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on 4 October 2000
The Faith No More guys have produced an unusual album filled with a mixture of crazy top tunes (Digging the Grave, Just a Man) and some nice, easy-listening stuff too (Star A.D). But for some reason it works really well, and even though it doesn't really go near the brilliance of Angledust, there are some really cool songs that totally grow on you after a good long listen! A good purchase for someone who likes heavy music, but wants something a little different, too.
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on 13 March 2001
This was the first album I heard from Faith No More, and I instantly got into it since it doesn't go for insanely weirdness that Angel Dust has. Immedietly tracks like Ricochet, Cuckoo for Caca, What a day, Gentle Art, Get out and Digging the Grave were great, but other tracks took a while to sink in. This album is quite diverse, as all of a sudden after a hard hitting track comes a laid back track like Evidence, Take this Bottle and Just a Man. Everytrack is pretty much good for different reasons, much like Angel Dust, but Angel Dust is still better. None the less, this album is amazing.
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on 19 February 2002
If anyone compares this or ever considers comparing this as a soundalike to Mr.Bungle don't trust them ever again. I also am a fan of Mr. Bungle and they don't sound like FNM one little bit (except for Patton's vocals).
This is by far their best work and it shows with tunes like Evidence and King For A Day.
Some compositions are beautiful, melodic, some eerie and create certain emotions and some just pound the crap out of your brain. Every one likes a good dose of aural brain-pounding!
Heres a track by track review:
1.Get Out;A rocker, fast and incredably catchy.
2.Ricochet;Damn good tune, mid paced, catchy, and amazing vocals.
3.Evidence;my favourite FNM tune, just magnificent. a slow jazzy number which justsucks you in.
4.Gentle Art Of Making Enemies;slightly mental, damn good song, speedy.
5.Star A.D;slow jazzy song with a sax solo.
6.Cookoo For Caca;hmmmm...do you with to heara more mental song(if one exists! maybe Mr.Bungle)
7.Carlaho Vohador;slow sleazy ballad,soft on the ears and a good song none the less.
8.Ugly In The Morning;starts off normal........ends with Mike Patton sounding like he's choking on his own phlegm......don't let that put you off though, its a good song!
9.Digging The Grave;the immediate single, catchy, punchy rock song.
10.Take This Bottle;another slow soft one, brilliant chorus, brilliant vocals, brilliant song.
11.King For A Day;like a depressing downward spiral, creates strong feelings. starts with "this is the best party i've been to.." ends with "don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes". Amazing song and atmsophere.
12.What A Day;Short,sweet,heavy and a damn fine, catchy song.
13.The Last To Know;probably the least memorable song on the album but good none the less.
14.Just A Man;one of my fav FNM songs, a soaring ballad that erupts into a crunchy chorus and keeps climbing and climbing until it fades out. The BEST album closer ever made(on a par with Whitewater by Kyuss).
So this album should appeal to you if you like brilliant songwriting, amazing vocal ranges, a mix of rock and ballads and music that was completely ahead of it's time(thats why FNM weren't famous), no-one was ready for them, no-ones brains had evolved to understand this masterpiece in rock(and any sort of..) music!!!
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on 22 August 2000
I always preferred angel dust to this album but after taking it on holiday with me this became my faveourite, i have been a fan of faith no more for over 3 years and its a sheer tragedy that they are now no more. The great thing about this album is the quirky diversity from all out hardcore rage "Get Out," "Cuckoo For Caca," "Ugly In The Morning," to soulful r n b and jazzy flavours "Evidence," "Take This Bottle," there is not a weak moment on the album and this added more to the already impressive roster of fnm material after the spastic funk metal of "The Real Thing," and the haunting "Angel Dust," "King for a day," proved to be the final piece of a trio of classic albums.
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on 2 September 2015
This is a great released, which for some reason got some bad reviews when it was originally released, no idea why. I love this album and if you like FNM and haven't got this what are you waiting for?
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on 6 February 2009
A truly incredible album. One of those records that completely reorientates your musical landscape, which instructs you in new ways of sonic pleasure, which conditions your way of thinking about music forever.

Expunging the last remnants of 'funk' in their repertoire, this album marks Faith No More's colonisation and reconstruction of metal, hard rock, and lounge music. There is no better exemplar of rolling aggression than 'The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies', no more satisfying screaming that on 'Ugly In The Morning' and few superior blasts of punk energy than 'Digging The Grave'. Mike Patton's unique lyrical skills infuse 'Caralho Voador' and 'What A Day'. The sheer diversity of genre and tempo, which also bears his stamp, confound expectations with wit and panache.

But the joy of 'King For A Day...' is that it exceeds all these specific moments of brilliance. It is a manifesto on rock-metal, a statement of what is possible that noone will ever really touch. The bands who claim to be inspired by Faith No More are all pale shadows, farcical attempts at mimicry.

Once you know 'King For A Day...' it will not be hard to understand why. Faith No More themselves could never remake this sound. They had to do something else, something equally brilliant. No, this is a truly unique album, born of a moment that can never be reclaimed. That is what makes it perfect on its own terms. Accept it, live it, love it.

Essential cuts: 'Ricochet', 'Evidence', 'The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies', 'Caralho Voador', 'Digging The Grave', 'King For A Day', 'What A Day' and 'Just A Man'.
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on 11 March 2001
I understand what some reviewers are saying when they dislike the album becuase it is a bit of 'Faith no more' mixed in with 'Mr Bungle, but is that such a problem? Mr Bungle is classic music as well. Its true that Mike Patton does scream alot and some of the lyrics are very strange eg. during 'ugly in the morning' Patton screams out 'Dont look at me, im ugly in the morning' about 10 times in a row. But he does it so well that you cant help but get drawn in by it. The album has so many absolutely mind blowing songs. It starts off with 'Get out' which is full of energy and i love the drumming on it. 'Richochet' is just a beutiful song, and so is 'Evidence. There are Many hard and agressive songs such as 'The gentle art of Making enemies', 'Cuckoo For Caca', 'Ugly In The Morning', 'Digging The Grave', and 'What A Day', all of which are fantastic and really make we want to just jump around. One of my favourites is 'King for a day' its just truely amazing, it builds up slowly and beautifully into an amazing climax then gradually dies down. It all ends with the wonderful song 'Just A Man' which is a nice calming note to end on. Lets just say your getting your moneys worth here. People say this was Faith's worst album, it just goes to show how much was expected from this tallented band.
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on 28 May 2003
ok so this may seem like heresy to most Faith fans out there but i honestly think that this is not only the band's best album but also one of the best albums by anyone ever. of the uhndreds of cds i own this is one i have played since it came out 8 years ago. It is probably the most diverse album i have ever heard, as it ranges from the screeching metal of 'cuckoo for caca' to the gospel of 'just a man'. i must mention also that possibly the greatest song ever written by anyone is on this album in the form of 'evidence'. This song has never failed to make me stop whatever i was thinking of at the time upon hearing it. It is absolutely perfect. anyway its time to stop reading this and buy it.
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on 3 May 2001
Forget all the reviews you here about this album which are accusing it of being a mix between FNM and Mr Bungle. Just because FNM have dared to be different again, people instantly criticise them. It would great to see Korn or Limp Bizkit produce something so different and unique, but that just wouldn't happen. King For A Day... is an album which contains no duff songs and a great range in musical styles from the sheer heaviness of Cuckoo for Caca and What a Day to the mellowness of Evidence and Caralho Voador, this album has it all. In my eyes it is the peak of an illustrious career from the rock godfathers of them all. Anyone expecting 14 songs written to the same format should look elsewhere but if you've got half a brain or any common sense you will know that something special was produced in this record. Any FNM fans without it are missing the pinnacle of every album they made. It contains the good aspects of all the others, and don't get me wrong, I love every FNM album. Instead of releasing the Greatest Hits album, they should just have re-released this. Ricochet is the best piece of music ever written by anyone or anything. A real rock classic.
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on 14 April 2001
This, along with Angel Dust, is the pinacle of FNM's output. It includes a wide variety of styles (wide, even for *this* band) and contains both FNM's most melodic and heaviest tracks. I think many people who slate this album assume it must be second-rate as Jim Martin isn't on it. Pah! The guitar playing throughout is incredible--in fact, the best of any of their LP's. 'Last To Know' is one the most majestic songs ever sung by the superb Mike Patton, and there are loads more really excellent tunes here.
If you like Angel Dust, you *must* get this album, it's as simple as that!
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