin and Graveyard Train adding menace and atmospheric imagery. Green River was a good companion to this album but for me this is the best.
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on 5 December 2014
...Laid out on the floor with your head between two speakers - and I thought I was the only one, the only one, the only one...
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on 25 May 2009
Born on the Bayou, which I downloaded because I couldn't be bothered to transfer the original LP to the computer, complete with bonus tracks of different versions of tracks, is well worth the money, Creedence Clearwater revival still as good as I remembered from the 70's.
Instantly took me back to younger more carefree times.

Highly recommended for all 5o somthings. Best recording of Proud Mary ever.
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on 15 March 2011
What is chooglin'....anybody?
Sounds like fun anyway. For me this is CCR's most consistant album. Gone is the naivete of their eponymous first album and here is Fogerty's foggy, swampy Southern drawl laid bare to glide over some classic riffs.It has some extended pieces but nothing as wasteful as Grapevine. Just buY it, NOW.
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