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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 31 July 2017
Great album great delivery service thank you
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on 13 June 2002
I own all silverchiar's albums, most of their singles, an interview disk and a couple of their live CDs so as you can tell, i'm a pretty BIG fan!!
'Freakshow' is a great cd, but very different to 'frogstomp'. (as 'neon ballroom' is different to 'freakshow', and 'diorama' is different to 'neon ballroom').
'Freakshow' is a very angry album and has great songs. With depressing lyrics such as, 'in my self-pity i keep falling down' (SLAVE), and 'couldn't care less if i died right now' (NO ASSOCIATION) it is obvious that johns is in a very dark state of mind, and as a result, manages to create power and emotion through the lyrics. Although there are a lot of heavy songs with punching bass lines, Daniel Johns still manages to keep the melody going. There is more variety of songs on 'freakshow' than on 'frogstomp', ranging from hard, heavy songs to mellow accoustic tracks, which keeps the listener very interested.
To get a better idea of 'freakshow', i have done a quick rundown of each of the 13 tracks:
1)SLAVE. Great way to begin the album with a strong, heavy riff. Heavy song with a hard bass line. This was the first song written after their debut album 'frogstomp'.
2)FREAK. Catchy riff and quite a hard song. An obvious choice for a first single.
3)ABUSE ME. A more mellow side of silverchair emerging with agressive lyrics. "Most of the songs on the album are about being percieved as being different just because you tour around the country and stuff. People just throw negative comments at you all the time and don't know what you're like, and that's what ABUSE ME is kind of like because the lyrics are saying, forget about 'em, throw 'em away". (Quote, Johns)
4)LIE TO ME. The shortest song on the cd. A fast heavy-ish track with another catchy riff.
5)NO ASSOCIATION. One of my fave tracks. Johns puts his all his anger into this song with powerful lyrics. One of the heavier songs on the cd.
6)CEMETERY. This is mellow with an acoustic guitar, violins and soft drumming. CEMETERY gives the album a lot more depth, although the band weren't too sure about putting the song on the album, but are now glad they did. And so am i!
7)THE DOOR. Good song, although probably my least favourite on the album. Features a riff so catchy that i feel it gets too repetitive after a while! The band claim it's influenced by Led Zepplin, but i wouldn't know coz i've never really heard Zepplin's music. Overall, i still like the song.
8)POP SONG FOR US REJECTS. A nice bit of acoustic strumming at the beginning of the song with the electric guitar coming in for the chorus. A song about drug addiction "or any kind of habit holding you back from doing what you want to do" (Quote, Johns)
9)LEARN TO HATE. Heavy track about (you guessed it!), well...hate. "It's just about hate and stuff, and how people hate other people for silly reasons" (Quote, Johns)
10)PETROL AND CHLORINE. My fave track on the album. It's just so different from the rest of the cd. You've still got those depressing lyrics, but as well as being mellow, the song also features the sitar (indian instrument), violin and the timpani drums resulting in a very eastern kind of sound.
11)ROSES. Strong drum intro. Mildly heavy. Um, can't think of anything else to say really! Yeah, i like it!
12)NOBODY CAME. This is a powerful song that keeps going from somber and mellow, to heavy with the guitar, bass and drums just crashing together. Strong lyrics about child abuse.
13)THE CLOSING. A good, heavy-ish track to finish the album off with. It's not just guitarist/vocalist Daniel Johns with the songwriting talent, as Ben Gillies (drums) actually wrote all the music for this one.
Well, thanks for reading my review. Overall, this is a fantastic cd to own, with such depth in the lyrics and a broader variety in music than many other bands (such as Bush or Nirvana, who silverchair don't sound anything like!) Don't get me wrong, i LOVE Nirvana but it just gets so old to constsntly read reviews in magazines etc about silverchair being a 'Nirvana rip-off band' bla bla bla. Well that's my opinion anyway but i guess you guys will have to just decide for yourselves!
Thanks again, and just buy the album!
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on 8 November 2003
When Silverchair exploded onto the music scene in 1994 with 'Frogstomp', I loved it to bits and it is still a classic album that I listen to even today.
In my opinion, 'Freakshow' is the 2nd best Silverchair album behind 'Neon Ballroom' which is just mind-blowing. To give a better insight into the album's content, I will tell you about each track.
Slave- This track goes of with the force of a nuclear explosion, and gets you hooked on this album right away. It'll have you playing air-guitar and moshing round your in no time (it did it for me).
Freak- The first single to be taken from this album is very with an amazingly catchy riff which is the base for the whole song. I admit that this was the first track I turned to when I put the CD in the player, but as time goes on, I realised that this track doesn't compare as much to tracks like 'The Door' and 'Roses'.
Abuse Me- The first sign of a ballad on the album makes you feel really relaxed until the louder chords kick in halfway through the song and this is a bona-fide classic to play over and over.
Lie To Me- A short 1 minute thirty interlude about Lying to someone. The song itself is quite catchy but I don't feel that it was particulary necessary to include this in the album.
No Association- A very angry track that all teenagers can relate to. At times you'll think the track has ended and it'll keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
Cemetary- On of the best tracks on the album in my opinion. I'll admit that the first time I heard this, it did actually make me cry and I think that this is definetly a point that stands out on the album. Well done Silverchair.
The Door- I'll probably give this the coveted title of the best track on the album, just because it has everything= A catchy riff, great lyrics and a great song all around really. Not much I can say except 'THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE SONG'.
Pop Song For Us Rejects- Bradishing the title of the century this song is angry and dirty, yet another track that'll keep you in suspense and anticipation.
Learn To Hate- My mate says this is the best track on the album, but I beg to differ. While it does have the sheer anger and hate that a lot of Silverchair stuff has, it ain't as good as other stuff on the album.
Petrol And Chlorine- A very experimental song in many ways, with the sitar and indian drums, this song is a bit of a risk with tracks like 'Freak' and 'No Association' included in the album. But in my opinion it pays off. Well done again.
Roses- Probably the 2nd best track with its hard drums and hard riff, its a great track to hear at a club and great to singalong to as well.
Nobody Came- A sombre and meaningful song about child abuse, another tearjerker that people can relate to.
The Closing- An amazing end to an amazing album, angst filled lyrics, heavy guitars and another catchy chorus. Yet again, well done.
Thank you for reading my review and I hope you listen to me when I say these 3 words 'BUT THIS ALBUM', trust me if you like proper music, you'll want to but this album, You won't regret it.
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on 22 May 2008
i'm not sure why silverchair aren't a lot bigger, they make really catchy music with great melody and distorted guitars. this album really shows a band that's developing, and whilst that's some of the albums charm it also means that the lyrics can be pretty terrible at times with loads of talk of death but none of it being particularly deep and talk of suicide which isn't a subject that i think should be taken so lightly (however they were just 16 and 17 when writing this album). i have read that the band were inspired by Tool whilst making this album and i well believe it as there are plenty of detuned guitars and heavy riffs and when combined with daniel johns great voice it always makes good listening.

there's really only one bad song on the whole album ("lie to me" which is way too whiny). i would definately recommend this album to any fans of rock music. also check out some of their later stuff too as it's much better
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on 25 January 2004
Unfortunately, being the massive Silverchair fan that I am, I feel I'm slightly biased as to reviewing this album. However, in all honesty 'Freakshow' is a hugely listenable album that promised much more to come from Australia's premium export.
Recorded when the band were still in their teens, 'Freakshow' is an angst ridden dig at life, love, government, and authority. That might sound like the formula for all new albums nowadays but Silverchair provided just enough with their gritty riffs and fills, and superb vocals that kept me hanging on as a lifelong fan.
I hugely reccommend this album. Its not for everyone, but if you've stopped by here due to a liking of a similar band, this could well be for you. Its just different enough to interest.
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on 12 July 2006
i resent the belief that silverchair are nirvana clones or indeed started out as some,silverchair were always heavier and didnt tread the grunge path,they may have dipped their toes in the water slightly on their debut but they were and are always a hard hitting rock band and here with freak show lies the proof.

Its hard to believe that this was released in 1997 when the three members were only 18 years old for the maturity and vigour shown here is years ahead of what you may think of lads so young.Album opener slave is a prime example of the sheer anger that the lads spat out,while never hitting the heights of pure metal this song is close and the anger is real,maybe too real.freak and abuse me follow and its clear that the boys have lost none of their songwriting skills,the ability to hammer their message home in songs that rock but never scare is a talent that many bands have forgotten.lie to me is just plain in your face,the sort of manic display that bands like fightstar and inme just cant portray and believe me when i say that they are influenced by these aussies.

Looking back at the tracklist it becomes clear to me that there isnt a bad track on here,you could argue that some lyrics roll with the cliches but hey they improved on that but the music is still like facing a bomb with a smile on your face,learn to hate ,roses and nobody came all heighten the believe that this is a stunning second album,daniel johns scream when he uses it is immense and the entire album just oozes attitude,get this and i promise you wont regret it.
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on 25 April 2009
I've had this album ever since I was about 14 and I'm now 23 and I can safely say its the best album I have ever listened to. It's so addictive, I've lost count of how many times i've listened to it, it just never gets old. It's just one of those things, i'll go through a patch where I listen to it non stop then I won't listen to it again for a while then i'll come back to it and it's always fresh. There's just something about this album, the sound of it all, it's like no other. And to think they were like only 16 when they recorded it, AMAZING. Oh just listen to the damn thing lol. You probally won't even like it after I've said all this nonsense, it probally just means alot to me because I grew up on it.
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on 15 August 2002
When silverchair burst on to the music scene with the debut album 'frogstomp' my reaction was that they were a band with a lot of potential but that, quite understandably, they needed time for thier sound to mature. So I eagerly awaited the release of 'Freak Show' hoping to hear a change from the purist grunge of 'Frogstomp'.

To say I was dissapointed would be harsh, it would be more accurate to say that although I thought the album was good, I had expected a more artistic album this time. The album is different from the first, heavier and more angry. Like the first it's dripping with the great riffs and catchy tunes that made their name at the tender age of 14/15. But it lacked something, that departure from a fundamental post-grunge attitude towards music. It seemed to me that Johns was still strugling to use his undoubted songwriting ability as a vehicle for catharsis. That is not to say that songs like 'freak', 'abuse me' and 'the door' aren't fantastic tunes, they just didn't do justice to what Silverchair were really capable of. 'Cemetery', the best song on the album with hints of orchestration and a 'cinematic' sound, offers the faintest taste of where Silverchair would soon be heading with their music.

I would recommend this album to anyone who has a love of grunge/rock music or wishes to get the full picture of how Silverchair evolved in to the great band they are today.

The first two albums are eclipsed by the 'chair's later offerings, 'Neon Ballroom' and 'Diorama' but when we consider the bands age at the time, 'Frogstomp' and 'Freak Show' are great achievments. They should fantasticly proud of both of their first two albums.

In conclusion, 'Freak Show' although not the best showcase for Silverchair's music is still a worthy buy. Great music and some great riffs. Just don't think that the type of music represented by this and their first album is the only string to Johns' considerable bow.
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on 1 December 2016
great item
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on 17 December 2003
Silverchair are compared alot to nirvana well they use to be anyway. I am a big fan of Nirvana but for me they are a bit overated they first album bleach is pretty poor, Nevermind only made it big because of Smells like teen spirit and Incesticde was also pretty poor and how can Kurt Cobain be rated as one of the greatest guitarists of all time he was a great songwriter but he was nether an excepitional guirtarist. On this album you can find better work than most of the things Nirvana did. To say they were only 15 when they did this is remarkble, pure genius, nearly impossible. The music is so intelligant it is mind bogling the lyrics are first rate the guitar is exceptional and the bass and drums make a good rythm section. The vocals are also amazing for a 15 year old to do this is just amazing. I discovered this band by listening to an antique rock show on a channel called scuzz were the video tommorow was and i though it was first class so i went an bought the album and there is some class songs on it Israels son, Tommorow, Shade and Findaway are the standout tracks the lyrics have so much meaning Daniel Johns must have had a terrible childhood you can see this from songs like Shade and Sucidal dream. For performance i would give this album 100% they truly gave there all on this record and it payed off. With these being compared to Nirvana alot i would probably say these were better, I like Nirvana i really do but i can admit they were overated im sure if Daniel Johns were to kill himself there records would become big because i have to be honest thats what made Nirvana big Kurt Cobains suicide and the single Smells like teen spirit which is not even there best single. The music is a bit like Nirvana but you can see influences from other bands like Metallica and Alice in Chains and who by the way are probably the greatest band of all time you compare Jerry Cantrell to Kurt Cobain and for me its no contest Jerry Cantrell wins hands down. It really gets me mad how Silverchair are a better band that Nirvana but they do not get the attention Nirvana did but maybe they dont want it and lets face it that is usally what breaks bands up for example Guns and Roses one of the greatest rock bands of all time they became to big Axel Rose started making more money than the rest and they just fell apart. Silverchair trully give there all on this album and it will only get appreciated by the few millon unlike the tens of millons Nirvana get and with the crap whats coming out today like Avril Lavigne thinking shes a punk and Evenesance thinking there goths its all for the money now not the music you get bands like Silverchair, Pearl jam, Alice in chains working there asses of and making music that really means something and they dont get noticed. Then someone like Avril Lavigne realeses a few pop songs and sells over ten millon records. Were as Silverchair etc will only sell a few millon its albums like Rage against the machine, Korn, Alice in chains dirt that really are the greatest albums you may never hear! If you have read up to hear let me say thankyou! and if i havent made you click on add to basket i dont know what will!
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