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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 18 January 2004
Whether or not this is the best introduction to Nick Cave I am not the best person to judge. But it’s a great collection of songs and one that has made me want to explore more of Cave’s work.
There is considerable variety to the tracks, not surprising given the album spans a long and ongoing career. Mix P. J. Harvey, Tindersticks, and Tom Waits, add a large element of biblical drama, and a touch of new wave, and you may end up with something close to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The songs on this compilation range from lyrical and haunting ballads, to dark and menacing narratives, to tracks with new wave and avant-garde features. Love, death, loss, murder and wrathful deities are the recurring themes. Cave has famously taken inspiration from the Old Testament, and like that great work of literature his songs and musicianship evoke an atmosphere that is, by turns, beautiful and troubling.
There are some outstanding tracks: the stunning, frenzied chant of ‘The Weeping Song’; the gorgeous ‘Straight to You’, ‘Nobody’s Baby Now’ and ‘The Ship Song’; the haunting duets with P. J. Harvey and Kylie Minogue; songs of foreboding like ‘Red Right Hand’, ‘Tupelo’ and ‘The Carny’; and the murderous defiance of ‘The Mercy Seat’.
Overall, this is a tremendous collection, and if you’re new to Nick Cave this seems to me to be a great place to start.
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on 27 May 2006
1. Deanna 9/10 - Closest to a Birthday Party song, Nick sneers the bizarre lyrics on top of the fast rythms.

2. Red Right Hand 10/10 Classic, slow, ominous tale of deals with Satan.

3. Straight To You 10/10 Only the greatest love song written by Cave (possibly ever!)

4. Tupelo 9/10 Apocalyptic, rumbling hungry like the beast.

5. Nobody's Baby Now 7/10 Over-reliance on religious lyrics but good nonetheless.

6. Stranger Than Kindness 8/10 Ethereal thrasher later inverted for Murder Ballads.

7. Into My Arms 10/10 Slow, simple, but deeply emotional and beautiful.

8. Are You The One I've Been Waiting For 9/10 Haunting, melodic heartfelt love song

9. Carny 10/10 One of the creepiest songs ever, do not listen to in the dark.

10. Do You Love Me 8/10 Aggressive, brutal love song.

11. Mercy Seat 11/10 One of the greatest songs ever, undescribable.

12. Henry Lee 8/10 Dark and affecting tale of murder with PJ Harvey.

13. Weeping Song 8/10 Mellow, ethereal and operatic.

14. Ship Song 9/10 Also mellow etheral and operatic, but more.

15. Where The Wild Roses Grow 10/10 Very dark, but very beautiful fable of murderous desire with Kylie Minogue.

16. From Here To Eternity 8/10 Burning away the last remnants of the demonic power of the Birthday Party.
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2003
The perfect introduction to master of the macabre and his merry minstrels. By not programming the tracks chronologically we get a real sense of the scope of Cave's career and also a richer listening experience. From the black power of 'Deanna' and the wonderfully apocalyptic (& my all-time favourite) 'Red Right Hand', right through to the tender heartbreak of 'The Weeping Song'& 'The Ship Song'. Rarely has a songwriter and musician thrilled, chilled and moved with such mephistopholean aplomb.
A poet and troubador for our troubled times, and among the few artists to speak so truly from the heart.
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on 22 October 2004
This is an excellent introduction to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Like the Amazon reviewer said, it doesn't have any B-sides or rare live tracks or similar crap that most companies place on other best of albums to make the hardcore fans buy it, even though they already own most of the tracks; this TRULY is the best of Nick Cave, without any BS. Most people know him as the guy who did a duet with Kylie Minogue in the 90s - and that was a great song indeed, but he has done so much more than just that: listen to the likes of The Mercy Seat, The Carny, The Weeping Song, Do You Love Me? ... and you will land on your knees!
There are a few tracks I regret not being on this album like "Papa Won't Leave You Henry" or "Sad Waters", but I guess you just had to make some cuts or else the album would need to be three hours long.
Check this album out, and if you dig it, don't walk, run to the shop and buy the other albums.
- a Nick Cave fan
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on 6 November 2002
Listening to this CD you become aware that Nick Cave is a very strange man indeed. For over 16 tracks (not in chronological order and structured to work brilliantly as an album rather than a 'hits' collection, Cave manages to include the crazed yet coherent ramblings of a serial killer (the brilliant and compelling "Mercy Seat"), the manic ramblings of a Southern Preacher ("Tupelo") and three of the most beautiful love songs ever created ("The Ship Song", "Are You The One I've Been Waiting For?" and "Straight To You"). If you are unfamiliar with Cave, it is worth pointing out that his love songs don't exactly retread old cliches. For example, "Straight To You" speaks of love in terms of an apocalypse.
This might sound odd but, while many acts evoke the sweet hearts & flowers of teen dream love, nobody is quite like Cave in reflecting the chaos, pain, despair and all-encompassing beauty that love can bring.
If you want an introduction into the work of someone I'd call a true cult genius (and I hate to use that word) then buy this CD.
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on 14 January 2004
To be honest, a "Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds" greatest hits album should contain at least 3 Cd's, for much of Cave's finest work is mising from this collection. Still, you can't please everyone all the time.
What this album does do, is provide us with a fine introduction to the man that can only be described as a genius. It probably helps that the songs are not in chronological order, so we get a clear picture of what the man and his music are all about.
So if you are unfamiliar with Nick Cave, this is an excellent place to start.
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on 27 November 2013
after hearing this soundtrack on the tv series peaky blinders i decided that i must have this c/d for this track alone.nick cave might not be to everyones taste but i think that his other tracks will grow on me the more that i listen to them.
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on 7 November 2013
The BBC drama The Peaky Blinders features tracks of Nick Cave's music amongst several other artists. One particular track from the series appealed; Red Right Hand, so I bought this CD on the strength of that one track and now I am a Nick Cave fan... well not quite, but there are only two tracks I'm not too keen on, but will play them all regardless. I'm not a good music critic, just someone who likes a huge variation of music, from Herb Alpert to Led Zeppelin, from Santana to Mozart, so there is quite a range of styles that appeal to me. Some of the tracks on this CD are heavy stuff and not normally what I listen to, but I can play this in my car and enjoy every minute of it. And what a choice for the series... brilliant.
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on 8 March 2008
I am no Nick Cave afficianado but it seems the man is making a real come-back into the critical consciousness with his most recent album, Dig!!! Lazurus Dig!!! Of course, critical trends mean almost nothing, and if this excellent compliation tells us anything, it's that Cave has been writing strange and powerful music for three decades. What is nice about this Best Of is that there is no contemporaneous filler - no bonus tracks or live outtakes - used to market the CD. The selection - though always debateable on artists who have had such a rich discography - seems representative (if not totally comprehensive) of their best work.

While Cave and the Bad Seeds have continued to release bold and challenging music in the new millennium, this compilation is a great introduction to their work before. It encompasses their raw, earlier punk-flavoured work ('Deanna'), through some of their expansive and experimental pieces ('The Carny') and generous helpings of Cave's doom-laden balladry ('Into My Arms', 'Nobody's Baby Now'). It shows both Cave's comic side, his romantic persona and the gothic-cinematic melodrama of tracks from the fantastic 'Let Love In' (although sadly that album's wonderful title track is not included). A latter day Leonard Cohen, Cave is a poet with an irreverent punk spirit - a unique artist when so much modern music lacks true identity and authenticity.
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on 20 June 2016
Never having been into Nick Cave until I realised the theme to Peaky Blinders was Red Right Hand. Then once I listened to this best of I realised there were other songs I knew and also liked. A good introduction to NC & The Bad Seeds. I may be a convert now and look for some of his albums.
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