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  • Ep7
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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change

on 14 September 2004
At first I found it difficult to get my head round this album, but, as suggested in many of the other reviews, I persevered. I don't know how many times I'd listened to it, but suddenly it hit me just how spectacular ep7 is.
It's like no kind of music I've heard before, even from Autechre. In fact, it's hard to call it music, as it seems to defy most of, if not all, the conventions that would govern what "music" actually is. It seems to my ears like some entirely new, yet highly evolved (stay with me) kind of alien art form that hasn't yet been given a name. The blips, beeps, hisses and scratches make me imagine intelligent machines making sequences deliberately too complex for humans to understand, in order to spite their creators.
It's a hugely complex and intricate arrangement of sound that initially confuses, but eventually works it's way into your mind, and somehow seems "right". It still remains utterly mind-bending in it's convolution, however. It's impossible to really describe what ep7 sounds like, because it sounds like nothing else in existence. You simply have to hear it for yourself.
ep7 is incredible. I just wish I knew someone who appreciated it as much as I do.
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on 4 July 2002
First of all, forget the title- 'EP7' is no EP at all at more than 60+ minutes of music.

Secondly, the material is easily some of Autechre's best work, combining the difficulty of later works with the accessiblity of their earlier stuff. It really is a superb listen.

Forget the EP labelling, this is a crucial album for any fan of Autechre.
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on 21 July 2000
ep7 is a complex, multi-layered journey that represents the most de-humanised extremes of techno.
The cover is the vision of how the music sounds- a swirling, intricate net of fine lines exploding in your mind.
The textured sounds of Maphive6.1 feel like a dust storm on Jupiter, while the alien, cut up chatter on CCEC is the nearest thing to human input.
The watercolour relief comes in the form of the swirling sounds of pir, where the delicate fabric of light is in danger of being broken up by the barely heard- but certainly felt, bass booming intermittently in the background.
The complex, sometimes seemingly random beats occasionally come together into a truley breathtaking climax unheard of in much music of this genre.
The last 4 tracks are the nearest modern electronica has come to realising the 'musique concrete' experiments of Stockhausen in the '70s.
However, there is emotion in the sound, often touching in ways you never thought it could when you first listened.
Listen, focus on different planes of existence- the journey into perfection starts here...
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on 21 August 2007
Although billed as an EP, this has enough tracks to constitute an album proper. The distinction is in the fact that the tracks are more sketchy and demo-ish than their usually pristinely produced sounds.

It would be impossible to add anything to the reviews below other than: if you let track one play for about 10 seconds then hit the rewind button on your CD player the track will rewind past zero. Then at around minus 20 minutes there is another long ambient piece of music. Incredible but true!
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on 28 August 2006
I used to enjoy Autechre - as with much of the ambient bleeps of the Sheffield Warp label. But, I bought this along with a couple of other Warp albums and I was surprised that it was so ...... well boring.

I actually found myself waiting for it to end. It felt similar to Plaid's Spokes album - just like people going through the motions of making music with no drive, direction or theme.

If you read this, don't be put off Autechre completely - there is some splendid material by them.

Autechre have always had the sort of sound that grows on you gradually - and it requires proper listening to appreciate the quality and depth. I just couldn't find it here.
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