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  • Peace
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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 1999
Some have suggested that "Peace" is simply an extension of Annie Lennox's solo career, but listening to this CD, I was once again struck by what I perceive to be Dave Stewart's strongest contribution to Eurythmics: great hooks. Annie has the voice, and she can turn out some biting, clever lyrics. But alone, her songs can tend to meander without a strong chorus or musical hook for the listener to latch onto. But with Dave Stewart's tunesmithing (is that a word?) back on board, it's easy to see that old Eurythmics magic working its way back again.
Just listen to 17 Again, I Saved the World Today, Power to the Meek, Forever (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite Eurythmics songs, period), or almost any of the other songs on this CD. They'll work their way into your subconscious and before you know it, you'll find yourself singing along...and loving every minute of it.
It's good to have Eurythmics back.
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Annie and Dave are a couple of misfits that seem to connect. This CD represents some of the best I have heard from their "sensitive" side yet. A collection geared more towards the 'ballad', it releases some of the potential from this group's talent box. "17 Again" radiates with joy in an upbeat, but pop angled mode. "Beautiful Child" is one of the finest ballads I've heard in years and "Peace..." is just a calming intricate mood piece that let's you 'chill out'. "Power To The Meek" is straight out of the 'B-52's' style and if any song can be labeled as 'more' than borrowing from the Beatles, it is the great song, "Forever". Not only is the entire song Beatlesque, but the chord arrangments are nearly copied from "Across The Universe" and "Let It Be".
I could do without "I Want It All", a brash, obnoxious hard rock attempt that fails miserably. However, one of the best tracks here, "I Saved The World" is such fairy tale, lighthearted fare, that you can't help but feel all gooey inside - a great pop song. Dave doesn't stretch much, except with the use of some subtle keyboards and light handed guitar, but Annie really lets her vocal range stretch more than usual. A nice set.
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on 30 October 1999
I've been listening to this all week and trying to figure out why I like it so much. One or two of the songs are admittedly pretty awful - e.g "Anything but Strong" and "Forever". However, that's why you can programme your CD player. The rest is wonderful, with memorable lyrics, melodies and of course, Annie Lennox's voice. The first four songs are enough reason in themselves to buy the album and keep getting better every time I listen. Other favourites at the moment are "I want it all" & 'I've tried everything' (with its chorus "Yea, you're a loser now") which, ridiculously, has brought a smile to my face every time I've heard it.. The song "Lifted" is simple and perfect.....
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on 25 January 2000
After being a lifelong fan of the Eurythmics (bought nearly all of their stuff for the past seventeen years), I thought this album would be a shadow of the inspirational work we were all used to. Wrong! They haven't lost any of their magic, and more surprisingly, it appears from the album that they still really enjoy what they do. This thought was confirmed by the NEC appearance in December - so much magic in their music had the entire audience transported away to some magical place. Buy this album, and don't listen to the reviews on this page which describe it as plastic/white bread. These people obviously wouldn't know good music if it jumped up and hit them! As Shakespeare once (nearly) said, 'If Music be the food of love, let the Eurythmics play on'.
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on 10 January 2013
See my other reviews for In the Garden & 1984 for the Love of Big Brother.
I think I prefer their earlier stuff.
Nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing of 'Sweet Dreams' quality on here.
Must be my age......
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on 4 April 2015
A somewhat underrated Eurythmics album, this is for me one of their best. It is not mentioned anywhere that I could see on the sleeve notes, but many of the tracks are different on the remaster - to varying extents - to the original version of the album. The remaster is more compressed/limited than the original, but to my ears it sounds better: clearer.

Here's a breakdown of what I noticed:

1. 17 Again

This is largely similar between the two, however at around 2:37 this happens:
ORIGINAL: "Hey Hey..." vocal with no flange, into very short breakdown and a "ting!" sound.
REMASTER: "Hey Hey..." vocal - flanged - into slightly longer breakdown/pause, and no "ting!".

2. I Saved The World Today

This seems to be the same mix on both albusm, although the percussion sounds a bit different on the end of the outro - just down to mastering?

3. Power to the Meek

The original is fractionally faster, but I couldn't hear this. The lyrics differ between the two versions at around 1:04 to 1:36, then join again.

ORIGINAL: 1:52 breakdown with cowbell, out at 2:08 with guitar section, "I'm alive" outro lyrics at 2:24 and repeated to fade, but with "The mess I'm in" vocals on top of this too.
REMASTER: 1:52 breakdown no cowbell, different guitar mix, out at 2:08 then longer guitar solo section, "I'm alive" at 2:40 and repeated to fade, but not "mess I'm in" vocals on top.

4. Beautiful Child
Appears to be identical, although remaster is a lot clearer. The different track times are really accounted for by the silence at the end.

5. Anything But Strong

2:56 "Heyyyyy..." bit may have more reverb on remaster, or could just be more audible due to remastering. Aside from this minor possible difference it appears to be the same mix

6. Peace is Just A Word

ORIGINAL: at approx. 4:45 "Peace is just a word" backing vocals repeated, and more prominent guitar until about 5:11 where they stop rather than fade, far less prominent orchestra and guitar and rhythm section dominate mix and fade. Ends around 5:46. This could be my prefered mix.

REMASTER: at approx. 4:45 "Peace is just a word" section has "doo doo" vocals on top until faded out by 5:10 then "Peace..." backing vocals with fade to vocals and orchestra (and no guitar) by 5:24,track ends around 5:53

7. I've Tried Everything

ORIGINAL: mainly treated percussion noises for rhythm, no bass line
REMASTER: completely different mix, uses drum kit (even if sampled) and has bass line.

8. I Want It All

ORIGINAL: no breakdown at 1:39. Slightly, but inaudiably faster.
REMASTER: very brief breakdown at 1:39

Very subtle difference!

9. My True Love

ORIGINAL: Intro - mainly guitar, synth figure not in vocals. No synth strings. Pizzicato strings much quieter, sounding more like steel drums. String stab at 3:03. 3:21 solo, then different vocal mix. 4:13 - vocals, keyboards, guitar for outro.

REMASTER: Intro - guitar and percussion, and more synth (sounding a bit like a jaws harp) which continues into vocals. 0:55 synth strings. 2:28 pizzicato strings sound introduced until 3:01. No string stab at 3:03. 3:21 theramin like solo with strings until 3:39. 4:13 intermitent percussion in outro

10. Forever

Original inaudibly faster.

Original: Playful intro: piano, drums, guitar

Remaster: Playful intro: piano, drums, guitar, horns!

Otherwise seems to be the same mix allowing for remastering.

11. Lifted

Seems identical, although glockenspiel sounds slightly clearer at end of original. Mastering?

So if you like the album, and have one version but not the other you've got the chance to enjoy it in a different way.
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VINE VOICEon 1 December 1999
The Eurythmics were one of the definitive bands of the 80's, and Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox's reunion has produced this excellent album which is still has The Eurythmics sound, but has moved on in the 10 years since they last recorded. A couple of tracks have the wonderful powerful sound the 'old' 80's band, but the rest of the album is exactly what one would hope would come for the older, wiser, duo, that is more thoughtful, maybe less frenetic. The first single, and track 2, 'I saved the world today' is really superb, my favourite from an album of equally good tracks.Why was'nt it a UK No1??!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 January 2013
I've had rather an on-off love affair with Annie & Dave over the years. Loved some of the early Tourists records, fell for 'Sweet Dreams', 'Here Comes The Rain Again' and most of the early Eurythmics stuff but went pretty cold around the 'Beethoven' period and failed to really get into either of the duo's solo stuff until Annie's excellent Christmas album a few years back. As far as this album was concerned back in 1999, I heard the singles on the radio thought they were o.k and failed to investigate any further...

Having recently picked up a copy of this at a Boot Sale, however, I have to say now though that i'm glad that I did. 'Peace' is a very good album and certainly any of the first seven tracks would not be out of place on a 'Best Of' compilation. What makes this album special for me though is its more romantic, wistful and reflective nature and personal sounding songs. Gone here are stark synths, arty lyrics, posturing and new romanticism and in their place are lush melodies, sweeping strings, sensitive, reflective, wistful and romantic songs and a kind of 'heart on sleeve' kind of record.

'17 Again' and 'I Saved The World Today' (both singles) sum up what I have just said perfectly and if you like both of these you will appreciate the rest of the album. 'Power To The Meek' is more uptempo and has plenty of 80's influences and early Eurythmics reminders worked into it and (worst track) 'I Want It All' rocks out a bit but essentially this is a mellow album. In fact, but for the uninspired, 'I Want It All', and (dare I say it!) over-sung 'My True Love' and 'Forever' (where Annie tries a bit too hard, I feel) I would have given this album the whole five stars.

As great as the vast majority of this album is, however, to give 'Peace' any less than 9 out of 10 would be mean and I therefore strongly advise anyone who also missed this at the time to add it to their collection now.
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on 4 November 1999
I agree with the fan from Ireland that this a brilliant album, but have to say before anything else that Track 5, "ANYTHING BUT STRONG" is absolutely stunning. Awful??? Not at all. It is in fact anything but weak - easily the strongest song on the album, lifting an extraordinarily beautiful and meaningful line out of a wonderfully nebulous accompaniment. I have been a life-long Eurythmics fan and feel this could be their greatest song. No question. And when you hear its message ('loving is so different to keeping...'), you will feel inspired. It is surrounded by other classics, though. I have not heard such a poignant album in a long time, and that's not to say it doesn't have its lively moments. For once in this sad dwindling era of pop music we have lyrics which mean something... we have fresh irony and grace rather than bland fillers...anyone who envisages they've rather naffly and hollowly called the album 'Peace' should listen to the song 'Peace is just a word' in which Annie sings "Stop the World, Let it bleed. We've taken more than everything we need". This track, along with about five or six others truly soar. Her voice is, as it always was, incredible. You can feel the depth of thought that went into producing this album; it is far more intelligent, warm, and enduring than anything else released presently. Please do music a favour; buy this brilliantly strong record.
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on 22 November 1999
Compared with the vast majority of 'stuff' out there today, this album is among the best of the best. The musical strengths of the album are good and there are a good range of instruments used. The lyrics, as always with the timeless Eurythmics, are powerful and interesting.... but there is no missionary man. There seems to be a mellower undertone to this album. With a title of 'Peace' you might expect this, but it is a shame that there is nothing stronger for the vocals of Lenox to wrap their tendrils around. Having said that, the album is very very listener friendly. There is a lot to take in on the album and with tracks such as seventeen again, saved the world today and I've tried everything, you can't go far wrong. It is definitely one to buy. You will listen to it more than once (a day).
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