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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2007
time is indeed the mother of all realities,what we once percived to be true can soon lead to a mistake,for example,in the year that this was released grunge was taking off big style and leaving metal behind,angel dust was a big seller but many thought that this would trail to the grunge scene in years to follow,alas and indeed for the greater good this hasnt happened ,grunge is dead,nu metal is dead and metal is enjoying a major rebirth and all is good and at the same time angel dust still sounds fresh and vital,i think you will understand my point.

Faith no more arent a new band to me,i knew of them as far back as 1989 but i wasnt a fan,there is no point in lying,i was straight edge metal then,i was but a child indeed but slayer,metallica,maiden and guns n roses gave me cause to save my pocket money then and when grunge was huge i embraced it somewhat,at least with nirvana anyway,but i fell out with it a few years later and metal remained.In recent years i have been drawn to faith no more and really love king for a day so when i heard good things of angel dust i strutted into the store and left with it and im glad i did because this is a real classic (thanks treeny).

The best way to describe faith no more is to view them as jumbled,what i mean by that is that you can never call an album of theirs metal or hard rock or any genre you care to mention as there are so many styles thrown in,sometimes even on the same song and alot of that has to do with singer mike patton who has a wide range of vocal styles from falsetto to death grunts and pretty much all in between,this album is packed with classic after classic from land of sunshine,caffeine,rv,smaller and smaller and be aggressive to single out just a few,its a madcap album,certainly zany but focused at the same time,its an album thats ahead of its time with its sound,a sound that would lead to nu metal in a way,although faith no more aint nu metal,all in all this is an exciting album and hasnt aged,not every album from the 90s can say that.
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on 31 July 2006
I've read and heard people say that 'Angel Dust' is the best Faith No More album ever created. Not a bad word was said about it and there were no one star reviews on Amazon so it was time to find out what all the fuss was about.

Well what can I say? 'Angel Dust' certainly doesn't disappoint! As soon as I heard 'Land of Sunshine', I knew I was in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride. To say that 'Angel Dust' is 'heavy metal' wouldn't be right. In fact, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what this music is. The band experiment with disco (Crack Hitler), extreme metal (Jizzlobber, Malpractice) even easy listening! (Easy, Midnight Cowboy) Hell, they even have cheerleader chants on it too! (Be Aggressive)

With 'Angel Dust', Mike Patton really proved himself as a vocalist. The way his voice can change from screaming to talking like a trailer park slob always amazes me. Long live Mike Patton!

Overall, I think 'Angel Dust' deserves more than five stars it's that great. It's better than 'The Real Thing' actually. Anyone who's just getting into FNM will quickly fall in love with this album!
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on 12 July 2004
On the way back from a holiday aged 17, I spotted a review in a popular magazine for this album, and being a fan of the Real Thing i thought why not - however this album is nothing like the Real Thing and most FNM fans would have double taked on listening to this album. It has everything from the classy opener land of sunshine to the eclectic Crack Hitler and nicely titled Jizzlobber. Mike Patton seems to be totured throughout this, but at the time of release this was seen as a classic and this status remains unchanged - a true record which many call the first metal concept album - great stuff.
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on 22 March 2007
I've always wondered why most Tool fans like Deftones, and vice versa, and then one day it finally dawned on me. They're like the Cain and Abel to FNM's Adam (don't ask who Eve is). This might be a limited view of FNM's influence, but it's a personal one, and it's testament to this album's monumental achievements... I find a song for every mood here, plus every time I come back to it, something new grabs my attention. Truly inspirational stuff.
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on 12 December 2015
Just brill album brought it cause of midlife crisis and everything's ruined and put it on and it blew my mind in so many ways can't fault it even now after 20 years
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on 18 September 2014
i am a massive fan of Faith no More they were at there peak when they recorded this album i think they were just as good as Guns & Roses when Angel Dust came out
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on 14 October 2015
this just keeps on growing with every listen
powerful clever rock music
plus a free live gig
sweet price
happy ears
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on 30 June 2012
In my opinion this is the best album by FNM. It has a bit of everything. Some tracks won't be to everyones taste, Malpractice being the one that comes to mind, even though this is one of my favourites I can understand why others wouldn't be as keen. Classics like Land of Sunshine, Midlife crisis, Everythings Runined and Easy are all bundled together here for all to appreciate. Caffeine, R.V. and Jizzlobber are also really great tracks, and any that I haven't mentioned are also up there as quality songs. This album is one that I can listen to all the way through and not skip a single track. Buy and be amazed!
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on 13 July 2013
again another classic album from my teen days love it great cd, fair priced and came in excellent condition as stated.
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on 30 December 2005
The first thing you notice about this album is the startling difference here in Mike Patton's voice from The real Thing. Unless you were familiar at the time with Patton's work with Mr Bungle, there's no way you'd think it was the same Mike Patton. His voice is deeper and matured and sounds like a completely different singer. Like Mr Bungle's debut album, Angel Dust really showcases Patton's truly beautiful voice, range and versatility - it's a marvel to listen to him crooning melodically one minute and then screeching aggressively the next. He surely has one of the most distinct male voices ever, not just in rock - I've always thought he'd make a good opera singer if he wanted to.

Whereas The Real Thing was conceptually singular and monochrome in style and sound, Angel Dust is a lot more colourful and playful, changing direction drastically. Out went the slap bass (except for a few instances)and the raw metal sound and in came Patton's developed vocals, increased production values and more keyboards and synths. The Land of Sunshine is a great opener, with a catchy, bouncy rhythm complimented by some of FNM's last slap bass style. Caffeine is a classic metal track with some of the percussion recalling Zombie Eaters from The Real Thing. Midlife Crisis is a great, rhythmic pop metal piece with great vocals. In fact, every track is a gem. Tracks like Everything's Ruined, Kindergarten, Be Aggressive and Crack Hitler would continue to showcase FNM's superior rhythm section and melodic writing and tracks like Smaller & Smaller, Malpractice and Jizzlobber would add to their collection of great metal tracks. The latter is a wonderfully over-the-top rhythmic piece of aggression about self love with a couple of great metal riffs and ending with an hilarious chuch pipe-organ solo - that was another thing that seperated FNM from other rock acts, they had a sense of humour and were able to portray that in their music. The last couple of tracks are decent covers, one of the theme of John Barry's Midnight Cowboy and the other The Commodores' Easy but they don't really belong on the album, they are not really consistent with the album's sound and style and I usually skip them.

Sadly, FNM would never again reach the same highs or level of superior writing as they did here and with The Real Thing. Their following albums would still throw up some great material but were never as consistently good as these two, but with these two, FNM ensured they would go down in history as one of the best ever rock acts and their genre melding style and rhythm would influence many others to come.
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