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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 21 December 2000
What can you say about this album? A classic? A piece of musical history? An awesome achievemnt? My view is simple - one of the best albums I have ever heard. I wore out two vinyl versions and I am now on my third CD and I still love it. Burton's rich voice opens the album with shiver that runs through the entire work. The composition and execution is flawless and why this has never been made into a stage show is beyond me. This is my all time favourite escapist album. It only takes the opening chords to drive my wife from the room ("How can you possible listen to that album again" - is the usual comment as she leaves)and lift me out of the humdrum of everyday life If you don't have this album - buy it. It will reward you for years to come and then some.
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on 13 August 2002
I have listened to this album since '78 (I was 4) and never got bored. Of course the classic h.g.wells story is brilliant, but the atmosphere, the melodies, and the sheer FUNK of the music can't be beaten. The only album I can think of with 'rock' arrangements this good is sgt pepper. Every instrument (and there's a whole load of them) sounds superb and each plays it's part making up a unique sound.
As a child this album got me into space, science, drawing, music science fiction and fantasy, you name it. I'm a musician now and it probably all started with War of the Worlds...
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on 9 April 2001
As a child of 6 or 7 years old, this CD was a favourite Sunday afternoon retreat whilst my parents cleaned around in front of me, unaware of their fate. The Aliens were coming! Listening to it on headphones is a must as the sounds travel from one ear, through your head and into the other ear, if not sometimes floating around inside your head for a few seconds before disappearing. The repeatative tune is regognizable whenever you hear it and is a constant reminder of the opening sequence and what the whole the story is about. Although that cant be forgoten that easily. If you are not sure of buying this CD, don't be, but if you are find a friend or someone who owns a copy, be by yourself with a set of headphones on and start playing the first CD. From this point on you will begin to want to own it sp you can play it whenever yoou feel the need.
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on 1 November 2013
It just doesn't get better than Richard Burton's incredible voice scaring the beejabbers out of you!!!! Haunting, lyrical and simply stunning. Even David Essex is for once outstanding. Phil Lynott is a mad parson and Julie Covington's voice is a soothing antidote to the mayhem all around you as you immerse yourself in a compelling web of wonderful storytelling. Who cannot feel moved by the demise of the ironclad warship Thunderchild ... man's last hope? And the bonus trax at the end of this recording are superb. (Don't go the for the 2000+ versions with Jennifer Ellison - double yrgh! - warbling ineptly and destructively. Try to to find the 1995 digital remix - it's easily the best.) It's just so gorgeous and as fresh now as it was when it was first released in 1984. Enjoy this - it's a musical gem.
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on 28 April 2002
Uuuuuuulaaaaaaaa! 0_0 I simply LOVE the storyline and the music-an interesting combination of orchestral instruments and rock; with all that electrical music, too. Wonderful! You've heard of books that you can't put down: well this is music that you want to keep on listening! Storyline, music, structure, all perfect in my opinion. Great for the lovers of the supernatral and, somehow discriptive music. I could rave on about this one all day, but, in short, IT'S GREAT! ^_^ *Runs off cuddling baby martian plushie*
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on 7 September 2000
What can i say, War of the Worlds has to be one of the best albums ever, it was ahead of its time back in the 70's and its still as good today as its ever been. This new CD has all of the original tracks with some new remix versions at the end of the second CD. Of course nothing will ever beat the original version but the new tracks are very good. They modernise certain tracks without butchering the original concept of the music. I give this CD a 5 star because of the original music and because of the remixes which I see as a tribute to the original music.
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on 20 June 2014
I was in primary 5 at the local school. The teacher brought in the big speaker and got us all to sit down and listen to a tape, well about 6 actually. She spread it over about a week, and was probably using the time for reports or marking. I can still to this day remember listening to "War of the Worlds" for that week. It was one of the formative moments in life, it's lived with me ever since and I still get swept into the plot as soon as I hear "Forever Autumn", or "Thunderchild".

Fantastic doesn't cover this album, it's a masterpiece that should be a world classic. I'm 40 now, it sounds as fresh as ever. I guess my teacher must be in her late 70's, but if Miss Archibald is reading, thank you!
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on 21 September 2016
if you have seen the film , a must to buy this item . just love listening to this album . when you are alone and the album is playing close your eyes and you are their . a must for any age .


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on 4 April 2016
Love this - have got it on vinyl and not listened to it for years (it's up in the attic). When driving home one day they played "The Eve of the War" - it took me back to when I first heard it. The velvet tones of Richard Burton's voice are just wonderful. - I must get to the stage show!
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on 15 December 2000
From the outset when Richard Burtons classic voice says "No one would of believed..." You are taken on a classic melodic journey through Jeff Waynes musical interpretation of the sci-fi story War Of The Worlds. This album does the near impossible task of matching if not surpassing Orson Wells 50s narration.
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