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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2005
Not a bad collection of tracks, but as best-ofs go it's not exactly life-changing. Perhaps a good buy if you're new to Joy Division, or only want to buy one album and just have to have Love Will Tear Us Apart.
Most of the popular classics are on here, but personally I'm disappointed New Dawn Fades, Warsaw and The Eternal/Decades weren't included over, say, The Only Mistake or Something Must Break. However, the obvious Atmosphere, Transmission, She's Lost Control, Shadowplay and the ubiquitous aforementioned LWTUA are always nice to hear.
Personally, this is the last JD CD I've bought to complete my collection and it's almost entirely superfluous. The "Permanent Mix" of Love Will Tear Us Apart isn't great.
If You're interested in starting a JD collection, you'd do better starting with Unknown Pleasures, then getting Closer, Substance, Still and the Warsaw album, then all the other bits and bobs. That's my preferred order.
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on 9 March 2003
A well selected "best of". Fans will obviously dispute this or that track, but that just tells you how consistently brilliant JD were. This is the best introduction to the band, and makes up for the patchy "Substance". Yes it is often disturbing in its emotional intensity. Yes he did die by his own hand. But that does not change the quality of the music, or the lyrics many of which are good enough to stand up as highly literate poety. A bit like Sisters of Mercy, but even more powerful. JD fans are obsessive. Listen to this and you will find out why.
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on 4 December 2000
This HAS to be the ultimate Joy Division album. Compiled of the best tracks off both studio albums and the live "Still", plus the addition of their 3 hit singals (including the B-sides from both "Transmission" and "Atmosphere") this album is essential. Packed full of the dark, machine-like, minamalistic wonders of pain and suffering. This album should be owned by all who appreciate what has to be one of the most infulencial artists of all time and don't really fancy buying the complete back-catelouge. Essential in every meaning of the word.
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on 28 January 2000
If you can't appreciate this album then sell your hearing to the deaf. Real music is passion music. There is more feeling in any one of the tracks on Permanent than can be found in the entirety of "these days" charts. Listening to this album leaves one with a disprited view of humanity. Joy Division's music haunts the imagination for a very good reason: the capacity for humans to inflict emotional suffering on each other appears almost limitless. The result of this fact, internalised and immortalised by Ian Curtis, is Love will tear us apart, Isolation, or Atmosphere. Yet understanding human pain is the most necessary lesson of all; a universal lesson which requires individual reflection. "There's a taste in my mouth, as desperation takes hold". Only when you have seen the abyss stare back at you can there be the foundations for a life of truly human sentiment. Otherwise existence is just chimerical.
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on 16 September 2004
The record company most probably believed that with this compilation, they would appeal to the casual record buyer and enticed new fans with a remix of "Love Will Tear Us Apart". It features selections from their two studio albums "Unknown Pleasures" and "Closer" as well as their most famous song, but Joy Division are a band more than most that does not appeal to the casual buyer. They are a band that stand out and command a fanatical fan base that over scrutinize every Ian Curtis lyric to the most extreme point. The compilation isn't as useful as the singles collection "Substance", nor is it as mesmerizing as the band's two original studio albums. This means that is should not appeal either to the dedicated fan and is a misleading introduction for casual fans, even though it contains a wealth of brilliant music. Buy the bands two studio albums and "Substance" as they are the records that the Joy Division legend was born from. Not this half baked attempt to cash in on them. AVOID!!
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on 17 February 2015
Just when punk was being taken over by idiot usurpers with moustaches(!) wearing 'the uniform' and acting in a cartoon moronic manner, the post punk thing came along to save those of us who were disgusted by crap like The Exploited and GBH. The band who best defined post punk for me were Joy Division and this compilation groups together tracks from the three albums associated with them as well as a couple of singles. It's a great starting point for the uninitiated but it's tastefully put together which makes it useful for the fan who has all this stuff on other releases. I actually play this cd more than any other Joy Division release and it is perfect for those night time drives.
It's strange how you can have two unrelated bands separated by thousands of miles, developing in isolation of each other yet they end up sharing common sonic ground. Joy Division and Pere Ubu are an example of this but where Ubu came over as pissed off there is a beautiful melancholy to Joy Division which is made 100 times more poignant by the loss of Ian Curtis. Urgent drumming, lead bass guitar with Hooky's trademark roar and Barney's guitar adding texture and simple melodic leads make up the sound but the vital element is Ian Curtis. It goes beyond his poetry which together with his delivery prove without doubt the man was a visionary, a seer, add all this to his shamanic live performance and you have what I believe was the most unique performer in the rock arena. The claims made about Jim Morrison seem far more appropriate applied to Curtis, a man without pretention, can we say the same about Jim? I always thought Curtis sounded like a traveller relaying strange tales of the things he saw and felt although a song like 'Heart And Soul' reveals a more tender delivery. Listening to Joy Division makes me feel emotional but I can not hear 'Atmosphere' without feeling chills down my body, brilliantly titled, a genius lament. The man was too young to die but when you consider his age, his fully formed persona becomes even more staggering, he wasn't long out of his teens. The only man to come close to his intellectual maturity must be John Lydon and if you doubt me just go and reread those lyrics he wrote as a teenager in the Pistols.
These tracks are around 35 years old and are more alive and vibrant than ever. They have not dated one iota, nor do they require any tinkering at all in this age of reissue and remix, they remain just perfect. RIP Ian, sure miss you.
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VINE VOICEon 31 January 2005
For those who aren't sure if they are Joy Division fans this is a great introduction to their work, so haunting and powerful. It has both an original version of 'Love will tear us apart' and the more familiar remix. Do like I did and give someone or yourself this and make them into a Joy Division fan.
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on 19 May 2012
Words can't say how much I love this album (but that does go for all Joy Division). There will never be another so sit back, shut up n take in what was ment to be heard
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on 1 March 2008
For any Joy Division fan this album puts it all in one place.
God Love Ian XX
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on 17 April 2012
1995 collection of joy division, some songs essential there isn't but this is a good introduction to the post punk group
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