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Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 17 December 2006
The only track I still have on my nano is Debaser and I only keep it there to remind me how dated this disc is. It was fine when it first came out but the music has gone stale.
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on 31 January 2008
This is one of the best albums ever made, one of those rare albums where every track is killer, one of those rare albums where you think how the hell can an artist record perfection like this. I cannot recommend this enough. This isn't just a 5 star album it is musical genius. Fact. If you want to buy a Pixies album, this is the one. If you want to buy an alternative rock album this is the one. Infact, if you are a serious fan of music then this should already be in your collection. The likes of Nirvana's Nevermind and other so called masterpieces of this genre cannot hold a candle to Pixies Dolittle.
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on 15 August 2007
I have mixed feelings about this Pixies album. I mean, obviously the Pixies were great, but I'm not really sure this record does it for me. Sometimes it does, like the other day when I listened to it for the first time in ages. The next day, when I listened again, it didn't really get going until track 11, "No. 13 Baby". Then I listened up to "Here Comes Your Man" on the way to work this morning, and I was digging it again. So where do I stand?

I don't think this is as great as the raw masterpiece, "Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim". It's produced to sound more mainstream, a little too slick. That might be part of what causes me to have reservations. The thing is, "Trompe le Monde" is produced like that too, but I love that album. I guess that works a little better because the intricate arrangements benefit from that production style.

I would say "Debaser", "Tame", "Wave of Mutilation", and "I Bleed" are all fairly average Pixies songs, neither great nor bad. I like "Here Comes Your Man" for the melody, but am not keen on the guitar riff. I really like "Monkey Gone to Heaven", though it seems to be lacking fans among these reviewers. The screaming is great, and the vocal harmonies excellent. Then you have a few more average tracks before a triple salvo (to use lame phraseology) of original visceral brilliance: "No. 13 Baby", "There Goes My Gun" and "Hey". Nothing else like these three really exist in the genre of rock. They are fantastic.

That's the thing; if I were making a "Best of the Pixies" playlist, those are the only 3 songs I'd include off this album (well, perhaps "Monkey..." as well). It's a very good record, but the songs don't stand up on their own.

I would say "Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim" is the best Pixies album, followed closely by the underrated "Trompe le Monde", followed a little way back by this one. "Bossanova" brings up the rear.

It's amazing to see so many 5 star reviews on here for this. It pleases me, but I'm afraid I'll be making it the 3rd 4 star rating. Cos it's not THAT good. It's not a masterpiece.
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on 11 April 2002
Don't even think about not buying this album if you don't already own it. Buy it NOW. Even if you already own it, buy it again in case your other copy breaks. The finest album ever written. From the first second of the first note of the first bass riff of the first song to to the last crunching guitar chord of the last bar of the last track, you are amongst the biggest screaming mass of sheer debortched pleasure that you will ever experience. The most intense perverse inspiring threating and frankly debasing music written. Pure undisputed genius. Get it now and get everything else they ever did. There would have been no radiohead, no oasis, no ash, no PJ Harvey, No steps without this band. Like guitar chords that rip through your soul - this is the album.
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on 10 April 2002
The Pixies, you will have been told, are the most influential alternative rock group of the last fifteen years (at least). This is true. However, that is not the reason you should own this album. This CD is, as they say, essential not because it's an interesting historical artefact but because every time you listen to it, it still sounds like a new album. Every time I listen to it, my normal introspective self is kidnapped by hard alt-rocking space aliens, and my day is improved immeasurably. There is no weak track on this short-ish slab of perfection. I think Surfer Rosa is even better, but this is probably the place to start for the uninitiated but interested (ie, basically anyone into indie and/or loud guitar music)
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on 20 March 2003
from the opening tracks it becomes apparent that this album has more to it than you'd first expect, so many recognisable riffs and melodies have all been brought together on this album. if your new to the pixies then all i can say is that this album is the best place to start.
So much has already been written about this record – "Gouge Away" was cited by Kurt Cobain as the inspiration for "Smells Like Teen Spirit;" "Debaser," the lead track, is based on the Salvador Dali/Louis Buñuel movie, "Un Chien Andalou," and is also, by the way, the only pop song that I know of where you find yourself merrily singing along about slicing up eyeballs without feeling the least bit ghoulish.
The bizzaro lyrics, the musical diversity, Black Francis’ howl, the awesome melodic bass lines and vocal harmonies of Kim Deal, all of it set the tone for the "alternative" bands of the ‘90s. Clocking in at under 40 minutes, this record gives you pop, punk, surf rock, the bluesy "Silver," and the glammy "No. 13 Baby" served up as only the Pixies could. The band’s biggest "hit," the hooky (and some say hokey) "Here Comes Your Man" is also on this record. In short, Doolittle is simply a must-have for anyone who calls themselves not an alternative rock fan, but a music fan.
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on 20 September 2001
This has to be one of the best albums ever. Listening to it today it still sounds fresh which is amazing after 10 odd years. No other band can make raw fury sound so melodic and musical. Black Francis is one of the most original vocalists ever with an awesome range and the instruments match this. I still find myself singing songs like Gouge Away at work and wish a modern band had the sense to cover some of their work.
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on 15 November 2003
The pixies third album is widely regarded as their greatest offering and one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Although it is not my personal favourite (see Trompe le Monde), it is without a doubt a magnificent achievement and endlessly listenable. Debaser, the opening track, perfectly embodies the pixies demented style and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The experience closes with gouge away, a dark, threatening finale and is supposedly the inspiration behind nirvana's smells like teen spirit. I, infact, prefer gouge away. I honestly believe that had the pixies remained together for another three years they would now be a household name, as they almost single hadidly founded the popular music of the mid 90's, inspiring countless bands that followed them and leaving a legacy that will no doubt live on for many years to come.
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on 10 June 2012
Long story but due to complicated circumstances have been listening to music mainly from MP3 for 2 years, and have just upgraded my system so I can once more listen to my albums direct from CD. Coupled with this the player I've bought (Marantz Pearl Lite) plays SACD and this is the first disc in that format I've ever bought or heard. This leads me to a number of conclusions:

1. MP3 is atrocious quality and really fit only for headphones on the move.
2. Whining record companies need to stop bemoaning falling sales and promote CD as the superior format. If your hi-fi is even half decent the difference isn't just a matter of taste, it's glaringly obvious. MP3 is flat, over compressed, and in terms of reproducing what the artist intended, a huge step backwards.
3. Having been blown away by this SACD of an album I've loved for years I'm really sad to see that a quick search on Amazon seems to point to the fact that the format seems to be dying on it's skinny digital a**e.

Don't think there's much point telling you how good this album is. One of those times when a genius/lunatic manages to use sound and words to take you somewhere nobody even dreamt existed before. Been nothing like it before or since.

So in summary:
-if you've never heard The Pixies try this, Bossanova, or even Trompe le Monde. There's no accounting for taste but I can promise you won't feel bored, cheated or patronized.
-MP3 is fine for a portable format but if you love music do yourself a favour and buy the CD (they've never been cheaper!).
-Record companies get off your self pitying a****s and promote the valuable product you have.
-Shame I've discovered SACD just as it goes to join Betamax!
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on 11 January 2002
the "if man is 5...." bit in "monkey gone to heaven"
the manic spanish bit in "crackity jones"
the guitar solo and the following verse in "hey"
the first chorus in "gouge away"
i could go on.
and on.
this is rock and roll.
this is all you need to know.
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