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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 December 2016
Primus, at their best.! 😁
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on 15 November 2014
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on 27 June 2014
ace album
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on 28 November 2002
My first thoughts after hitting 'Play' were : Wow. This is... different.
But it grew on me quickly. Before long, this album was one of my favourites. It wasn't long at all before I was searching the internet for bass tabs to Antipop and some of the simpler songs. I love the dark twist to this album. Okay so it doesn't sound like the Primus we know and love, but it sounds fantastic in a different way. Eclectic Electric is slow but effective, Ballad of Bodacious is the return to form, a little mroe familiar material, and if you can sit still through Greet the Sacred Cow, or even sit at all, you aren't human.
Claypool is still a god. I took up bass after getting my first Primus album. And they won't let you down.
In summary - Kick ass album. DIfferent to the rest, but so what?
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on 28 April 2017
For a Primus album, I found this to be very disappointing......Except for COATTAILS OF A DEAD MAN, which was brilliant !!! The track 'Antipop' was bearable..The rest of the album was not up to the usual brilliant Primus quality like Seas Of Cheese, Green Naugahyde and Pork Soda.
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on 13 May 2001
An definite improvement over the previous drab, boring dullness that was 'The Brown Album'. After the poor reception of that album, Primus seem to have been the kick up the behind. Here they return to form with what sounds like a eclectic fusion of the early 90s 'Frizzle Fry' and the infamous 'Pork Soda'. Primus are letting you know that they're back and they mean business, and they certainly don't disappoint!
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on 30 October 2014
I was at the height of my Primus fandom when Antipop was released and found it a bit of a headscratcher. It was if the uniqueness of this famously unique trio had been stripped away leaving a rather run-of-the-mill late '90s hard rock/metal band. Even the title and album cover, and the fact it has a bunch of famous guest musicians, didn't scream Primus to me. In recent years, after their studio reemergence with Green Naugahyde and their 2012 concerts in the Royal Albert Hall, my interest in the band had been reignited enough that I returned to Antipop, and I now found myself enjoying it more than I did back in those dark pre-millennium days. It has dated badly and contains a few songs I consider their worst (Mama Didn't Raise No Fool, Electric Uncle Sam...) but it's highlights are wonderful. I've always loved Laquer Head, which has about the most insanely complex bassline you're likely to hear in popular music, and Coattails Of A Dead Man - another Tom Waits collaboration 8 years on from Tommy The Cat which has an awesome, creepy atmosphere. Not a classic LP but certainly not without it's moments.
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on 14 January 2006
This is a very dissapointing album. Primus have departed almost entirely from their sinister, extremely alternative style in order to produce this mish-mash of over-produced by-numbers Primus tunes. As has been quipped many times before, it is ironic that they chose to name their most commerically viable release "Antipop."
As usual, Les' bass playing is outstanding. Laquerhead, despite Fred Durst's influence, is easily the album's best track. His lyrics and occasionally vocals, however, are dismal. Either pretentious (something I never dreamed Primus would ever be) or embaressingly ham-fisted, I don't think I'll ever listen to this album without cringing. Ler never really impresses with his guitar lines, and Brain is similarly mediocre. The extra musicians seem to dominate their tracks, and we're left with very questionable combinations of style. The production values too, cause great concern. Throughout, few tracks flow from one into the other, and listening from start to finish is choppy and incoherent. This is not a rewarding Primus album in the long-term. Few tracks lack the punch and charm that honestly require repeated listens.
For a healthy demonstration of everything that this album isn't, buy Pork Soda, Frizzle Fry or Seas of Cheese. All three are indisputably excellent, and tower above Antipop in every respect.
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on 1 February 2004
the progressive syncopated funk/rock/flamenco stylings of les claypool on bass are perhaps the most unique angle on any instrument i have encountered to date, he custom makes his own basses, uses whammy, flamenco and tremolo techniques to define his style and on occasion traverses the double bass, although this is less apparent on anti-pop. this album features a surprising list of guest co-writers, which is the main essence of the album itself, and helps confer primus' unique ability as musicians. the guitar workings of tom morello works surprisingly well with les claypool, the song "lacquer head" was co-written by fred durst, "natural joe" co-written by matt stone, and various others make for an extremely interesting and indulgent piece of work from one of the most unique and talented bands around to date.
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on 16 February 2011
PRIMUS are total brave crazy legends. The bass sounds of Les Claypool are so hugely influential, and also guitaist Larry Lalonde and even Brain the drummer. This album is kinda unbelievably almost a decade old-or more. Finally I hear it! Well it is very similar to much of thier previous albums, maybe not really any hugely stand out tunes like Winona, Shakes hand with Beef or DMV, but a good few that are new enough, stranger, bizarre, catchy, interesting still. They do try a few new sounds, things and it is I would say quite heavier than the previous couple of albums really. Bit more metal/rock. Generally another great PRIMUS album, of what you want if you like them!
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